The Stage 32 Videos: Ireland

Showreel final 2020.mp4

My actors showreel, enjoy!

The Troubles - Teaser

Set outside of Belfast in 1969, young Maisie McCluskey receives an unexpected visitor who will force her to make a choice for which she wasn't prepared.

New Book About Irish Explorer Tom Crean

Tom Crean served on under Captain Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton on three major expeditions to Antarctica during the heroic age of exploration. His story is incredible and it's now available in a new biography, 'Crean - The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero' I own all translation, foreign and film rights to this book and am interested in talking to parties who may be interested in optioning the book or purchasing the film rights. The book chronicles the incredible story of Tom Crean - Antarctic Explorer. To learn more please visit I'm definitely not recommending my skills as a videographer or a designer by posting this short video but what I am hoping to convey here is that my new book is a vehicle that can be transformed into what I believe would make a true epic if transcribed to a screenplay. Released in late 2018, the book is generating great reviews and I've already had an expression of interest from a high profile actor who has stated he'd 'love to play the role'. Given my lifelong admiration for this remarkable man and his incredible story, I am perfectly placed to assist in any collaboration that will help bring his story to a wider audience. It's a story that almost defies belief and one that is of international appeal to a wide demographic of all ages.


Dublin, 1938. WW2 is just months away and Liam & May's is a dysfunctional relationship.

Irish - A Travel Reel 2017

Once More Into The Fray
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