The Stage 32 Videos: Satire

Ah! Nostalgia for Silent Cinema

Let's have some fun and learn a little about the early days of film. You can find silent films (and tons of other cool stuff) here on the Internet Archive, w...

Somebody Get The Phone.

The Harry and Bill play pass the phone when a telemarketer calls about a non existent car warranty ... Miss Margie plays matchmaker. Music: https://www.purpl...

Interview with an Illegal Music Downloader (Short FIlm)

A mock interview, and a practice in foley-only sound.

The Deported Episode 1

Brad introduces the seven contestants of Season 5 of The Deported, the hit reality show that's the highest-rated television show in the history of television!

Politicians Are Superheroes by Peter Clarke -- Book Trailer

Book trailer for "Politicians Are Superheroes" -- a comic novel by Peter Clarke, published in 2018 by Pski's Porch Publishing. See more about the book from the publisher: or visit:

No Wang -- Sar Chasm Funnies -- 2018FINAL MIX

People believe in a fallacious concept of being "made to do something" against their will, but the reality is we are all in control of what we do. Although the clip pokes fun at the idea that a man can be pushed to act out because a girl is kinda sexy, it's a satirical examination of the overall idea that any of us, male, female, black, white, tall or short, outside of duress or threat of life, can be forced to do things against our own conscience.

Sharon Gardner 2018 COMEDY Reel

A sassy wife on "Modern Family"; a scheming yet protective county-club mom; a sarcastic artist dismissing an interrogator: Sharon plays them all.

Promo A

Sterling Falls Productions collaborated with several local Portland Film Companies. Most of this was on the fly, see what we could get in a night.

Happy Fliers School of Aeronautical Knowledge

Trailer for comedy short Happy Fliers S.O.A.K. Flight school owner going under comes up with a scheme to get more students.

Happy Fliers S.O.A.K.

Not quite TOP GUN, a small flight school struggles to stay in business.

Petey: The Climate Change Denying Penguin

Petey is a two year old emperor penguin comin' at ya live from Antarctica to let you all know that EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!

Choco Loco

A young girls' fetishist behaviour around chocolate gets the better of her in this experimental and quirky mock advert.
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