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Allen James Roughton is the Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator, a screenwriter, reader and development researcher who has consulted on over 100 projects, scripts, books, comics and films and conducted research on life stories, exposés, professions and locations for development at major production companies. Nick Assunto is part of the Stage 32 script services team and a screenwriter himself. He was previously a reader for the Austin Film Festival, a writer for the 2017 CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase, co-host of the Sunday show B.Y.O.T. at UCB, and dabbled in acting, having been featured on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, an eHarmony commercial directed by Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst (for real), and is infamously known as Tony, the annoying party member from the 'Four Friends' Elder Scrolls spots. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Join Nick and Allen for the Writers' Room Year-End Webcast where we celebrate all things Film, TV and Screenwriting from 2018 and look forward to making 2019 the best year for your writing ever!

What You'll Learn

Films: A Quiet Place, BlacKkKlansman, Game Night, The Incredibles 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Avengers: Infinity War

TV: The West Wing, Madmen, Big Mouth, Patriot, Barry, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, The Magicians

Misc: Chris Stuckmann, Stage 32 Meetups, Lessons from the Screenplay, Pilot MR Metropolitan Fountain Pen

About Your Instructor

Allen James Roughton is the Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator, a screenwriter, reader and development researcher who has consulted on over 100 projects, scripts, books, comics and films and conducted research on life stories, exposés, professions and locations for development at major production companies.

Nick Assunto is part of the Stage 32 script services team and a screenwriter himself. He was previously a reader for the Austin Film Festival, a writer for the 2017 CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase, co-host of the Sunday show B.Y.O.T. at UCB, and dabbled in acting, having been featured on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, an eHarmony commercial directed by Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst (for real), and is infamously known as Tony, the annoying party member from the 'Four Friends' Elder Scrolls spots.


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National Screenwriters Day Webcast - Now on Demand

Saturday January 5 is National Screenwriters Day!   Make sure to follow @stage32 and tag #NationalScreenwritersDay on social media! Stage 32 CEO, Rich "RB" Botto, Stage 32's Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, literary manager, Krista Sipp, and Hal Croasmun lay down some serious knowledge regarding the craft and business of screenwriting in 2020. Enjoy over an hour of FREE screenwriting tips and advice from those in the trenches! Remember, if you have any questions regarding how Stage 32 can help you with your screenwriting career or craft, reach out to our Director of Script Services directly at j.mirch@stage32.com!    

The Dirty Secret of Story Structure

After reading well over 1,000 screenplays over the course of my career, from both professionals and amateurs, I can tell you that I have a solid idea of what makes a good story. Also, as someone who has been a professional reader, I can show you through a reader’s eyes where a story becomes flawed, and how those stories can be improved to prevent you and your script from getting the dreaded PASS on coverage notes. The Dirty Secret of Story Structure will take a meticulous look at the art of building dramatic structure within your story by learning how to do it in individual scenes. Each and every scene in your script should serve as an opportunity to move the story forward. If it is not doing that, it’s not serving its correct purpose within the world of your story. Just as your overall screenplay has a beginning, a middle and an end, so too should each scene. Within each scene should be a character who wants something, and another character or entity that is trying to stop her. Developing a structure within each scene to determine how those events transpire is just as important to telling your story as making sure the Act I to Act II transition happens somewhere between pages 25 and 30. However, the notion of dramatic structure has been misinterpreted for years. Dramatic structure is not necessarily what you think it is, and when it is re-examined, the thought of fitting a story within the confines of dramatic structure becomes less daunting. This webinar will provide detailed examples on how to build solid dramatic structure within your scenes, as well as within your overall screenplay.

Stage 32 4-Part Writing Class: A Showrunner’s Guide To A Writing Career In Television

Learn the craft of writing for television and how to build and navigate a successful career as a television writer from a veteran showrunner who has worked with Disney, The CW, ABC, and more! PLUS! You'll receive exclusive handouts including series pitch documents, outlines screenplays, and screenplays from real television series including MELROSE PLACE, HE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY, SHADOWHUNTERS, ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, and the pitch document for Fox's SOAR!   Millions of people dream of becoming a television writer in Hollywood. You want to write the next hit television show and have high hopes of seeing your stories come to life on the screen. Sharing your creative vision with the world is one of the most rewarding experiences there is. However, becoming a Hollywood television writer is hard. Very hard. There is a craft and technique to writing a dramatic television series and working in writer's room that take time and hard work to acquire. Not to mention, navigating a career as a writer. How can you sustain your life as a writer when you don't know what you'll be working on next? How can you stay creative over years of writing and hard work? And during all of this, how can you consistently create good material that studios and networks want to buy? Stage 32 is here to help you answer all of this and more.  In this exclusive Stage 32 4-part class, you will learn the craft and process of writing for scripted drama television and how to navigate a career as a television writer. Taught by veteran television/film writer and showrunner Todd Slavkin, you will learn the creative and practical aspects of writing and producing a television pilot, writing and producing on the staff of a television show where most of the work happens in the writers room, and navigating a long, illustrious career. Todd's experiences showrunning series for Disney, The CW, ABC, and more have provided him with an arsenal of showrunning tools that he will share with you to prepare you for your own career as a showrunner. Todd has worked in all different kinds of genres and has been involved with many popular television shows, including SMALLVILLE, SHADOWHUNTERS and most recently THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY, for which he was nominated for two Emmys. He has written pilots for ABC, NBC, FOX, FREEFORM and The CW, where he developed and was the showrunner of MELROSE PLACE 2.0. Other television credits include NO ORDINARY FAMILY, ALPHAS, DEFIANCE, DOMINION and GUILT. He began his career in features, penning DARK REFLECTION and CONTROL, starring Ray Liotta, Willem Dafoe and Michelle Rodriguez. Each session of this 4-part class will include industry guests, mainly successful writers with high levels of experience, all sharing their own stories and tips for success. You will have the rare opportunity to learn from a handful of industry experts how to navigate a television writing career in Hollywood so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your career. Trust us, you don't want to miss this! PLUS! Todd will provide you with exclusive handouts to help you with the craft and business of television writing in Hollywood. Downloads include: Pitch document for SOAR Fox Pilot & Series Document for MELROSE PLACE Pilot Outline and Teleplay for ADJUSTMENT BUREAU Pilot, Outline and Teleplay for SOAR FoxPilot, Teleplay for MELROSE PLACE Pilot Outline and Teleplay for an episode of SHADOWHUNTERS & Story Area, Outline andTeleplay for an episode of THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY You will walk away from this class with a treasure trove of knowledge about the art and craft of writing professionally for television, and the insight into how you can build a sustainable career for yourself as a successful television writer. Praise For Todd's Teaching "Todd's experience and expertise shine through. If you've ever wanted to be a showrunner on a TV series then learn all you can from him." -- Rahime B. "I never realized how much fell on the showrunner before working with Todd. He's a fantastic educator!" -- Meg L. "You brought to the zoom screen the qualities I’m sure you excel at as a showrunner – humour, vulnerability, candidness, insight, patience, wisdom, respect, humility, confidence, inclusion. Each of these words have been selected specifically!" -- Jan R. "I just wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU for the wonderful showrunner class! The amount of information given in the 4 classes was incredible and you can tell by the stellar guest speakers that Todd you are truly admired for not only your work, but also for being a kind, thoughtful human :)" -- Sage P "Todd is an absolute angel! This was the most wonderful class I’ve ever taken! If we ever does another class, I’d love to join." -- Lauren M. "I loved Todd's class. Todd is so enthusiastic and informative, he has a true love of teaching. I would take future classes with him, no question. I really came away with an understanding of how showrunning works and the responsibilities and career paths." -- Allyson M.

