The Stage 32 Videos: Drone

DJI Phantom 4 Drone Reel 2017

Real Estate drone footage shot on DJI Phantom 4 Drone. Greater Los Angeles Area

Promotional Video For My Studio Fly With Skating Bear Studios

This is a promotional video I created for my studio, Skating Bear Studios. Aerial Photography DJI Phantom 4 Quad Copter. Looking for something to give your presentation, video or advertisement that edge. Fly the friendly skies with ...

Perspective View of Bhopal ❤ HEART OF INDIA ❤

❤ HEART OF INDIA BHOPAL ❤ Presenting you Bhopal from aerial view , a short video shot by drone in Bhopal.

McElroy Metal Introduction Commercial

I really love the drone footage in this commercial. I didn't really want to add the graphics describing the types of metal, but the client is always right (most the time :). Either way, I like how the spot came out and want to share.

Listening to the Silence

"Listening to the Silence" is the result of combining a long walk in the countryside with a recording session with my fx pedalboard. During a bike ride with my daughter, we stopped every bit at the explosion of colors and shapes that we saw along the way, photographing in detail every small plant we could find. It was as if, from his silence, trying to tell us something and, in order to hear it, we had to get closer and closer. Seeing details at first glance hidden, found in a tiny petal, a small insect that start to flight or maybe is a paraglider with motor in the horizon, the afternoon goes on and the sun goes falling, the crickets begin soon its serenade , using an interminable sound cadence, practicing their loops before I do it with mine to put myself in a song, listening to the silence ... Music by David G. Bonacho

Tractatus Proposition1 Movie.avi

Exploration extraordinaire du chef d'oeuvre de Wittgenstein en sons et en images sur CD ROM, avec les improvisations de Jean-Pierre Rasle et des invités musiciens, et les ordinateur de Simon Poulter . L'artiste et le musicien créent des rythmes sauvages et des mélodies improvisées sur des boucles musicales et des bourdons obsédants, tissant ensemble art numérique interactif, minimalisme et influences World. Tractatus a été développé avec l'aide d'une subvention au développement de l' "Arts Council" de Grande-Bretagne . Le spectacle offert inclut : • Rythmes Anciens, Musique Nouvelles, Des cornemuses aux ordinateurs, Musique et Art de Demain Aujourd'hui .

Some of my first test shots with the DJI Mavic Pro (4k D-Log…

I'm pretty impressed so far with my new toy the DJI Mavic Pro. Its so fun to fly and it shoots some pretty great footage. Sometimes I still wish I had an Ins...
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