The Stage 32 Videos: Short Film

The Last Big Bang

A video by Nima Hassan Beigi February, 2020. The Last Big Bang is an impressionist and experimental video about the end of the world. This video is a short replica from a movie that it will be make by Nima Hassan Beigi at 2021.

A black trailer

The trailer of The Equation of death acceleration. The Equation of death acceleration is a experimental short film about Suicide and death and hope to life.

Filthy Interlude | One Minute Short Film

After nearly a year since the shocking season finale, the answers to everyone's question will be revealed. Bruce Walker has been fatally shot in his home and...

Creature of the Cemetery (2020) - Official Short Film

Dear Viewer, This is the Short Film for Funeral Master's "Creature of the Cemetery" (2020). Tagline: ... Status: Complete. Synopsis: "Since the beginning of my German film works of "F. C.: E. F. P. : Part One" over "Rear Funeral Window" and still an animal has jumped in front of my video camera: Squirrel. This is a Dedication to an unintentional collaboration...“ by Funeral Master, 04-19-2020 Additional information: The Official Teaser and the Short Film of Funeral Master's "Creature of the Cemetery" (2020) will be a part of Funeral Master’s "Funeral Coma: Eternal Funeral Places : Part Three" (0000). Best Regards, B. K.-Z. a.k.a. F. M. COPYRIGHT © 2020 FUNERAL HOME FILMS

MCP Network | All Original Series & Short Films - Preview Trailer

MCP Network | New Decade. New Beginnings From The Bad Collection to The Book of Retribution, MCP Network is bringing a new uproar with binge-worthy mini-seri...

Social Distancing

I conceptualized and created this short film with myself and the actress in under two weeks, so there was much to be desired in terms of refinement. The point was a quick project while spending time away from my other two films I have been focusing on the last couple of years.

Teaser Trailer - MR CLEAN

Someone is breaking into empty homes and cleaning them. But is this seemingly harmless crime hiding something much worse? Sometimes cleanliness isn't next to Godliness, it can kill you - and hide the evidence. A Radio DJ must realise the unspoken danger behind these seemingly random acts of breaking-in and cleaning before she too becomes a victim of MR CLEAN... This is the 1st part in a planned web series. IMDB: Website: Coming soon in 2019, from Eibon Films and 3R Films / DRTV ( Producers Lee Bailes, Darwin Reina and Terese Winkler. Starring: Darwin Reina and Sofie Klaesson; Written, Directed and Edited by Lee Bailes Music score by Flora Cheng Sound Design by Luca De Sensi Supporting cast / extras: Jaba Urotadze, Terese Winkler and Susanne Lager, Gabriel Palenque Cisternas and Rinat Iljin, Special FX by Mike Strick and Lee Bailes VFX by Albin Larsson Additional music by Peter Josefsson Special thanks to: Alon Young, Garry Charles, Carlos Marambio, Gabriel Palenque Cisternas and Susanne Lager

"Shut Off" - Radio interview on the 123 Show with Noreen Mir…

Writer/Director Thomas J Elliott and Producer Harry Pang are guests on RTHK3's 123 Show with host Noreen Mir talking about their short film "Shut Off". From ...

Aaron Matthew Kaiser - Demo Reel 2019

Check out my latest demo reel! This is just a small sampling of the work I've done, but should give you an idea of what I can do behind the lens as a director, writer, or producer. Head over to for more of my work and give me a call if you'd like to discuss working with me on your next project!

Demo Reel - To Be Free (2018)

To Be Free (2018) Kerri Johnson struggles to overcome childhood trauma. After a visit from her mother, she is forced to remember the experiences that she onc...

The Bright Side Of Darkness.mp4

Clip from short film

Fed Up – Part 2 Sean Hill Official

When you're fed up, you'll stop playing the victim. This film brings awareness to being in unhealthy relationships and encourages making the right decisions....
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