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Funeral Coma: Eternal Funeral Places: Part Two (2019) - Official…

This is the Official Trailer 1 of "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places : Part Two" (2019) from Funeral Home Films. Film: Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places : Part Two Tagline: Only the Forgotten Ghosts remember the Past Label: Funeral Home Films Release year: 2020 What is "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places"? After a idea (by Funeral Master, the man behind Funeral Coma, a One-Man-Band from Southern Hesse of Germany) started Funeral Master back in 2008 the filming on the small cemetery of his previous very little town Malchen for the plan to create a music video for Funeral Coma. After re-watching this first video, Funeral Master decided to filming on more cemeteries and in forests (woodlands) and the idea for "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places" was born... Back in 2009, Funeral Master created his own film label "Funeral Home Films" and in 2016 the first film "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places : Part One" was released and distributed through "Funeral Home Films" and is still available. With "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places" Funeral Master would like to honor the German Expressionist movement from the 1910s until the 1930s. Silent films like "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" (1920), "The Golem: How He Came into the World" (1920), "Nosferatu - A Symphony of Horror" (1922), "Faust - eine deutsche Volkssage" (1926) or "Metropolis" (1927) are amazing film works from Germany. And with the music of Funeral Coma, Funeral Master want honour a little bit the "Neue Deutsche Todeskunst" movement. "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places" is supposed to be a trilogy. Now it's time for "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places : Part Two"... Synopsis: Coming soon... Best Regards, FUNERAL MASTER COPYRIGHT © 2019 FUNERAL HOME FILMS

Funeral Coma: Eternal Funeral Places: Part One (2012) - Official…

Dear Viewer, This is the Official Trailer of Funeral Coma : E.F.P. : Part One - DVD E.F.P. means Eternal Funeral Places Synopsis: It exist a world who is not visible for us on the Cemeteries and in the Woodlands. A world, we only enter when we dying. Because Death is the beginning of a new life. And where we becoming one of the Forgotten Ghosts. Main Funeral Feature: Over 90 minutes of a Timeless Walking Tour through Cemeteries and Woodlands... Dig-Up Extras: - Official Teaser - Official Trailer - Blooper - Funeral Coma Featurette includes Biography Discography Funeral Fusion (Soundcheck Recording) Kunnia, Armageddon! (Goatmoon cover) M. V. i. M. V. (Soundcheck Recording) This 4-Disc Set comes with a Booklet and a Grave Candle (with a Box of Matches). (Attention: The Grave Candle (with a Lighter) is Out Of Life.) DVD-R: Main Funeral Feature GER ver. DVD-R: Main Funeral Feature ENG Ver. DVD-R: Dig-Up Extras ENGLISH version CD-R: Off. Motionless Picture Soundtrack Hand numbered to 55 Funeral Pieces. This product is home made / hand made not a professional factory sealed product. Filmed, produced and directed by Funeral Master. Released and distributed by Funeral Home Films. Funeral Master is the owner of Funeral Home Films. Best Regards, FUNERAL MASTER

Sayuri Movie Trailer - English

More Info - Don’t between broken dreams of the traditional family. Misled by the on satisfied in desires of the parents. The story of The tragedy of an innocent girl marooned on a lonely Island. “THE NESTLING THAT FELL OUT OF ITS NEST” SAYURI A film by of Nalinda Priyadarshana and Ruchika Vikum Produced by Sumeda Dasanayaka You may be the next victim of decering spiritualists or reliable two faced media. The thrives on the tragedies of peoples. Who chase triviality? The time has come to start a conversation against the sinister and bitter reality of media ethics,the breakdown of low and order and the myths bent on takins us back in time We produce those responsible of her tragedy before you the jury of the silver screen. We assign you the grate duty of socializing the very verdict of it for the sake of those who value humanity


I used the video game trailer Agony as a showreel to promote my work as a music composer.

Tenants Trailer

Life turns upside down for washed up actor Terry Murray when he befriends his ambitious new neighbor and the outlandish tenants also living in his NYC apartment building. All rights reserved to UpStream Productions.

The Trailer to my short fim SEED OF FATE I shot written & directed.

Teaser Trailer for short film SEED OF FATE premiering on YouTube Sunday May 6th. Walter is a cold blooded killer who wont let go of his precious girlfriend P...


This ism a behind the scenes video of our film production "The Prayer". Our goal is to film the feature in 2020. It is a amazing journey to have a team that sticks together even when it seems impossible. Tahiera's special needs adult was in hospice when her director and crew continued to work tom finish the trailer.

Black Moon Lilith Trailer

Black Moon Lilith is a Gothic thriller surrounding a community that is experiencing an exorbitant amount of disappearances. One of the first being Zoe's gr...

2019 festival trailer

Experience original films from the world's most unique creative minds at Mirror Mountain Film Festival. Featuring groundbreaking independent drama, documentary, animation, experimental, music video, dance, interactive media and live performance. Be a part of something extraordinary July 26 - 27 at Arts Court Theatre in downtown Ottawa. It’s more than just a festival... it’s a state of mind! Tickets $10 / Passes $25, available now at

The Divining Bell (2019) Official Trailer 2

Examiner, the last human left in this world, is tasked with taking special care of a fragile ecosystem in a harsh, ever-dark world. When parasitic creatures threaten Examiner’s way of life, it’s up to them to fight and protect the home they devoted their life to.

Trailer for my novel "The God Virus" on which my screenplay…

It hits the main plot-points of the screenplay

Trailer for Bloodline

A book trailer for my novel Bloodline.
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