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In a town that started off with a murder-for-hire plot between the first two mayors, there's a wild west factor brewing in Quartzsite that even tyrants might be cautious of. But the plot only deepens as the years roll on -- with activists being targeted and corrupt cops doing the political bidding of town hall. Mike Roth, who’s spent every month for the last 12 years fighting and winning his legal battles against a town council and a police department that targeted him and other vocal critics of the local government, is running for sheriff of La Paz County in the 2020 elections. And so is the man Roth says falsely arrested him during the years of conflict — then-Sergeant Will Ponce. But here’s the catch: Will Ponce, now the current chief, actually led 80% of the Quartzsite Police Department in a 2013 mutiny against the man who he says was really behind the corruption — then-Chief Jeff Gilbert. Who’s telling the truth? Who will win the election? Whose message will be sent out to an embattled community ready for change?

Phoenix Goddess Temple As A Church

Mystic Mother Tracy Elise talks about sacred sexuality, tantra and the differences between patriarchal and matriarchal churches. In God-based religions, sex and spirit are separate whereas in Goddess-based religions, sex and spirit are one.

Phoenix Rising: Return to Innocence

Mystic Mother and Elder Medicine Woman Tracy Elise on restoring religious freedom for the Phoenix Goddess Temple (PGT) in Arizona. With the help of the Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) and public support we can restore access to these ancient healing ceremonies. The Native American Church was established before Congress in 1918; join us in keeping the treaties.

A Journey Through Temple with Mystic Mother & Elder Medicine…

A look back into the Phoenix Goddess Temple in Arizona. Thank you to all who keep the Dream Alive!

Repeat Offender | Trailer

Based on the best selling True Crime book by Bradley Nickell, REPEAT OFFENDER is a feature documentary Produced, Directed, & Edited by Jason Harney under his Lightning Digital Entertainment banner.

Nick Soave in The Perfect Murder

From The Perfect Murder on Investigation Discovery: Season 5, Episode 9 "Jump Shot."

Good Guys Store Hostage Standoff April 4th, 1991

Heads or Tails: A true account of the nations worst hostage crisis Lisa Joseph is one of the lucky survivors. On April 4, 1991, she and two other family members stopped by the Good Guys Electronics Store in Sacramento, California. As they left the store, she was grabbed by the hair and shoved against the wall. Shots rang out and four Asian gunmen seized the store to protest their frustrations and unhappiness with their education in the United States. Thirty-eight people were held at gunpoint and before the day was out the suspects deliberately shot, stabbed or wounded eleven of the hostages, and killed three others. Lisa Joseph can recount the harrowing experiences inside the store from beginning to end. She can describe: • How the hostages get tied up with speaker wire in groups, and were then ordered to play death games. (Heads or Tails & Eeenie Meanie Miney Moe) • What the hostages felt like during the discussions between the hostage negotiation team and the extremely violent gunmen. • What it was like when the SWAT team finally stormed the store and ended the crisis. After, all the hostages had already been tortured for nine hours. • How she suffered a miscarriage with a twelve gauge to her head in the store. Then was made to watch people being shot, including her uncle. She can provide an insider’s view of the excruciating details of the most brutal and tense terrorist standoff in the history of California. During the siege, the Asian gunmen made a variety of demands wanting everything from millions of dollars to more guns, bulletproof vests, and a 50-passenger helicopter to take them to Thailand, and 1,000-year-old Ginseng roots. The hostage crisis ended when the Special Enforcement Details forcibly stormed in, killing three of the gunmen and wounded the fourth. Joseph and her cousin survived. Her uncle was shot multiple times and killed by one of the gunmen. Lisa Joseph’s story has been featured on Montel William, KFBK, FOX News Magazine, Maury Polvish, Cops, History Channel, Spike Lee, Caught on Camera. Heads or Tails is available online. Hard cover 189 pages, ISBN 0-97244453-0-7 Show & Tell Publishing. For information visit (Good guys hostage situation) For interviews and media kits call Lisa Joseph 916-753-2207. To see and hear the actual shootout go to: if needed, Lisa can produce the various video and audio clips of the events that transpired in the nine-hour hostage taking.
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