The Stage 32 Videos: Short Film

Trailer for Hallowed Be

Official trailer for Hallowed Be, a short film by The Alex Pop

PROUD Trailer

Trailer for the short film PROUD by Jackie Dallas

Con un Toque de Pan Dulce

Eva, a Mexican immigrant, struggles to make ends meet and enjoy motherhood as she pursues the American Dream. She must choose between keeping a roof over her family’s head or spending time with her daughters.

Indie Writers Block Season 1 Episode 10 Filmmaker Ansh Mirza

Welcome to Season 1 of Indie Writer's Block. This is episode 10. For this episode, Indie Filmmaker Mirzamlk sits down to answer our 5 questions. He gives some great advice to young filmmakers while answering the questions. After this definitely go check out all his films too. ANSH MIRZA (Mirzamlk) FILMS ON AMAZON PRIME FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE

Over The Top - Crowdfunding Video

Help us make this: Any donation is highly appreciated! We also encourage you to share this video, send it to other people y...

Fix This Up with Handyman Mike - Horror Comedy Short

TV personality Handyman Mike has a new project: fixing up a house for a family of the undead. Written & Directed By Brian Carlin Produced by Andrea Hays and Brian Carlin

Displacement Trailer

Franklin Simms, a DARPA researcher. Steals the plans of a time device and is captured by his Multi-Verse counterpart. The two of them jump from universe to universe, setting off a chain reaction that causes Frank to question his existence.

THE SELF(2019)

A short film directed by Praniel Kalidas and starring Akheel Omesh in dual roles. The story follows an Irish former hitman who is haunted by his brother but ...

Akheel Omesh 3.mp4

A reel containing footage of just some of the productions I've I've acted in. Includes Astray(short film)where I played an Irish hitman "Steven Devlin", Our Girl(BBC tv series 2 episodes) I play an army private for the Afghanistan National Army, Coca Cola Uplift (commercial ad campaign for Pan-Africa countries)where I play lead canteen islander, The Self (short film) where I play (dual roles) now retired Irish assassin, "Stevey Devlin" & his haunting dead brother"Mr Oldself".

Skateboard Bandits

Hey everyone, thanks for watching my first short film and Winner, Special Mention at the 2019 Global Shorts Festival. Also check out my newest short, Zen Diaries: The Lockdown - Winner, Honorable Mention at the 2019 Global Shorts Festival. Skateboard Bandits is a character-driven thriller about a band of skateboarders who conspire to take revenge into their own hands - the second time around - and risk life and limb to rob a bank.'s a Bitch on Wheels. A 12-minute drama written, directed and produced by Rich Tola, Skateboard Bandits was completed from start-to-finish in 90 days for $1000. Starring Rich Tola, Anna Christensen, Jonny Haug and Jasmine Sim. Also starring Anthony Lazcano, Ben Thomas and Anthony Rajanayagam. Coming Soon: ALL MIXED UP...when doing the wrong thing, is the right thing to do. R-rated love story about a 25-year old socialite who’s trapped in an abusive relationship and soon to be married, yet yearns for her freedom by way of a torrid, two-week love affair with a man twice her age. For more information: Peace - R

Zen Diaries: The Lockdown

Hey everyone, check-out my newest short, Zen Diaries: The Lockdown - Winner, Honorable Mention at the 2019 Global Shorts Festival. Ten years after his wife get killed in a drive-by shooting gone bad, former hot-shot attorney turned yoga master, Bobby D’Angelo, is dealing with another shooter in his life. This time causing a lockdown in his LA studio. It’s "where self-doubt goes to die”, and it’s also where tempers start to flare among students and strangers as Bobby vows to 'protect his family' while trying hard to inspire – and not insult – his guests with his tough love words of wisdom. A 20-minute dramedy written, directed and produced by Rich Tola in less than 90 days for $2000. Starring Rich Tola, Kayla Moore, Jonny Haug, Romi Valenti, Anita Davenport, Jennifer Cheung and A.P. Moses.

Horror Short 2

The second video art project. This one is a bit more of a narrative, an absolute blast to make. Some of the most satisfying expression.
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