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Life and Love in the U.P._Audio Sample.mp4

"Marni McDonough had known Bethany and Brad Ames all her life. Now young adults they were best friends forever. But could a man and woman be just friends, especially since the man has had the “hots” for her since they were kids? When his girlfriend dumps him and tells Marni she can have him, their relationship is destined to change. She sought counsel from Bethany. News flash – Bethany already had the two of them tying the marriage knot. It was inevitable. Everybody thought so. Everybody except Marni. What was she to do? She was going to end up happily married or will have lost her best friends. And so goes Life and Love in the U.P. a light-hearted romance set in Escanaba, Michigan."

Strategic Storytelling - 7 Step Framework In Action

Every strategy deserves a good story. But to do this effectively, you must understand the fundamental basics of story structure, and how to apply a strategic narrative to this framework. In this video, I'll be sharing some of my own humble experiences in using storytelling to help share and sell business-related strategy. By no means is this a sure-fire way to ensure your big idea gets traction, but given the human race's systemic proclivity for storytelling, it certainly will help them more easily relate and understand your strategic approach. Check it out.

In Conversation with Christian Nommay about Titian Effect

This week’s guest is our new friend, Christian L. Nommay! Christian is the founder of the indie RPG publishing company, Knight Errant Media, and the creator of the tabletop RPG and StoryWorld, Titan Effect.

LALTM Official Trailer.mp4

This is the Official Trailer of the film "Life Ain't Like the Movies" starring Lee Scott, Paul Bates (Coming to America 2, True Romance), Cynda Williams (Mo Better Blues, One False Move), Wendell Kinney (Burn Notice, Scorpion), Jhayla Mosley, Conner Kearns, Darnell Webb, Victoria Knuckles, Shannon Carter, Shirley Mallet, and Grace Fontenot. "Life Ain't Like the Movies" is about how a young quirky teen named Chone navigates through high school, first love, bullying, and tragedy. Coming soon 2021.

Interview: Assistant Producer Interns On "Creativity &…

Assistant Producer Interns Molly Schilling & Jake Samieske are interviewed about being the editors of "Creativity & Stortytelling 'Zine June issue. The assignment is designed to help them learn and prepare how to use an e-zine as a content resource for a crowdsourcing campaign for the Thorn Trees TV series project.


When I am asked, what I am creating, I tend to struggle with it. Through my Podcast, I am trying different elevator pitches to see what resonates best. This one seems to be the closest. What do you think?

Layla's Story Short Film

While afraid of change, Layla's experience brings peace of the unknown. Self Produced, Director, and Acted, Filmed, and Edited by Creisson Soni.

AltaTensione - LIVE ACTION

#Altatensione #Reel2020 Flash reel focused on action and drama. 2019-2020. Final quote by Paul Watzlawick "The belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions."

The opening scene's The Thing!

Giving the reader/audience a sense of setting right from the get-go is key, but make sure your opening scene does more than just establish location. The Thing (1982) is a great example of conveying setting while still providing plot detail. This beats a boring aerial shot of the landscape. This is intrinsically part of the story. It matters. Take it away and the story suffers. Your opening scenes should have more than one purpose. They need to both orientate and hook the reader into your tale.

P.J. Stoppleworth Storyteller Narration

Narrated by P.J. Stoppleworth, excerpts of storytelling video with tones of wisdom, suffering, warm recollection, and hopeful inspiration.
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