The Stage 32 Videos: Martial Arts

The Ambassador: At Ras'alhague, Chapter 3 : Five Become One - Part 1

Reading from my story, The Ambassador: At Ras'alhague, Book 2 Chapter 3 : Five Become One - Part 1 (scifi, martial arts, wuxia, hopepunk)

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The author reading from her work, The Ambassador, a science-fiction, martial arts, hopepunk story. THE AMBASSADOR is a low-concept sci-fi series that follows the adventures of Micha Lawrence and her team, her old friends, the crew of her starship, and a new generation. The story is part mystic seeker martial arts adventure, part space opera, and part family sit-com. It’s not about ‘the one.’ It’s about five plus five plus five and more.


Vale Todo is a movie Directed by Roberto Estrella and Produced by me.

Doboro the Bottlenecker Movie teaser

Heaven's Wheel is excited to bring the first of Kevin M. Kraft's heartwarming action drama from the page to the screen at last. DOBORO THE BOTTLENECKER is i...

Between Bullets Official Trailer

Between Bullets Official Trailer starring Cassandra Betancourt and James Kyson.

Rumble TV Trailer

Trailer for the new indie Action/Comedy, "Rumble TV". Red Carpet Showing on May 27th, 2022 @ Atlas Lakeshore Cinema 7 at 7pm. Tickets will be available soon.... I'm hoping to get more active here. Looking forward to working with and sharing experiences with you.

SoopaDaark - Tiger Style [VIP Remix] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

SOOPADAARK - TIGER STYLE VIP REMIX The Tiger Style VIP Remix has finally arrived. Some of the deepest bass and most brutal drum work on the block is in this ...


From the movie BATTLE

Der Reisende Final Trailer 2020

Trailer of my German Film English title "The Traveler "

Action reel 2020

Ivan Doan - action reel

Immortal Combat the Code (aka Wu Xia 2 The Code) Promo Video and…

Hi all, I would like to invite you to consider supporting this independent film, and tomorrow (Sep 1st) it will be available in the USA on Amazon, BestBuy, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and many other outlets. Immortal Combat The Code, released name by High Octane Pictures, is an low budget independent scifi action film that has been sold worldwide to countries like S. Korea, Taiwan, and many others. Immortal Combat The Code is a wonderfully choreographed martial arts scenes; non-stop action; Sci-fi inspired by popular anime with trending themes of world control and human monitoring via technology. Hidden Hollywood News said “non-stop action with incredible stunts!” Immortal Combat The Code has been accepted to multiple film festivals as well as winning Best Action Feature Film at the IndieGathering Film Festival and has been sold worldwide currently. Shot entirely (except one scene with BMPCC4k) with the Panasonic GH5 with Sigma 18-35mm, Panasonic 12-35mm, Panasonic 35-100mm and Sigma 30mm. Immortal Combat The Code tells the story of when a code was discovered that could save the world that was injected into a member of the 5 Elements, now everyone is after him while he's being protected by his clansmate. Below is the trailer released by High Octane Pictures as well as one of the scene, hope you enjoy this and consider supporting it. Thank you #immortalcombatthecode #action #scifi #independent #feature #martialarts #wuxia2thecode #supportindie
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