The Stage 32 Videos: Science Fiction

ANDIES Audio Drama (2023) - Preview

Preview of ANDIES Episode 1: Desolation

Marcus Hanisch - Q Ghostly Remote Effect Director | Renderyard…

Today we speak with Marcus Hanisch the director of Q Ghostly Remote Effect as part of the Renderyard Interviews. To find out how he produced and created his movie.

Curse-19 (Title track from the Isolation album)

This is the title track of my depression/Isolation album. The full project is a bit evil, dark and sometimes a bit disturbing but it's a reflection from that time. Best enjoyed with headphones and the lights off, if you dare. ;)

The Last Survivor - Sci-Fi Short Film

Rick Reeves is seemingly the last human on Earth. He spends his days trying to locate others as well as finding resources. But an unknown threat follows Rick's every move. Can he find others before the threat finds him?

That Boy Across the Street - Official Trailer

Director: Harvey Pullings, II DP: Danny Kutnick Creating a device that allows him to teleport large distances in a short span of time, brilliant young teen, James Evens's newly created invention is a big secret. One so big, he's hiding it from his parents. While using the device, Evens learns that his new creation is physically harming him. Attempting to fix his device and investigate a newly discovered planet, his concerned Father and a paranoid neighbor may disrupt any chance at making sense of any of his discoveries.

The Best Option

"The Best Option" (Serge Goriely, 2022) is a short film about artificial intelligence. It was produced by Arkadinia for the European Parliament’s Panel for the Future of Science and Technology. It premiered at the European Parliament on 14th November 2022. It was presented with great success to WAICF 2023 (World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival) in February 2023.

Dean Cain (Superman) Announces Forbidden Power Win

Forbidden Power editor, Mark Krigbaum, gets big surprise.

The World of Bill McSciFi

A fun look at my novels that are being released by Azoth Khem. Music: Bryan Ford - Alien Airbrush 3 Master (Radio Edit) Courtesy Revolutionary Music / EsNtion Head to for more multiverse fun.
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