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ShortFilm. Relatos de Paz: SALOMÉ (English Sub)

Short Film produced in La Paz, Cesár, Colombia; based upon a story wrote by children of the Compongamos La Paz Project developed by the Desarrollo y Paz program from Cesár, Colombia. The ShortFilm was written, produced, shot and edited in 48 hours. All actors are first time non-experienced children, the same who wrote the story. Cortometraje producido en el Municipio de La Paz, basado en una historia escrita y actuada por Jóvenes del Proyecto Compongamos La Paz del Programa de Desarrollo y Paz del Cesár, producido en 48 horas. Director_JuanMa Casas Producer//Productor_Juan Andres Casas Director of Photography //Director de Fotografía_ JuanMa Casas Musica// Volver a soñar_Lili Anaya EME HACHE_ Chasing Time , Boss Battle_Mystery Mammal, Rider_Nctrnm, Feeling_Borrtex,

MULIERR Runway Colombiamoda

Backstage Series. Runway Colombiamoda 2017 VideoMarketing, FashionFilm Director_ JuanMa Casas Producer//Productor_Juan Andres Casas Director of Photography //Director de Fotografía_ JuanMa Casas Music_Branko - Let Me Go (feat. Nonku Phiri & Mr. Carmack)

LALTM Official Trailer.mp4

This is the Official Trailer of the film "Life Ain't Like the Movies" starring Lee Scott, Paul Bates (Coming to America 2, True Romance), Cynda Williams (Mo Better Blues, One False Move), Wendell Kinney (Burn Notice, Scorpion), Jhayla Mosley, Conner Kearns, Darnell Webb, Victoria Knuckles, Shannon Carter, Shirley Mallet, and Grace Fontenot. "Life Ain't Like the Movies" is about how a young quirky teen named Chone navigates through high school, first love, bullying, and tragedy. Coming soon 2021.

DIRECTING MORGAN FREEMAN | Film Director George Gallo | Actor…

George Gallo, writer of Bad Boys (1995) and Midnight Run (1988), is a man of many creative talents, including screenwriting, filmmaking, producing and painting and now he has turned to directing with his latest film starring Morgan Freeman.

VY-INC: The All-You-Can-Live Agency in Brussels / Series Teaser

A MINI-SERIES made for our TIMES.Post COVID-21A rising start-up, Virtually Yours Inc., has its Agency in the heart of Brussels: www.vy-inc.clubAdapted to any...

Wannabe A Star Coming Soon Commercial

Wannabe A Star Coming Soon Commercial Produced by Mike Fox - Splash Designworks, LLC - www.splashdw.comDesign. Branding. Marketing. Social Media. More.(302) 399-7851 - info@splashdw...


The works of multiple award winning film director Daniel J. Pico.

2018 Reynaldo Dumas Editing Reel

Short collection of work that I have edited



Γιατί (Why) - a short movie by Evi Koroni (English subs)

WHY tells the story of a writer who thinks and writes her thoughts on life and racism.

Introduction of The Hidden Bridges; a documentary about the…

"The Hidden Bridges" A documentary about the two oriental ritual and traditional plays; Suzhou Pingtan in China and Bakhshi in Iran. A film by Nima Hassan beigi Release: Summer, 2021 Explanation: Suzhou Pingtan is a ritual and traditional narrative play that began more than four hundred years ago and was performed in Shanghai from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. Today, the play is performed in the cities of Suzhou and Luzhou (east of China). Suzhou Pingtan is a vocal and musical performance that tells Chinese local legends to the local language. In this play, usually one or two narrators tell a long story with vocal and instrument. They play instruments such as the Lute and the Pipa. Usually, female storytellers tell love folk stories and male storytellers tell epic and war old stories. This folklore vocal play is a combination of Pinghua and Tanci that is two types of narrative music traditions in China. So, the word Pingtan is a combination of the two words Pinghua meaning storytelling and Tanci meaning musicianship. Suzhou Pingtan, now performed in theaters, was performed in Chinese teahouses decades ago. But the tradition of drinking tea while watching Suzhou Pingtan is still preserved. Some of the techniques in Suzhou Pingtan include: Storytelling, joke cracking, musicianship, aria singing, play several roles by one actor. The most famous stories that are told in Suzhou Pingtan: Long stories; Butterflies in love, Diao Chen, fate in tears and laughter, romances in the West Hall. Semi-long stories; Oppression of Dao Yi, the white-haired daughter, Liu Han. short stories; Liu Han a martyr, Wang Iron Man, Sunday. Bakhshi (Bagşy) is a title given to some dutar musicians in northern Khorasan and Turkmen Sahra in Iran. They are dutar musicians, singers, storytellers, songwriters and instrument makers. In fact, they are players a ritual and traditional plays. Bakhshi orally tells epic and folk stories for people and does it by musicianship and singing. They having very skills at storytelling and musicianship and improvisation. They tell their stories in Kurmanji and Turkmen and Persian. But their main dialect is Kurmanji. Kurmanji is one of the famous dialects of the Kurdish language. The main centers of their presence are the cities of Quchan and Bojnurd and Shirvan. Bakhshi has a special respect and status in Iranian culture. Because in Iranian folk culture, the title of Bakhshi refers to someone to God has given a special gift and status.

Legends & Bridge writer, director & Joan Crawford interviewed

Eugene Ebner of Inspire You interviews writer C. Stephen Foster, director Paul Gymziak and actress Valerie Schillawski as Joan Crawford for the streaming production of Legends and Bridge. Streaming April 30 and May 1st, 7:30 pm (EST), 2021 Tickets $15:​ JOAN CRAWFORD, BETTE DAVIS & JUDY GARLAND attempt a comeback in the screwball comedy “Legends and Bridge”
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