The Stage 32 Videos: Short

Filmstudie "Just Didn't Come Through..." '2020

In every city there is a person who is waiting for something. We notice him on the streets of the city, on a park bench, near a cafe, and the question always remains, what are they waiting for? An ordinary person waiting for something good without success is a hero our time.

THE MEET UP film by Alex Meridy

Tanya a young woman who lives a hermit life after a tragic death of her mother. She secluded herself from world until she decided to move on with her life with a little help from a friend.

COPE a film by Alex Meridy

A young detective has his own way to cope with work stress and failure.

COVID LOVE (funny short film) After months of lockdown, bars and restaurants are back in business. But dating remains a bit uncomfy. Check out Covid Love, a short movie by Rene Nuijens. Made in times of Corona when the entire Dutch film industry was dealing with an unwanted break. Featuring Harry Piekema at his best. Because, you know, rules are rules and safety first. Even when you're ‘gourmetting’, the famous Dutch grill tradition. Enjoy your meal with Covid Love. CREDITS: Dick: Chris Poldervaart Mary: Sanghee Moon Waiter: Harry Piekema Director: René Nuijens Screenplay: Niek Eijsbouts Executive producer: Robbert Becker Production designer: Rick Stoorvogel Cinematographer: Rutger Storm Editor: Will Judge Co-Writer: Steve Korver Camera first assistant: Niels Roosendaal First AD: Ron Groenewoud Grip: André Plug Gaffer: Gerard Stam Electricians: Laurens Witte, Stan Widdershoven, Sebastiaan Ham, Miquel le Comte Styling: Judith de Zwart Make-up artist: Gerry-An Schets Set dressers: Roos Jongsma, Jessie Wijburg Sound: Ronald van der Spek Social Distancing Manager: Said Aafer Casting director: John Doornik Colour Grading: Captcha, Qianwei Tong Compositing: Arjen Abbestee (Lastpost) Composer: Robbert Becker Sound design, mixing and mastering: Nando Eweg, Melcher Meirmans (RecSound) Titles & graphic design: Celia Rosa

The Divinity Streak by Jess Waters | Presented by Ghetto Film…

After a summer of hard-fought progress in the wake of a nationwide racial awakening, three activists plan to hijack a space shuttle and go to Mars to create ...


After his daughter, Jasmine, is kidnapped, Cassian must protect their family's secret and save her.

A Place to Rest

Going through a rough divorce, Jay looks to get some rest at a friend's apartment. Unfortunately, rest is the last thing he'll find.

Not Without My Mask

Deeply attached to her mask, Alicia soon finds herself without it and her mind begins to play tricks on her. Will she be able to be reunited with her mask?


While enjoying a quiet evening at home, Millie's night is soon turned upside down when an uninvited guest arrives at her doorstep.

I'm Not The Hero

After 5 long years, he's come back to get even.

YathaKatha Festival Teaser.mp4

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