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Melissa Papel Video

July 2019

Monologue in Turkish, by Pinar Karaaslan

The monologue is a piece from acclaimed Turkish TV series "Icerdekiler". Written by Melih Cevdet Anday. Its genre is Drama. Subtitles: English * Tirad, Melih Cevdet Anday tarafindan, Icerdekiler isimli dizi icin yazilmistir. Monologun turu ise dramdir. Altyazi: Ingilizce

Monologue in Turkish by Pinar Karaaslan, Alıntı

Monologue is in Turkish and is performed by Pinar Karaaslan. It is an anecdote from Tezer Ozlu.

Angels of Darkness (Karanlıktaki Melekler ) - Trailer

Three childhood friends. Berk, Mete & Guray. Grew up alone without anyone looking after them, got nobody else but each other. Berk has a little sister, the only one left from his family. Whenever these best friends get together, they transform into an instant trouble. The fact that they haven't been able to live a normal life with a normal family; to get away from all that thoughts and sorrow, they try to fill up the emptiness, the blank with unreasonable behaviors, which you can say is their way of having fun and amusement. They often take others belongings (clothes, bikes, cars etc.) and leave them in other spots. Until the day that changed their lives for good... The day they happen to be in a wrong place at the wrong time. They were told to watch a yacht for a couple minutes. But they decide to take it for a tour, that's where they discover a box inside the yacht... That's when Berk enters Resul's territory without having a clue what's waiting for him. That's when the story begins, the story of Angels of Darkness...
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