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On Our Own Promo

I wrote this in January 2020, and filming was due to commence on the film in April. However, a real-life pandemic put a stop to me filming my film about a pandemic. I guess that is just life's way of teaching my irony?

The Last Rape Official Movie

The Last Rape Official MovieDirected by K. AckomContact Erackom EntertainmentEmail: / info@erackom.comCall/WhatsApp: +233 50007...

ROUTES TO FILM FINANCE | How to Fund Your Directorial Debut with…

That difficult question: How to Fund an Independent Film?The truth is, there are many routes and here we discuss some of the biggest ones with Jeffrey A. Brown.

FM Commercial 01 30s

Filmatick. The only Preproduction software! Script to Screen. You don't need to know how to draw or do animation storyboarding.

Help Me First-Directed by Mike Gasaway

An asylum, haunted by an evil demon, tries to capture the souls of three ghost hunters, bent on being famous.


Christmas Special features HeadChef Semanti's recipes for Crusty Fried Chicken wings, Garlic Yogurt Dip, Spicy Tomato Salsa, hearty green salad, Orange Marma...

The Slow Fire Chef EP 23: NEW YEAR SPECIAL

Featuring Mutton Yakhni Pulao and Gaajar Ka Halwa or as HeadChef Semanti calls them - Perfect New Year's Day Hangover nursing lunch! Detailed recipes will be...

How did u get started!?

I was in college and hungry for fame and attention. Stephen Foster is a comedy actor starring in That's Opportunity Knocking on Amazon Prime and the author of "Awakening the Actor Within"

Cat Burglar // Z&A Short

Creepy neighbor. Green thumbs. Lost cat?Find all that and more in our BIGGEST short yet. Everyone has that shrine in their house to their neighborhood!

The Window Pain // Attempts at Poetry

My dad, Nick Dictakis, was a stoic man. He didn't ever share his artistic expression. He was an enormous fan of the arts, though, and would read, listen to, and watch every play, song, or video I created. He used to say to my mother, "I have no idea where he gets it." After he passed in 2016, I found a box of poetry and a notebook titled "Attempts at Poetry by Nick Dictakis" filled with beautiful words and jarring poetic story telling. This poem, 'The Window Pain' is one of my favorites. The choice of words and imagery is visceral. I believe most of us have felt the universality of these feelings before. I think he would have been embarrassed at first to know I went through his 'attempts' at poetry, but I am so proud. I am proud that my father was a poet. I hope it would flatter him to know how much I adore and appreciate the gift of these words. I get it from you, dad.

6 Tips for Writing & Producing Award-Winning Films.mp4

I had an an epic chat with Stage 32 member, screenwriter, producer, and director Avery Rouda about her blog "6 Tips for Writing & Producing Award-Winning Films"⠀⠀ ⠀ Avery's animated short film DREAM CATCHER was one of our winners in our 4th Annual Short Film Contest! Through winning our contest, Avery screened Dream Catcher at the Oscar-Qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, at the Raindance Film Festival in London, and the Austin Film Festival. Read Avery's full blog here:

Official Trailer Web Crawler Episode One Losing Sophie Premiere…

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