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SİNOPSİS | SYNOPSIS In 2030; It is an age when the child-protection institutions, which the lover prohibits, are closed down. Even though life is in 2030, it has declined rather than progress and the possibilities are limited. Esref, how can she look at her mother in this chaos environment? What is the way to escape Esref and his mother from this environment? What kind of period will 2030... Director: Şükrü Özçevik Screenplay: Yasin Zeybekoğlu Producer: Meral Çelik Casting: Egecan İntepeler & Fahriye Us İnan & Ayhan Pekbilgin & Emrah Doğan & Yusuf Kesici & Bahar Dağdelen Assistant Director: Fahriye Us İnan Director of Photography: Hüseyin Yılmaz Assistant Camera - Lighting: Cihan Öz Art Director: Kayhan Atik Editor - Colorist - VFX: Abdullah Demir Music: Yiğitcan Kiremitci Sound Mix: Yiğitcan Kiremitci & Can Paşa Foley Artist: Yiğitcan Kiremitci Sound Recording: Katip Çelebi Makyaj Make up - Costume: Betül Sur Germany Director of Photography: Jochen Menzel Timecode: Şeyma Aladağ Production Assistants: Fatih Yavuz & Sertaç Sarıçoban Dubbing: Didem Güngör Transportation: İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi Poster: Kayhan Atik Graphic Designer: Berkan Faruk Özaktaş Social Media: Serkan Beyde

Build a Fire - Full Movie

▶️ #TBT #BuildAFire is not only a staple in American Literature, but also a milestone in Pimentel's Career. Winning two #FilmFestivals for ‘Best Dramatic Short,’ this film has set the tone & pace for all his Directorial installments in Cinema. Mixing Jack London's reach into the depths of mankind along with the minimalist & neorealist approach of Alexander's filmmaking, ‘Build a Fire,’ stands as a 20min experience of tragedy, turmoil and the universal struggle of man vs. nature. Tom Vincent is a famous role played by Fichtenmayer and the influence of this #ShortFilm is most prevalent in The Directive, now playing on #Hulu. . #TBTFilm, #ToBuildaFire, #JackLondon, #ShortFilm, #FilmFestivals, #Milsetone, #ThrowbackThursday, #Throwback, #Filmmaker, #FilmCareer, #Film, #Cinema, #Despertar, #AishaDuo, #DigitallyRemastered, #CriterionCollection, #Veterans, #BuildAFire, #FilmFestivals, #TBT,

Coffee Break Season 4 Episode 7 Filmmaker John Denton

Welcome to Go Indie Now's Season 4 of Coffee Break. This is Episode 7 with Filmmaker John Denton who is one-third of the team at Large Ark Films and the creative force behind a great and ambitious short film called Memory Lane. These are an incredible 6 answers to the 6 questions. After watching be sure to go and check out Large Ark Films, especially Memory Lane which you can watch right here on their YouTube Channel or right on their website as well.


Short film by The Produccers, LLC. I do not own this material or any rights to it. Director: Austin Anderson; Assistant Dir.: Kirstie House; Writer-Creative Director Jason Schumacher; DP: Ellie Drews. Starring Josh Cisewski as Sgt. Paul Clark, with Diana Wilde as the Mother, Nathan Drews as the Chaplain. Billy Straub, Assistant Camera; Timmy Schrader, Sound; Matt Hansen, PA & assistant Editor.

Worth Trailer

Based on a true event IMDB: Producer: Richard Louprasong Director and Writer: Vokee Lee Director of Photography: Alec Schwandt Editor: Austin Law Associate Producer: Ger Moua & Amber Steimer

Accepting Her

Tory is born with a condition that means she does not fit the typical binary notions of male or female bodies. After the unexpected passing of her mother, Tory has to live with her estranged father John who shadowed by ill-remembered conflicts and unspoken regrets will see to it that his daughter undergoes changes that will no longer put her gender in question.


In a quasi-religious dystopian future, a dissident scientist is forced to outwit her own invention in order to survive her incarceration in the Marozia Institute, a violent prison.

Starman - HD

Hello Stage 32 family. Attached is a clip of a short film I did with a very talented director and actor from Emerson College . Malachi Elijah McDonald played my son and is an amazing young talent. Casting director you should bring him in for an audition. If you don't believe just watch this clip. This deals with a single father raising his son after his wife passes away. He is forced to fill roles his wife had taken in the past. Please feel free to give me any feedback you want. I have a thick skin and I am only trying to grow.

Inside Out - Short Film

The film explores the vital nature of human connection, which allows one to “reach” others through a common thought or a shared feeling. When we are truly connected with someone, we know that every time we think about them they are also thinking about us. This special connection comes from the inside out.

"Like There's No Tomorrow" Trailer

Time to Back Out Productions presents our very first short film about Joe, a man with only 24 hours left to live after being bitten by a woman infected with ...
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