The Stage 32 Videos: Video Art

MAMM Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín. Performance María José…

"Lifeline" Performance María José Arjona, Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín MAMM PirataFilms production Director & DoP JuanMa Casas

A few steps on the Silk Road on Venice of Asia (Tongli)

A few moments from "The Silk earrings" a film by Nima Hassan beigi.A travelogue documentary about The Silk Road.The silk earrings is a travelogue documentary...


Wishing you lots of love and Autumn blessings.

"APPETENCY" directed by Sarah Georgieva, Music by Tomasz C.…

Experimental abstract short movie, non story film, video art

Keverne Mapp - Caméléon.mp4

This is small video illustrating a small art workshop with children. It is our duty as elders to share our years of experience with future budding artist,to empower their endless enthusiasm for life and guide them onto difference paths from which they will blossom. Delicately shot and superbly edited by my dear friend Jon . be followed.

Snippet of a short movie directed by Sarah Georgieva, 2020

Non story short movie, video installation, erotic art

Experimental abstract short movie directed by Sarah Georgieva, 2020

Experimental abstract short movie, non story short film

The Descent

The Descent is a video art by Nima Hassan beigi. The short video uses Raphael's painting and Albinoni's music.

Devil's Grip or Joker

Devil's Grip or Joker is a video art by Nima Hassan beigi. Devil's Grip is a card game, and Joker is a crazy man, and war is a crazy and evil game. Nima Hass...

Orgazmona werkfilm.mp4

Huge developments have shaped the instrument industry over the last 20 years. This opened new dimensions for composing and performing. What two generations ago belonged to the world of fantasy, is now reality. Orgazmona is also part of this fabulous development. Tünde Krasznai joined this flow in the summer of 2019 to raise the production to a higher level with her voice and her personal charm. Their first song: "Time As You See”. The lyrics had written by Canadian poet James Cloke Ottmar. The video clip itself is also special in many ways! The time lapse scenes, what made from 10,000 photographs, were shoot for 7 years on the terrace of a 110 years old photo studio - from 4 perspectives every day - where the world's most famous Hungarian and international photographers and filmmakers worked. For example, Robert Capa, André Kertész, Henri Cartier Bresson, Steven Spielberg and many others.

Stabat Onusta Aestas

Stabat Onusta Aestas Directed, edited and performed by AFAN Alessandro Fantini Featured in the international collective documentary "A Living tree means a living planet" directed by Khalid Mokadmine Co-produced by Gery Lynn Matthews "A living tree means a living planet" is a collective international documentary conceived and directed by Khalid Mokadmine, a young filmmaker from Rabat. In April he reached me out online inviting me to contribute with a one minute video to his ongoing project about the relationship between humans and trees. He had already invited several filmmakers from all over the world, each one representing a different country by telling a different visual story, and he still wasn't able to find a director from Italy available to shoot his own segment. As soon as he discovered I'm also a painter, he proposed me to figure out a way to feature one of my painting in my video. Trees have provided humans with the primary means of survival, therefore I thought it was essential to show how they can still be a precious "motherly" source of life for my own creations and (hopefully) the spirit of the humans inhabiting my country.
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