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"ONE" - a debut, concept film by Anthony James Donnelly

Armed with only a camera and my talent, I decided to shoot a short film. Most people talk about obstacles. I decided to make the only obstacle 'me', so I hoisted camera et al and bit the bullet. I hope you like what I've accomplished. A short, dark film about a lonely man. Debut film for actor, writer, and (now) director, cameraman, editor, producer, etc., Anthony James Donnelly. In his own words: "So many people THINK about making a film, but few actually do. In all my research into great directors and film makers, all of their advice was, "Just grab a camera and make movies!" So, I set myself the goal of making a movie using only ONE person... ME! I was to be the actor, the writer/ creator, the producer, the sound guy, cameraman, the whole shabang! "What's more, I gave myself only ONE week to complete the whole thing, including editing, which I also did. I'm not trying to show off or anything, I just wanted to prove to myself that it COULD be done. "I think I've hit my goal, the end product isn't brilliant, I don't think I'll be winning any awards anytime soon, but it was fun to make. I hope you enjoy it." Special thanks goes to Kevin MacLeod, the creator of the soundtrack, "Music For Funeral Home - Part 11", I am deeply indebted. I think the soundtrack makes the movie work, and it gave me a timeframe to work to. I'd love to hear your comments...
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