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Brit Guy.wmv

This is one of over a dozen "The Biggest A**Hole I Ever Met" testimonials I collected. They were submitted by total strangers from all over the world. People LOVE to share stories about the A**Holes they've met. I've also written and produced 'The A**Hole Song" for a reality program called The A**Hole Patrol.

Rumble TV Trailer

Trailer for the new indie Action/Comedy, "Rumble TV". Red Carpet Showing on May 27th, 2022 @ Atlas Lakeshore Cinema 7 at 7pm. Tickets will be available soon.... I'm hoping to get more active here. Looking forward to working with and sharing experiences with you.

StartupStory | Pilot Episode

StartupStory​​​​​​​ StartupStory is a self-contained entrepreneurial docu-reality series about persistence, grit and triumph - risking everything, overcoming the odds, and finding redemption in the global business world. Brock is a prizefighter turned serial entrepreneur. Dean is a successful Silicon Valley ex-pat looking for a fresh start outside the bubble. Together, Brock and Dean, are fighters - they have successful careers with international experience and enough capital to make a go at creating an exciting new model of business accelerator in Denver, Colorado, the entrepreneurial capital of the New American West. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars creating a co-working space for the community of business leaders they mentor, they reach dangerous levels of exhaustion and are forced to ask for help from another investor. They get an answer, but it’s not what they expect. Both men are sent reeling and spun apart as they try to make sense of painful realities and face inner demons they thought they had left behind while continuing to help their gutsy members reach their own “impossible dream”. For one, it's time to face a familiar adversary. The other embarks on a life-changing journey to the center of the new global economy where he will begin again. Kyle Eason - Writer, Director, Producer. From Inception Integrated Marketing and milehighhouse (Denver). Original Photo Burl Rollett Episodic Streaming Video Series “StartupStory” Screened Inception Integrated Marketing was proud to be a part of the team for the episodic series StartupStory whose pilot episode had its world premier debut screening in June at SeriesFest Season Three in the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado. Indiewire covered the event as industry executives, independent producers and on-camera talent streamed into Denver for the week-long event now in its third year. Showing as part of SeriesFest’s “Colorado Stories: A World Premiere Event“, StartupStory debuted in the plush 180 seat Maglione Theater at the Sie FilmCenter in Denver to an excited crowd of supporters and attendees. Please help us produce the rest of the series! Give on Patreon here. Thank you!

T-Shirt Emergency

This is an experiment in a reality show to promote my friend's screen printing and embroidery shop. It is designed to bring you a smile and feel free to contact me if you want to see more episodes. Thanks for watching!

Best Taco Tuesday Ever! Mediterranean Tacos

Happy Spatula is making Mediterranean Tacos for taco Tuesday. This recipe from a good friend is spac-taco-lar! SUBSCRIBE so not to miss what's coming up next...

Voodoo Chief The Divine Prince Ty Emmecca, The Curse of Aunt…

The Curse of the Bayou - Atlas Of CURSED PlacesReality-TV | Episode aired 22 December 2020In 1915 in Louisiana, a local hoodoo practitioner and healer named,...

YogaStyles of Rich and the Almost Famous: Chicago

Yoga...anyone, anytime, anywhere. YogaStyles of Rich and the Almost Famous is where History meets Yoga throughout the streets of Chicago. Made in 2016 to hig...

Causal Hooker

A reality TV spoof.

VINIFIED 4 min Sizzle

We've seen wine on tv before. But, we haven't seen winemakers moved to the center of the story. Here's their story of entrepreneurship, struggle and every challenge that comes with producing a agricultural product in small, cramped spaces.

OpenWalkie Podcast

Open Walkie is a fun hobby podcast hosted by Tony Bartalini and Chris "Ragz" Ragozzino. We want to hear your ridiculous freelancing story. Our guests are all freelancers or anyone who doesn't do the typical nine to five. Everyone has their own unique beginning, interesting hobbies, and some type of end goal. We get into all of that and have a fun time doing it by keeping the most of the serious stuff in your pocket. This is a podcast trying to keep each episode around a half hour while keeping it real without any conversation edits. We play what you say. Open Walkie is recorded in a studio basement in front of a live deaf cat.

BRADLEY WALSH & SON: BREAKING DAD Bradley and Barney Walsh Breaking Dad

BRADLEY WALSH & SON: BREAKING DAD Bradley and Barney Walsh Breaking Dad #CelebrityPsychicReadings #RespectTheVoodoo #LOVEmyNewOrleans
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