The Stage 32 Videos: Romantic Comedy

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Stand Tall! by Vincent J. Paterno

Pert casino waitress Colleen Cossitt, who dreamed of being a showgirl, instead now is literally "the biggest star in Vegas" after a laboratory mishap triples...

Don't Go Away - Short Film

A short-film about a man named Manesh who fights his social anxiety, and attempts to flirt with a woman at a bus stop. STARRING: Axel Dobbins as MANESH Johan...

Fandom Forum Season 2 Episode 4 The Thin Line

Welcome to Go Indie Now's Fandom Forum Season 2, Episode 4. IN this episode Joe Compton got together with 3 Indie artists and watched the unique Romantic Comedy Film The Thin Line. We all agreed this was one interesting and different movie. We all had a lot to say and you will see most of it here tonight (bonus scene coming soon on our IGTV channel).

Comedy Reel

All my dates keep going the same way and I can't figure out why... Any advice?

Something To Tell You - Short Film Trailer

Emily didn't expect the perfect proposal from her boyfriend, but she didn't expect it to be on the wrong day, the wrong time and from the wrong guy! With Michelle Fahrenheim, Angelo Calarco, David Yeaman Written by Nick Grills, Angelo Calarco Produced, Directed & Edited By Angelo Calarco

"No Fancy Ride" by Gregory R.R. Crosby written by Artur Lago-V.…

When a hapless carjacker gets more than he bargains for, he learns a valuable lesson about love and self-respect in this absurdist comedy. Enjoy another one of my short comedies produced with my friend and creative collaborator Gregory R.R. cCosby at Lost Heart Productions. I wrote it asa ten minute play based on a true story but then with little bit work and collaboration we turned it into a fun semi absurd romantic comedy.


Be vulnerable! Fall madly in love! Be YOU. She is the unpopular neighbor girl. He is the high school soccer star. To her, he's her best friend. Until "just friends" isn't enough anymore. But fate has different plans for them and offers him the chance to play for a top league club far away from her. Afraid of being herself and risking their friendship, terrified of fallen deeply for him and getting hurt, she rides an emotional rollercoaster of romantic highs and painful losses, discovering herself. Freely based on the novel "Every Boy is a Story" by Mirella Muffarotto, a teen romantic drama set in Hillside, a fictitious town in the Napa Valley, about the courage to be vulnerable, to fall madly in love, to be YOU. Library of Congress Registration Number: TX 8-127-463 © MIRELLA MUFFAROTTO

Trailer for "Cloistered Honey"

While trying to avoid a hive of moody bees Abe must convince his runaway wife, Helen, to come home from an empty monastery. 'Cloistered Honey' is a mystery, a love story, and an exploration of what we believe and why. A poetic and philosophical comedy, this indie production was made after one week of filming in Wisconsin. It is based on an award-winning play. Available on Amazon

The Null Hypothesis - The Series - Prequel 1- In the Beginning

Four co-workers (one male and three females) who work at an up-and-coming data analysis firm decide to strike out on their own. They quickly discover the hardships of being entrepreneurs and being single.

The Null Hypothesis - The Series - Prequel 2 - The Exit Interview

Kevin, Cassandra, Trinity and Sarah hand in their resignations. Sarah has a panic attack.

The Null Hypothesis - The Series - Prequel 3 - Formation

After quitting their jobs, Kevin, Cassandra, Trinity and Sarah finally face the difficult decision of deciding who will be the head of the firm.

Null Bumper 1

4 co-workers ( a male and three females) quit their jobs and start a data analysis firm together.
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