Actors: How to Snag that TV Guest Star Role and Be Successful on Set

Hosted by Maddie Corman


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Maddie Corman

Webinar hosted by: Maddie Corman


Maddie Corman is an award winning actor and writer who has guest starred on over 35 television series including all three LAW & ORDERs, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and THE GOOD WIFE and has had recurring roles in recent shows like YOUNGER and MADAME SECRETARY. Maddie has also been featured as a series regular on MR. PRESIDENT, starring George C. Scott, ALL AMERICAN GIRL, and ALMOST THERE. Maddie is also a writer and director. Her short film HOW WAS YOUR DAY was selected by Tribeca Film Festival and her first full length play ACCIDENTLY BRAVE was produced by the Tony Award winning Daryl Roth (KINKY BOOTS, INDECENT), which had a critically acclaimed run and also won the Off Broadway Alliance award for best solo performance. Maddie has decades of experience finding work as a guest star on countless acclaimed series and knows better than most what it takes to find success in this way. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

As a working actor, some of the best roles you can land are guest star roles for TV series. The money is good and it's an opportunity to become much more visible and have a lot more people see what you can do. Plus guest star roles give you invaluable experience working on a large and professional set. And landing guest star roles aren't just a fantasy; it's something you can actually achieve with the right preparation and understanding. You have to prepare quality reels, rehearse auditions and continuously study and improve your craft. Yet this is only half the battle. The second part of the actor’s journey is knowing how to maintain that trajectory of success after you’ve gotten the job. You need to know how to navigate the industry after you've gotten your foot in the door - so that door of opportunity does not close on you. 

There is a lot of information out there on the audition process for actors, but very little on how to actually do a good job once you're on set. If you're on your first guest star role, there's a lot you need to know to be successful. You want to make sure you perform well and that the cast and crew enjoy working with you so you can build your reputation and discover more roles. You want to make sure that your presence is a present to those around you. It isn't always easy making a good first impression on set but actors who accomplish this are able to secure more longevity in their careers. We’ll show you how to attain this same success.

Maddie Corman is an award winning actor and writer who has guest starred on over 35 television series including all three LAW & ORDERs, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and THE GOOD WIFE and has had recurring roles in recent shows like YOUNGER and MADAME SECRETARY. Maddie has also been featured as a series regular on MR. PRESIDENT, starring George C. Scott, ALL AMERICAN GIRL, and ALMOST THERE. Maddie is also a writer and director. Her short film HOW WAS YOUR DAY was selected by Tribeca Film Festival and her first full length play ACCIDENTLY BRAVE was produced by the Tony Award winning  Daryl Roth (KINKY BOOTS, INDECENT), which had a critically acclaimed run and also won the Off Broadway Alliance award for best solo performance. Maddie has decades of experience finding work as a guest star on countless  acclaimed series and knows better than most what it takes to find success in this way.

Maddie will provide invaluable guidance and tools on how to land guest star roles on TV series and how to make a good impression on set so you can keep on finding more work. Maddie will show you her own reel to use as inspiration and how to properly prepare for a great audition from wardrobe to improvisation to cues. She will also teach you key specifics around auditioning such as what they are looking for, how to continue prepping while you are waiting, and tips on small talk when you first walk into the room. Maddie will also prepare you for all types of auditions whether in-person, over zoom, or self-tapped, provide you with unique advice on how what to do after booking the role, and how to act on set like how to read your call sheet, nail your blocking, and what to do when you’re not needed on set.

Maddie is tremendously excited to share her infinite wealth of knowledge and expertise with the Stage 32 community.

What You'll Learn

  • Prepping Your Reel
    • Maddie will show her own reel that you can use as inspiration
  • Preparing for the Audition
    • Key strategies you need to be doing before entering the audition room
    • What wardrobe should you prepare?
    • Nailing the balance of prepared and flexible
    • How to prep your sides
      • What you can add or improvise and what you CANNOT
    • Finding helpful cues from the sides
  • The Audition
    • The number one rule of any audition
    • What are they looking for? Is this different than other auditions?
    • How you can continue to prep while waiting
    • Tips on small talk and other strategies when you first walk into the room
    • How to make the slate part of the performance
    • Is it okay to ask questions?
      • And what are some good questions to ask?
    • Strategies to deal with nerves
  • In-Person vs. Zoom vs. Self-Tape Auditions
    • Pros and cons of each
    • Advantages to remote auditions you might not have considered
  • You Booked the Role! Now What??
    • How to prepare the right way
    • The table read – what to do if you’re invited
    • Wardrobe fitting
      • How to use this process to your advantage
      • How it’s changed since COVID
      • What if they ask you to bring your own clothes?
  • How to Act on Set
    • What to expect what to be prepared for on your day (s)
    • Who will you mostly be talking to?
    • How to read a call sheet
    • Where to go when it’s not your scene or you’re not needed
    • On-set rehearsals
    • Tips to hit your mark and nail the blocking
    • Getting wired for sound
    • How to work with multiple shots to give the directors and producers what they’re looking for
    • Getting notes on your performances
    • Ending your day and forming relationships when you can
  • Q&A with Maddie

