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The Chase

I edited this action scene from footage on the Adobe learning site. This is my take on the scene. I had no script and hadn't seen the scene cut together bef...


She wasn't born a villain, she was made one. To avenge her loss, there is no telling what she might do.


Does anyone have an "in" with a distributor? My film, which I wrote and directed, needs a distributor or streaming platform. TIA

That's Opportunity Knocking (award-winning comedy short) trailer

That's Opportunity Knocking winner of 24 film festival awards NOW ON AMAZON PRIME!​ “The keen ensemble performances make this funny production hilarious.” Huffington Post “Brilliant writing that is perfectly performed by an extremely strong cast.” "All the actors are strong and their chemistry was the glue that really makes this comedy work." Inner Circle Written & directed by Chuck Pelletier starring Stephen Foster

Bermuda City Mini-Series clip - Episode 6

Teaser clip from the live action Bermuda City Mini-series with actors, Bernadette Chapman, Patrick Purser and Sydney Oechsle. Chapman and Purser will be appearing at this year's Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo as special guests at the Red Crow Comics booth! Catch the full series on Prime Video! Bermuda City Mini-Series available:

Priscilla Burt A True Story

A film about Priscilla growing up.


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PASSWORD: 99 This is a proof of concept my team and I shot. The

Stephen Foster wins best supporting actor in Nice, France

Stephen Foster wins best supporting actor at Film Festivals International Nice for his performance in the comedy short That's Opportunity Knocking. Acceptance speech Now on Amazon Prime: Stephen Foster wrote the book "Awakening the Actor Within"

REATIVE DARK PLACE | "If you do it for someone you love, is it…

Lauren McCann, the writer and director of Girl Boxer (2019), discusses the fine lines of morality in life and film with presenter and actress, Aiysha Jebali.

BLACK WOMEN IN FILM | Tamara Bass & Meagan Good | Breaking…

'What happens when unresolved trauma comes to the surface?' This is one of the central questions that motivated the development and creation of If Not Now, When? (2019) - the directorial debut from Tamara Bass and Meagan Good. In this episode of the Film Forums Podcast, actor, writer and producer Tamara Bass talks to fellow filmmaker, presenter Aiysha Jebali about breaking barriers for women of colour through powerful storytelling and resisting stereotypes. A self-confessed introvert, Bass explains how acting has provided an outlet and mode of expression, the empowerment of setting up a production company, and the struggles of raising finance to make a movie focused on black female characters. That determination to tell this story her way has led to an authentic, well-crafted and beautifully produced movie about love, forgiveness and the incredible bond between women.

Suprahuman - Circus Artists in San Francisco

The extraordinary circus artists Philippe Bélanger and Marie-Lee Guilbert, performing throughout San Francisco in their Design Kontrol sportswear.See them in...
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