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Last Laugh with the Blackmailing Computer Nerds!

My "transparency talk" with my intern Meg Dick apparently worked as we seemed to get the last laugh with the computer nerds, I mean, dick holes.

NEW AUDIOBOOK Short Audio Sample - THE DEAL - Action Rom Fantasy

THE DEAL Narrated by Susan Knight. Wouldn't it be nice to have hot, feisty, rule-breaking Angels fight our corner? Well here you go. You're welcome..

The Love Writing A Latte Hoodie

In a world of cool autumns and cold winters, a lover of coffee and writing finds warmth and comfort in the official Love Writing A Latte Hoodie to face the brutal seasons ahead. Unknown to the buyer, they would soon embark on a whole other level of swag!

Crooked Fences: A Novel by C.J. Heigelmann - 2020 Video Trailer

A prejudiced war veteran battling PTSD returns home to pursue his dream of becoming a police officer. But is he ready? Crooked Fences is a fiercely honest st...

New Books for the New Era

New Era Books- C.J. Heigelmann is an emerging author of Contemporary and Historical Fiction who has published two novels, An Uncommon Folk... Media Advertisement

Heigelmann's style of writing is marked by cultural inclusion and social diversity. His focus on realism and perspective separates him from other mainstream contemporary authors. Visit to learn more.


director's showreel

Filmmakers in lockdown - Pablo Aura

These times have hit us hard as filmmakers. At the beginning of 2020 I believe we all had big plans for this year. However reality has struck hard. So I decided to make a video to premiere my new YouTube channel where I share some ideas on how we can overcome this crazy situation we're living in. Please take a look and comment on how are you coping with this.

Isasnora Snores' Big Surprise

Join us as we recreate a scene from Chapter One of Isasnora Snores. The tiny infant has a big surprise for all the party goers!

Amazonica Trailer

This is the trailer to our Bachelor film "Amazonica", directed, written, produced and written by Oriana Zaengerle and Laila Moinuddin in 2010. Starring: Gianna - Valentina Bauer, Miriam Feran, Guido Böhm. Music: David Reichelt; Sound: Joachim von Breitenstein; DoP: Matthias Grabichler; Produced by die Medienakademie München, 2010.
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