The Stage 32 Videos: Romantic Comedy

The Switch

The Switch is based on a novel by CJ Cassidy. I hope to pitch it as a film or TV series.

Good Help Is So Hard To Find (Pilot)

This is the pilot episode of my short form series "Good Help Is So Hard To Find"

Cascading Sunsets on Sandy Island BOOK.mp4

Hidden away on a Small Island sixty miles west of mainland San Francisco, is the small Island of Sandy, where San Francisco District Attorney's family reside. When Faith found herself reeling from betrayal she sunk beneath the waves of despondency. With the help of her French Assistant and her seven year old daughter Katherine, an unexpected journey began. Her exquisite ocean front residential mansion beneath the waves of Sandy Island welcomes sunrise and sunset of unparalleled beauty. With each passing day, Sunkist skies and unwavering tides beckoned her back to life. Among the many people who adore Faith is her ever adorning Mother-in-law who would readily rebuke her own son to embrace Faith, whom she loves as her own daughter. In the midst of embracing everything she once excluded and re-evaluating the new meaning of her life, she was swept into a powerful political status and unseen world of Love, Leadership, and Politics. Sample Chapter The sound of seagulls awakens the morning as the sunrise casts its glistening rays upon the surf. It was almost summer, and Faith knew it would never be the same. It seems the months had flown by since her marriage ended, leaving her life in a state of uncertainty. Faith had to be strong, for her seven-year-old daughter Katherine; her only blessing from a deceitful marriage. “Mommy, Mommy you’re awake,” Katherine said, climbing onto her mom’s bed embracing her tightly. “Fain please come quickly; mommy’s awake.” The assistant came hurrying toward the main bedroom. He knew that her mother did not want her to see her like this and had requested for him to keep her at bay for now. “Katherine, sweetheart, come so that your mommy can have her rest,” he called. But Faith motioned to him that it was alright. He exhaled a sigh of relief to see mother and daughter in a tight embrace. The two were almost identical with large green eyes and sandy blond hair. She had spent the entire winter and spring months indoors and he was beginning to worry about her. Unknown to her, there were times he’d pressed his ear against her bedroom door and heard her sobbing quietly, wishing there was something he could do to ease the pain she’d endured from her emotionally, abusive, husband Eric. But he was gone now, and to him, whether she had realized it or not, it was the best thing that could have happened to her. The only pain he felt was that she had genuinely loved him and that was worthy of grief; however long it took. A few hours later, Faith wandered into her kitchen. For some reason, something about her home appeared different than she had remembered. She could tell that Fain had done an excellent job managing things. He had also rearranged some furniture and new paintings hung on the walls in the living room, dining room and kitchen. She liked the changes he’d made and thought that maybe it would be the beginning of a new life for her and Katherine.

Seduction & Snacks

Just wrapped principal photography on this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy! Release scheduled for October 2021 on Passionflix platform! Directed by: Colleen Davie Janes EP: Tosca Musk DP: Dane Lawing

Ditching Destiny on Halloween by Laura Lewis- Barr performed by…

Low budget rom com script seeking producers. Video:Audio: the PlayK...

Seeking Producers! Ditching Destiny or The Bride Can't Decide --…

From a staged reading at Three Cat Productions Jan 14, 2017. Please forgive stationary camera. This script started as several one acts. Then it had some life...

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Stand Tall! by Vincent J. Paterno

Pert casino waitress Colleen Cossitt, who dreamed of being a showgirl, instead now is literally "the biggest star in Vegas" after a laboratory mishap triples...

Don't Go Away - Short Film

A short-film about a man named Manesh who fights his social anxiety, and attempts to flirt with a woman at a bus stop. STARRING: Axel Dobbins as MANESH Johan...

Fandom Forum Season 2 Episode 4 The Thin Line

Welcome to Go Indie Now's Fandom Forum Season 2, Episode 4. IN this episode Joe Compton got together with 3 Indie artists and watched the unique Romantic Comedy Film The Thin Line. We all agreed this was one interesting and different movie. We all had a lot to say and you will see most of it here tonight (bonus scene coming soon on our IGTV channel).

Comedy Reel

All my dates keep going the same way and I can't figure out why... Any advice?

Something To Tell You - Short Film Trailer

Emily didn't expect the perfect proposal from her boyfriend, but she didn't expect it to be on the wrong day, the wrong time and from the wrong guy! With Michelle Fahrenheim, Angelo Calarco, David Yeaman Written by Nick Grills, Angelo Calarco Produced, Directed & Edited By Angelo Calarco

"No Fancy Ride" by Gregory R.R. Crosby written by Artur Lago-V.…

When a hapless carjacker gets more than he bargains for, he learns a valuable lesson about love and self-respect in this absurdist comedy. Enjoy another one of my short comedies produced with my friend and creative collaborator Gregory R.R. cCosby at Lost Heart Productions. I wrote it asa ten minute play based on a true story but then with little bit work and collaboration we turned it into a fun semi absurd romantic comedy.
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