The Stage 32 Videos: Indie Film

Wu Li Crowfunding Video

Support local indie film, this is second indiegogo campaign. Filming starting this Friday. Join us, as we are moving forward for our feature film Wu Lin - The Society. This is a feature action sci-fi movie and unlike any other feature films that is happening right now, all cast will be wearing masks in front of the camera, as it is part of the story. You contribution will help us a lot, whether a contribution financially or help us share this out. Please check out our Indiegogo project at #supportindiefilm #scifi #martialarts #action #independent #nobudget

Crossroads Season 1 Episode 1 JD Estrada Ken Carlson

Welcome to another new show for the fall of 2020 season, Crossroads. This is Season 1, Episode 1 and this show is about the unique connections and contrasts we have as artists. Each episode we bring together 2 artists to have a one on one conversation about life, art, and talking shop. As will see with this first episode that features 2 amazing artists J. D. Estrada and Ken Carlson who both dabble in a number of arts because for them to stop creating is like to stop breathing. Woven within that common thread is a fascinating conversation about expectations, defining success, the inner critic, and the process of their creations. Because when you come to a crossroads on your journey you never know who you might meet around the bend or in the middle. Below are the links to these two awesome artists, please go and follow them and check out their art after the show. KEN CARLSON’S LINKS: Production Company Facebook Page Twitter Instagram Watch PENNY PALABRAS Watch DEAD DRIFT PANDIMENSIONAL on YouTube Follow ENTER THE MIND DUNGEON MIND DUNGEON Website Ken’s Comic/Drawing FB Page JD ESTRADA’S LINKS: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Amazon:

Short Film - "Alan Parker. 5'10"

My first short film is finally online. Shot over the course of 3 days in L.A., it was a fast-paced, handheld labor of love. Learned a lot, and can't wait to start planning for the next one.

Phoenix (2019)

A traveling prostitute and an amnesiac runaway meet at a road stop and embark on a road trip that prompts them to address their past traumas. 2019's Carolina Film Association Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Lead Actress, and Best Supporting Actress. Was nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

Eleanor (Horror Feature) Pitch

Pitch for my feature horror script Eleanor.


On a night that would have marked their eighteenth wedding anniversary, a grieving husband processes the loss of his soulmate.

Fandom Forum Season 2 Episode 4 The Thin Line

Welcome to Go Indie Now's Fandom Forum Season 2, Episode 4. IN this episode Joe Compton got together with 3 Indie artists and watched the unique Romantic Comedy Film The Thin Line. We all agreed this was one interesting and different movie. We all had a lot to say and you will see most of it here tonight (bonus scene coming soon on our IGTV channel).

Abyssmal Entertainment Studio Reel

A Collection of Productions by Abyssmal Entertainment Inc. Discover more at


When pressed to produce a short documentary, Randall turns to an old companion for inspiration: the game Solitaire (with an assist from Avelyn)

On Air Trailer (2019)

Trailer for my short film On Air Brian, who got stuck in a rut, receives a call during his broadcast that doesn't turn into a pleasant conversation. #shortfi...

Texas Tall Tales Trailer

A group of friends stay in and tell tall tales of killers, demons, and doom. Will it be too late when they realize they are in a tall tale of their own?


Clip from a film.
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