The Stage 32 Videos: Short

Alive - Tinder

a short clip from the award winning short film Alive

Blockman + Dog - nobody likes your baby

My first adult comedy animation script that I produced into a short film. Finished another draft of the feature version which I'm starting production on in Jan 21.

The Watch

Nathan Bishop, an ambitious and successful lawyer, faces a life changing moment that brings about a chance meeting with Mason Hughes, a man with a rich history, having had the opportunity to be a part of the Civil Rights Movement in this country. Mason sees the good in all and believes it's never too late to make a difference. Nathan soon realizes that his life has greater meaning but has he waited too late to find what that meaning is?

Dreams of the Past | 2020 Short Film

Directed by Ken Smith Letterboxd for Dreams of the Past IMDB for Dreams of the Past

Soundtrack "Away From Home"

Soundtrack/theme song from short movie "Away From Home", a short film from Kees Vermeer and Bo van Scheyen.

Cards - LGBTQ Short Film

A set of cards challenges a couple through thought-provoking questions.


The adventure continues........ the mystery continues......

"Do You Like It?" | Short Horror Film | Vi Angeli Lanot

Hey, everyone! Below is a short film I made all by myself with 0 budget. Yeah, I pretty much know that that isn't an excuse for it to suck but for everyone who wants to create something yet lacks the resources, I just want to say - you can. :) Think outside the box. It may not be what you'd hope it would look like at first but the important thing is you keep creating and you don't give up. So anyways, if this is horrible, please do tell me. I would greatly appreciate any sort of feedback from you.


Hey, i'm a mexican 19 years old film student. In the last 6 months i learned to use blender and made this short. I would love if you to like it, share it and if you are a professional, give me some feeedback

Post Apocalyptic Comedy/Horror Short Film "Charlie and the Empty…

"Charlie never bought into that, The World is Ending crap ... was never afraid of it, but then it did end, he survived, and it sucks." #postapocalyptic #shor...

Death & the Widow - Short Film Teaser Trailer

"Death & the Widow" is an award winning short period horror film written and directed by Gregory Fishwick, produced by Tom Rawding and shot by James Ducker, DOP.


Version with original music of the short film of the final project of the students of the Master degree in 3D Art, Animation and VFX in CEV (2019)
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