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It's Introduce Yourself Weekend! Every month thousands of creative connections are made on Stage 32 simply by taking the time to introduce yourself. Whether you're a Stage 32 veteran or a new member, click here to go to the Introduce Yourself Lounge and let us know what you're up to!

This is what I think the TV series Time Tunnel could look like today.

The SZN Teaser Trailer #1.mp4

A conceited entrepreneur concocts his way to become the next COO of an independent media company to prevent his partners from taking the throne. Premieres July 17 at 'The Cinematic Affair' in Houston, Texas & streaming on SGA TV Network.

Best Taco Tuesday Ever! Mediterranean Tacos

Happy Spatula is making Mediterranean Tacos for taco Tuesday. This recipe from a good friend is spac-taco-lar! SUBSCRIBE so not to miss what's coming up next...

Bobby plays guitar - Bobby Zoo - baby tv: Episode 1

Bobby Zoo episode 1! Worldwide inclusive baby and toddler online TV show (0-4 years). Have fun & learn about animals, music and food with Zookeeper Bobby and his friends Tina Toucan, Tom Tiger & Pia Panda. They play games, help each other and explore the world around them. We celebrate diversity and equality. Our goal is to inspire the lives of young children around the world with fun and educational high quality safe video content and give them an equal starting point in life. Your baby or toddler is safe with Bobby Zoo, when you as a parent need some free hands.

Wave Films - Showreel 2021

Very excited about our latest showreel. Happy that it shows of our strength in fiction and unscripted!

Go Indie Now Cinequest 2020 FIlmmaker Interviews with Tracy…

Go Indie Now's Joe Compton sat down with Producers Tracy Keshek and (also Lead Actor) Alexandra Adomatis at the 2020 Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA. Where they premiered their episodic pilot from the soon to be series S4INT. A thrill ride of a series to be. PRODUCTION COMPANY FACEBOOK PAGE TWITTER INSTAGRAM VIMEO ALEXANDRA ADOMAITIS TWITTER: TRACY KESHEK TWITTER: ALEXANDRA ADOMAITIS INSTAGRAM: TRACY KESHEK INSTAGRAM: WATCH DIAMOND DAYZE ON PRME:

'Supreme Justice with Judge Karen' clip

Video of when I Guest Starred on an episode of 'Supreme Justice with Judge Karen'.

Extended Showreel

Highlights of Chris Bucko's acting work. For any inquiries or bookings, please email


An edit of some film, TV and documentaries that I was commissioned to compose for.

Sequence from Thick Skin - Season 2

Leading female actress as 2 different characters in this sequence.

Thick Skin

[A series by Robinson Vil] - Throughout her life, "Olivia" has had to learn to figure out things on her own, as her mother "Naomi" with whom she has a very tumultuous relationship is not around to guide her through life. Olivia is anti-social and has a hard time getting along with others. She is also very pretty, thereby attracts unwanted attention from all types of men, who inevitably become major factors in the THICKening of her SKIN, by developing an alter-ego who comes to help and protect her when things get really rough. In the Series, "Olivia" refuses to fully open up to her therapist, due to her past experiences with men and only reveals parts of her stories (and the rest is revealed in flashbacks). Things begin to change for the better for Olivia when she meets "Patrick" the Doctor's 17-year-old son. She slowly begins to open up to him, which puts their new relationship in jeopardy, as some secrets and memories are best left forgotten. When Olivia becomes pregnant with Patrick's child, Dr. Gabriel goes into a frenzy that leads him down a dark path as "Every Good Has Its Evil". Olivia and Dr. Gabriel will push each other to their breaking points. More skeletons from the past begin to emerge and they will undoubtedly leave a stench.
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