The Stage 32 Videos: Voice Artist

Morrison James_Mixed V.O Demo_2022

New Mixed Voice Over Demo for 2022.

Bell Howard Show Episode 45 (teaser)

Happy New Year! If you haven't heard episode 45, it's got conspiracy theories, aliens, and of course relationship problems. How do you come out Q to your Democrat girlfriend? Remember you can listen to the full show on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Merry Christmas! My rendition of Rudolph.

קריינות באנגלית | קריינית באנגלית |…

קריינית מקצועית באנגלית אמריקאית שפת אם - אולפן קריינות מקצועי, הקלטת קריינות באנגלית באיכות מצויין, ונסיון עשיר בארץ ובעולםVictoria's Voice professional voi...

Steven Heil Voice Reel

Throughout my entire life, people have complimented my voice and told me that I should be a voice actor. I am an American native English speaker with a masculine voice, and I can convey any tone or emotion. I can also portray an expansive variety of accents. In addition, I can speak Japanese.

Alyx Commercial Demo

My commercial demo for VO projects

Commercial Voiceover Demo - Devon McPherson

Need voice services for your commercial or marketing video? Learn more on my website and request an audition.


New demo piece for my reel. I would love your thoughts.

Voice Actor Kills Optimus Prime from Transformers

I perform a killer voice impression of Optimus Prime from the original Transformers movie. It's directly from the end speech before the credits of Transformers 1.

Voice Actor Kills Duke Nukem 3d - Action Hero One Liners from the…

I perform a killer voice impression of Duke Nukem, including each one of his action hero one liners in Duke Nukem 3d. These classic profane insults and macho dialogue is what made this video game legendary "Come Get Some", "Blow it Out Your..." "It's time to kick .... and chew bubblegum and I'll all out of gum", "Nobody steals our chicks and lives".
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