The Breakdown Webcast: Antagonists

We love to hate them...or hate to love them! We're kicking off another month of a packed Writers' Room schedule with the Breakdown Webcast: Antagonists! During one of our character building webcasts, we noted that many of our examples of great characters, were characters who we traditionally see as antagonists! So let's dig in and really explore what makes these baddies so good. Stories need conflict, certainly, but conflict doesn't have to come at the hands of a cackling, mustache-twirling supervillain. There's more than one way to shape your story's antagonist! During this webcast we'll discuss 4 types of antagonists, 6 ways in which to develop a well-rounded and authentic antagonist, how to intrude your antagonists and explore our favorite antagonists from film and television, and a whole lot more!

How to Turn Your Film or TV Idea into a Podcast to Get the Industry's Attention

This webinar includes a downloadable resource sheet that goes over a podcast checklist, equipment needs, platforms and voice over resources! Podcasts are hotter than ever with hits like HOMECOMING, 2 DOPE QUEENS, and DIRTY JOHN and are a great way to get your film or TV idea noticed. Podcasts are much less expensive than shooting your pilot or making your film on spec so they help you test the waters with storylines and characters, while figuring out the tone of the show and even building a loyal fan base for an eventual film or TV series. If you’ve got a great film or TV idea and are stuck trying to figure out how to get the right eyes, then you need to consider turning your idea into a podcast! This is such a new frontier, so it’s difficult for many to know where to even start. How do you tell the story you’ve imagined visually, through audio? Where do you even pitch a podcast? Not to mention, many creatives underestimate the power of audio, and making use of intimacy and soundscape to inform a story. Have you thought about getting into the podcast space? Or are you stuck with a film or TV idea that you can’t seem to get off the ground or have anyone pay attention to? With the guidance of someone who has found great success turning film and TV ideas into highly-coveted podcasts, you’ll be able to give your ideas a life you have yet to imagine!     Podcast producer Caroline Slaughter's recent iHeartRadio podcast ASTRAY was ranked Top 15 nationally and is now being developed into a TV series. She is currently working on podcast TOM SLICK with Andy Samberg. She is also executive producing the podcast TOM SLICK: MYSTERY HUNTER with ANDY SAMBERG and screenwriter JEB STUART (Die Hard, Vikings: Valhalla) attached, which will launch in Spring 2022. Her next non-fiction podcast in BODY TRADE in collaboration with Trailblazer Studios and Reuters News.  There is no one better than Caroline who knows what it takes to teach you how to create a successful podcast! Praise for Caroline's Stage 32 Teaching: "What a great teacher. Really. I learned so much from Caroline and did not even realize the potential for success from podcasts." -- Thomas W. "Informative. Effective. To the point. And friendly. Caroline is a great teacher who has loads of knowledge to give to her students." -- Christian M.

The Pitch Tank with Special Guest Anna Henry

This week the Writers' Room welcomes in Development Executive Anna Henry into the Pitch Tank! Anna began her 20-year career as a development executive at Nickelodeon, working on the development and production of animated television series, pilots and features. Anna has been a script consultant and screenwriting instructor, as well as building her own slate as an independent producer.  Her clients have worked on hit television series on all major networks, such as "THE DEUCE", "POWER", "IN CONTEMPT", "TOMMY", "HUNG", "CHICAGO FIRE", "FEAR THE WALKING DEAD", "THIS IS US", and "THE FLASH". Her clients have worked on shows at virtually every broadcast, cable and streaming television network, and have set up projects at Amazon, Starz, HBO, Sony, Fox, EOne, ITV America, OddLot Entertainment, Corus, and others. Anna enjoys having a close collaboration with writers in refining scripts, expanding their range of material, and finding the best home for each project, which is why she was an incredible guest!

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