The Stage 32 Videos: Opioid Crisis

Heroin's Grip - Official Trailer

Heroin’s Grip is a documentary film that tells the story about the heroin and opioid epidemic from the viewpoint of those on the front lines of this national crisis. The film features four families whose lives have been impacted and forever changed by addiction, and includes stories from those currently using, people in recovery, as well as perspectives from law enforcement, health care workers, judges, prosecutors, and others who deal with people in this crisis every day. Ultimately, the film gives hope for the user and for the families who’ve been impacted. If you want a better understanding of addiction and its consequences, watch this film.


From 1988 to 1998, our Recovery from Opioids was filmed. In 1988 I actually picked up a State of the Arts Panasonic video camera, from the Stereo shop where I worked. We filmed constantly mostly at my best friend's house (Fab). His house became an open house where recovering addicts could go as they tried to stay clean & sober. We had about 2 dozen core members, & filmed a few hundred over the years. Only a few were really talented enough to be really good commentators behind the camera. Our unique hobby reached the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous throughout the world. It seemed half the people accused us of breaking NA Spiritual principals and would say "those Toronto West Enders were recovering with their Ego by filming each other". In 1995, I wanted to really pay it forward after I received a liver transplant, I produced a 10-minute film to use as a tool to address the Opioid Crisis. Is there anybody out there interested in doing something with thousands of hours of amazing spectacular footage. We made the Celebrity Rehab stuff look like really bad acting. Most of us came from Italian & Jewish backgrounds & besides recovering from Opioids we used to be, Hardcore Convicts, Hookers, Wiseguys, Bikers, Business people & even a Police Detective.. It's amazing how I used I what I learned in Recovery into the rest of my life, running my charity & stuff. Give me shout if you have any ideas & address this terrible Opioid Crisis

Heroin's Grip - Extended Trailer

Heroin’s Grip is a documentary film in production that will tell the story of the heroin epidemic in the Maryland, focusing in on Frederick County. We are interviewing current addicts, healthcare and mental health workers, officials from the law enforcement community, as well as families whose lives have been shattered by heroin and opioid addiction. We want the community to help tell this story in order to get a better understanding of the impact it’s having in our region. Our goal is to produce a film that will be seen world-wide, and be used as a teaching tool to rally the community to help solve this epidemic! Click this link to be notified when the film is ready to view:
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