The Stage 32 Videos: Restuarant

Fuel Shack - Redefining The Burger We carried this shoot out during our stay at a volunteer hostel. To add to the fun the whole hostel was there for the shoot along besides our dearest friend Marco helping us out with the shoot. We started with the kitchen and were so tempted every now and then to try out the burgers.. next we moved on to serving.. We had the first half set aside for food porn and the second have for general shot including our friends from the hostel and other people joining in the fun... Around 4 onwards we have the friends over and well.. we all started eating and experiencing the awesome fuel shack burger... I am personally in love with the beef burger.. For me it really did redefine the burger :) Thank you everyone for supporting us for this shoot. Was good fun and what shoot is happening if there is no fun yaa.. Didn't really know how the overall feel would come out to be at first. The voice over came out to be really nice and I did my part on doing a bit of research, recce and planning the shots but in the end what came out is combined effort of everyone. Thank you Naz and Macro for such a great effort. Client: Fuel Shack - Produced By: Paradox Studio - Director/DOP: Ozair Rao - Date Produced: 10th October, 2014 In Collaboration With: Equipment Used: Camera & Lenses: GH3, 14-140mm 4-5.6, 20mm 1.7, 35-100 2.8 Post Production: Sony Vegas Pro 12 & After Effects Color Correction: Magic Bullet Looks

Phat Khat - Feed Your Soul - Thamel - Kathmandu Tucked away from the crazy tourist and traffic filled streets of Thamel is Phat Kath. Through an arcade between the shops you enter an open courtyard in the rear and follow the stairs up to the wooden verandah. The coin studded hanging lamps, currency collection on the wall, the different themed lounges-these make Phat Kath different-in a good way! The place is setup in a really cool organic kind of style using stone, timber, and wood. They have an indoor outdoor configuration. Indoors the wall is decorated in a very nice piece of art. Outdoors in place of an umbrella for shade that have a flowering tree. They have normal tables and those cool mini tables where you sit on cushions on the ground. The place has a very relaxed vibe about it, and they were playing this cool music which sounded as though it was from the 30s or 40s. It suited the place a lot! Having been here a few times now we found it the ideal place to escape the mania of Thamel's tourist trap and unwind. Regardless of how busy it is and where you choose to collapse you'll be mellowed in it's regae atmosphere of soothing music. We met the owners Mok and Sunil and from day one Sunil along with all the staff were full of positive vibes and took care of us throughout the time we shot there to make a short video for them. The staff were very friendly and cool. They had a wide range on offer. I would say hats off they have the best cheese balls in whole of Thamel at least… well I would go ahead and say, the whole of Kathmandu and Pokhara. They also had a good wifi connection. The kitchen is in the inside dining area, it was very clean. Now as for the drinks, the Bartenders are really cool and always smiling, playing music and making drinks. We would recommend this place for pre or post dinner drinks with friends or just somewhere to chill out and escape Thamel. We have been travelling in South East Asia and Asia for almost 17 Months and this place has made an amazing impression on us. We really enjoyed being there and filming the enchanted placed as well.. We will definitely make another visit here before we leave Kathmandu. Amazing job guys!!! How to get there: look (very carefully) for a small, floor-standing sign pointing into an alley off Chaksibari Marg. Phat Kath is on your right if coming from JP School Road. Client: Phat Kath - Director/DOP: Ozair Rao Produced By: Hopscotchers - In Collaboration With: Producer: Nazreen Nizam - Date Produced: 15th October, 2015 Equipment Used: Camera & Lenses: GH3, 14-140mm, 35-100 2.8, 20mm 1.7, Go Pro Hero 3 Post Production: Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Audition CS6 Color Correction: Magic Bullet Looks

The Queen Of He{Arts} - Trailer

http;// - The Queen Of Hearts is a hidden secret of Penang beyond the norm of what is "art, heritage and culture". It looks at one woman's visionary action giving birth to opportunities for local artists to showcase their creativity. Her passion in contributing to the flourishing of artistic talents in Penang inspired us to share this story. Director/Dop: Ozair Rao Producer: Nazreen Rao Produced by: & Music: Peter Rudenko - Night Palette Reprise , Kai Engel - Moonlight Reprise, Fabrizio Paterlin - Veloma Special Thanks To: Queen, Luisa, Fish, Nana, Ksatriya & David Produced on: 1st June, 2014 Equipment Used: Camera & Lenses: GH3, 14-140mm 4-5.6, 20mm 1.7 Sound: H1n & Colar Mic Post Production: Sony Vegas Pro 12 & After Effects Color Correction: Magic Bullet Looks

Khaw Glong - Restaurant - Ko Samui A small restaurant that pours out love through its food and passion. Na the founder of the place started off selling food by delivering packed food to office after she came to ko samui from bangkok. From there she started her own little stall which went on to have a few tables. 4 years down the lane - Khaw Glong is her baby which she takes care of in every way to the tiniest details. She goes shopping every day to make sure everything is fresh and prepares the food and cooks along with her staff. She is one amazing person and we are glad that the universe made us come across her. Now as for the food, it is just out class - just go their early though as they are small and most of the time very busy and booked. The best Tom Yum soup so far, great king prawns with garlic sauce, the best fried rice I ever had, all served by a friendly and a very friendly english speaking staff. The tamarind sauce and the chicken pandan sauce is a must try. We wish Na all the best for the future. Stay the way you are. Client: Director/DOP: Ozair Rao Produced By: In Collaboration With: Hopscotchers - Producer: Nazreen Nizam - Date Produced: 31th August, 2015 Equipment Used: Camera & Lenses: GH3, 14-140mm, 35-100 2.8, 20mm 1.7, Go Pro Hero 3 Post Production: Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Audition CS6 Color Correction: Magic Bullet Looks
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