The Stage 32 Videos: Star Wars

Episode IV: Frankie and Jude: Star Wars - The Search for Jude

Jude went out for sour punch. He never came back. Hours before “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” premieres, Jude goes missing. Now, it’s up to Frankie and her closest allies to find her best friend before it’s too late. Or at least until the next showing.

Episode III: Frankie and Jude: Star Wars - Situation Normal

An unfortunate miscalculation has thrown Frankie and Jude’s annual tradition into chaos. So Jude calls in backup. Lots of backup.

Episode II: Frankie and Jude: Star Wars - ANOTHER Star Wars Story

Frankie and Jude are BFFs, candy aficionados, and hardcore Star Wars fans. "Rogue One" opens soon, and Frankie’s already purchased their tickets! There’s just one problem...Jude doesn’t want to go.

Episode I: Frankie and Jude: Star Wars - Slight Ticket Malfunction

Two BFFs anxiously awaiting Star Wars: The Force Awakens discover that they DO NOT have tickets to the sold-out show.

Exploring the Indie Sci-Fi scene - Youcef Mahmoudi interview

Filmmaker Ted Strauss interviews independent science fiction writer/director Youcef Mahmoudi about his short film Kosmodrome, presented at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival in New York. Other topics: - The democratization of the filmmaking tools, giving birth to a new generation of indie filmmakers - Classic Sci-Fi films like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Stalker: Sci-Fi as exploration of consciousness - Modern Sci-Fi films like Blade Runner 2049, Interstellar, Inception, the new Star Wars trilogy - Digital filmmaking vs analog filmmaking - Cinema vs TV

I'm a Jedi

Music Video

The Rogue trailer teaser

Rick Slave-Space Miner

Rick Slave "The Rogue " Teaser

Rick Slave; Space miner, trailer teaser

All That Is Studio Showcase 2018

Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Richard Linklater, The Fifth Element,

A storyboard from our upcoming fan film "Star Wars High"

Whiskey Sharts Promo 2016: The Sharts Awakens

Trace Crooks sets off on an epic journey to deliver Keith Jackson the one thing the galaxy doesn't want him to be apart from. Cinematography and aerial foota...
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