The Stage 32 Videos: Jesus

Jesus's love is UNSTOPPABLE! Orlando City.

Jesus's love is Unstoppable! Let's all move with him and see this world move in a positive way.

the-last-savior (1).mp4

The Last Savior book 1, Already out. See what it is about. Inquire within and see 'all' the reviews. Available in all ebook forms for under $2. I have enclosed a preview for your viewing. Enjoy

JCDS Trailer40

The untold story of a teenage messiah-to-be as he faces an adversary hell-bent on derailing destiny. The story of Jesus the Christ: Dinosaur Slayer is a new chapter in the journey of the legendary savior of humanity. Stranded on a violent, primordial Earth, Jesus must accept his role -- and his powers -- to defeat massive horrors or lose the world his father built.

Jesus Christ wants to tell you about The Breakup Agency

Our Lord and Savior has a message about The Breakup Agency and how they have helped him and his family. If you don't believe him, just ask Lucifer. For more ...
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