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The short story, “Ligeia,” by Edgar Allan Poe, suggests that not only is life sustainable through the power of one's will, but a strong will could bring someone back from the dead. In both the classic story and in this film, a writer obsesses over the memories of his dead wife and longs to “restore her to the pathway she had abandoned.” Though this adaptation takes place in the modern world – and uses Poe's actual text as narration – this film looks, sounds and feels as though it could have been made long ago.

Mr Misfortune - Trailer

In a misguided attempt to protect his friend, a man hijacks a blackmail scheme and puts himself and everyone he cares about in danger. Now available on Amazon Prime:

Slamdance Interview 2020 Filmmakers Joe Saunders & Alexander…

While in Park City, Utah covering the 2020 Slamdance Film Festival, Joe Compton sat down with the minds behind the Documentary Noir entitled The Penny Black, filmmakers Joe Saunders and Alexander Greer.

Echoes of Kerberos

A man suddenly gets a call from a stranger threatening the life of his girlfriend if he isn’t done what he’s told.

"Half the Man" - Teaser

Teaser for “Half the Man,” a short film/art project that I wrote and directed in collaboration with an amazing team of artists. Thanks for checking this out! And look out for updates on The Low End Theory Movie - they're coming soon! Gracias!! —Jackie Quinones @_jackiequinones_ - Producer —Giancarlo Tobal @giancannon - Director of Photography —Juan Gil @JuanGilProductions - Assistant Director —Gene Patterson @gpatterson1015 - Sound Recordist/Co-Producer —Jesus Chuy Rosales @chuyrosales - Film Editor —Jes Meza @jesmeza - Casting —Rene Rosado @ReneRosado - Actor/Producer —Francisco Ordonez @ciscoshoots Writer/Director —Monica Gonzalez @monniig - Wardrobe/Set Design —Benny Nieves @NievesBenny - Actor/Producer —Lisa Roumain @LisaRoumain - Actor —Sofia Yepes @sofiayepes - Actor —Andrew Golubic @gollywood_ - Actor —Ariel Samuria Fournier @lilmermaidsings - Actor —Julio Cesar Perez @jcesarcraft - Grip/Swing —Nicholas Rice @nick_rice18 - Makeup Artist —Richard Gonzalez @r1chrd - Production Stills —Paola Cruz @cruzcreates - Special Effects Makeup —Jorge Nunez - Production Assistant —Kayden Mannino - Production Stills

Interview With Marilyn Previews

The famous latin movie actress Marilyn Moreno is invited to a Talk Show to discuss about her fame, fortune and projects, including the disappearance of her latest film director in mysterious circumstances, something she avoids until it is too late.

Forster Hirsch - Film Noir Series Ep. 1

Interview with Forest Hirsch, author and Professor of Film Studies at Brooklyn College. He is an aficionado of Film Noir . This interview took place in the F...

1920s Floozy

a clip from Big Noir, where I behave very ditsy.

The Unfinished (Film Noir Sci-Fi Short Story) By Patrice Williams Marks

In a future where the Unfinished (murdered) are brought back to life for only 72 hours to testify against their killers before being “put down” for eternity… an Unfinished is resurrected to what he believes is his one chance to point the finger at his accused killer.

Chalk Trailer

A conceptual comedic film noir about a washed up detective looking for clarity in a world of corruption, murder, and chalk.

Big Fun - Short Film Noir - starring Anton Zwijsen & Henk Brugge

A detective (Zwijsen) and a psychopathic criminal (Brugge) meet once again for an interview. Although there's more proof than ever before, and all seems to go well for the detective, in this chess-like psychological battle between good and bad, and between mad and sane, a tape-recorder has caught the truth... or hasn't it? The character of the detective was based on "Simon Templar" (Roger Moore) in The Saint. For more work visit Feel free to connect!

Displacement Trailer

Franklin Simms, a DARPA researcher. Steals the plans of a time device and is captured by his Multi-Verse counterpart. The two of them jump from universe to universe, setting off a chain reaction that causes Frank to question his existence.
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