The Stage 32 Videos: Short

When The Tar Leaks Red (Short Film)

My 2nd Short Film - A woman plagued by a form of sleep paralysis confronts her demon in this tense, dread-laden short. In the foreboding opening shots, we see the Henry Fuseli painting The Nightmare hung upside down, while a voiceover describes being haunted with guilt. The sleep demon itself is terrifyingly realised, and although the protagonist fights back, the chilling ending shows that her nightmare is far from over.

The Malicious - Official Film

A couple in an unstable relationship become stalked by an unseen adversary who threatens the normalcy of their home life. As tensions and fears begin to escalate, the line becomes blurred on whether the true danger remains on the outside of their home, or on the inside.

Among the Ruins - Post Apocalyptic Short Film - by Jacob DeSio

Two Post-Apocalyptic survivors have a bag stolen from them that contains a treasure so great they will do ANYTHING to retrieve. This is a short film I wrote, directed, and edited while in film school in 2017

Run Hannah... Run!

Please enjoy this 2 minute short film I made for my daughter. (TURN SOUND UP, Safe For Work)

Dirt (Short Film)

Dirt is a woman who lives in a post-apocolypic landscape. A sentient radio she calls "Sir" is her only friend. Serving Sir and doing his bidding has been the...

The Lost Island - Teaser (Short Film)

This video has been shot and edited in 2016. An old project written with passion and having the ambition to bring a new look at the adventure genre, this is why I believe it's time to share this project on Stage 32 as it may finally interest some producers in this community. Even though it represents exactly what is pictured in the script, this one minute video is the nano tip of the iceberg that is this story - an interesting, ground breaking adventure film focused on its characters and putting the audience on the edge of their seats for 30 minutes straight.

Voices in the Trees (Short Film)

A young woman goes on a camping trip only to find herself face to face with the monster that took her sister the year before.Starring Graciela Perez and Kyle...

Every Interracial Couple Needs A Role Model

Trailer: An interracial couple who are in the beginning stages of their relationship tackles the debate on who has the right to say the ‘N’ word while strolling through the gentrified neighborhood of Wynwood.

Viral Opening Scene

This video is about Viral Opening Scene

The Ole Switcharoo

Your average 90s body swap sitcom tackles the lighthearted topic of terminal illness.

Dark Lights - Trailer

A haunted, sexy Las Vegas penthouse dweller explores the darker side of the city and its many addictions. Dark Lights is a 10 min Horror rated R and proof of concept for a feature project.
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