The Stage 32 Videos: Vfx

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I conceptualized and created this short film with myself and the actress in under two weeks, so there was much to be desired in terms of refinement. The point was a quick project while spending time away from my other two films I have been focusing on the last couple of years.

EBO "Drunk On You" VFX Breakdown

Breakdown of VFX work for EBO's "Drunk On You"

It has begun! Virtual Video Productions

Camarena Productions offers professional virtual video production services for product, music, & commercial videos. At Camarena Productions we have been building our pipeline/workflow for over 8 years to be prepared for the future of video production. That future is now! and we are ready to take on any project big or small remotely and safely. Embrace the new era of virtual video production with Camarena Productions. It has begun!

Steve Dabal (2015 VFX Reel)

Visual Effects done from 2014-2016. Public version.

PLAY SPACE : Making a CGI Sci-fi Short Film in my garage

DIY Filmmaking! Our sci-fi short film involves extensive storyboards, creating 3D models from my daughter's toys, and a mixture of CGI sets with some practic...

2019 Editor Reel 1.1.mp4

Thanks for watching my 2019 Editor • VFX Artist and Colorist Showreel. For more info please visit:

VFX Experiment | Mystic Ocean

Inspired by some videos I saw few days back, so I've decided to create my own version. Great opportunity to experiment with some looping 3D particles & depth of field effects. Music by Jordan Winslow –

3D CGI Animation | Chrysallis - Jordan Winslow MV

This is a music video project I've worked on recently. Produced 3 CGI shots for "Chrysallis - Jordan Winslow"; which includes all 3D CGI, compositing & rotoscoping work. The Director of Photography (DP) wanted some nice shots of a little girl falling down an underground cave. So a highly detailed 3D CGI cave was designed & created for the falling shots, together with some 3D moths visual effects. Watch the full music video here:

R&D for Particle Effects CGI - Mr. Covin Solo

Created this video for particle effects R&D. It's made from a dancing video by Mr. Covin. Courtesy of Striderstone: Mr. Covin Solo. Background music: Outta Control by Angerfist

Falcon flyby

Playing around with Keying and Masking in After Effects
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