About Your Instructor

Maddie Corman is an award winning actor and writer who has guest starred on over 35 television series including all three LAW & ORDERs, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and THE GOOD WIFE and has had recurring roles in recent shows like YOUNGER and MADAME SECRETARY. Maddie has also been featured as a series regular on MR. PRESIDENT, starring George C. Scott, ALL AMERICAN GIRL, and ALMOST THERE. Maddie is also a writer and director. Her short film HOW WAS YOUR DAY was selected by Tribeca Film Festival and her first full length play ACCIDENTLY BRAVE was produced by the Tony Award winning Daryl Roth (KINKY BOOTS, INDECENT), which had a critically acclaimed run and also won the Off Broadway Alliance award for best solo performance. Maddie has decades of experience finding work as a guest star on countless acclaimed series and knows better than most what it takes to find success in this way.


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With the runaway success of breakout international television shows like HBO Max’s GOMORRAH and Netflix’s MONEY HEIST and LUPIN, US-based networks and studios are looking more and more to the international markets for creative inspiration. Whether in the guise of formats (established foreign shows adapted to air domestically) or direct buys from writers and producers, companies have finally realized that importing talent is good creative business. This means there has never been a better opportunity for writers outside of America to find success and interested buyers stateside, especially if you can write something that fits American sensibilities. It’s clear that writers from abroad bring fresh ideas and unique perspectives that reinvigorate the film and television. Yet they still need to adapt their sensibilities to make them successful across the pond—NBC’s adaptation of BBC’s THE OFFICE, for instance, didn’t find its footing until it took the core of its uniquely British perspective and polished it to reflect the unique politics of the American workplace. This same adjustment can be made for your own project, provided you understand what exactly this adjustment should look like. So what are American sensibilities? What makes a show more relatable to American viewers and what can you do as a writer to make sure American decisionmakers will see value in your film or series? James Crawford is Canadian/Australian, US-based producer and development executive who has worked with writers from Mexico, Finland, Spain, England, Scotland, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, and the Philippines. James has developed several one-hour television series, pitching to EPiX, WGN America, Cinemax, and Universal Cable Productions, among others. James worked as Creative Executive at Cartel Entertainment, a television and film literary management and production company, and was responsible for identifying, developing, and pitching content for its first-look deal with Entertainment One, including the Stephen King novel The Regulators. At Cartel Entertainment, James developed pitches for Amazon, FX, Hulu, Netflix, Cinemax, UCP, and other major networks. While working at Cartel Entertainment, he developed formats from the Brazilian network Globo for the American market. He has taught at screenwriting retreats in France and worked for the Australian Film Commission (now called Screen Australia.) A man of the world, James also holds Estonian citizenship. James has a storied background as a producer and executive and is intimately familiar with working with foreign writers to get their projects seen and sold. James will teach you how to make your series idea salable in the US market. This doesn’t mean selling out, but rather translating your unique voice so that it’s better heard by American producers and development executives. Which subjects will or won’t work for the American screen? How do we understand the different cultural sensitivities of different marketplaces? What story structures and arcs are common internationally but don’t land over here? How does the entertainment business structure US (agents, managers, execs) differ from what you experience at home? And how does that environment change how your story is received? As we answer these, you will better understand how to adapt the cultural issues that are important in your home country and make them resonate abroad.     Praise for James's Previous Stage 32 Webinars   James was awesome. Clear, concise, and knowledgeable. -Stephen B.   “James Crawford was very informative, and the way he brought the webinar across was entertaining and kept you engaged. I loved every bit of it! I hope he comes back for a round 2” -Imo C.   Super helpful and very clear. Right to the point. Not full of anecdotes but actual teaching. -Helena W.   “It was very informative in a practical way. James was great!” -Dave M.

How to Start a Career in Film and TV Acting

It’s the dream of many to have a career as a working actor, and it’s easy to see why. The ability to support yourself through performing, creating characters and telling stories is incredibly exciting and rewarding. The good news is this is not beyond your reach. Even during COVID, more productions are coming together for more and more networks, studios and platforms, and with them, more opportunities for actors looking to break in. If you’re dedicated, talented, and have a working knowledge of how the entertainment industry works and how you can work within it, you can absolutely find opportunities and ultimately career as a working TV and film actor. First it’s important you learn everything you need to so you can find success. It’s common for new actors to believe that the craft alone will lead them to work and a comfortable career, but there’s a lot more that goes along with this profession. Honing your skill as a performer is paramount, but it needs to be accompanied by strategy, initiative, and an understanding of the industry. So what do you actually need to do in order get a jump start on your acting career? What materials do you need to have ready, who do you need in your corner and how can you make sure you stand out from others? Let’s take a look at what it really takes to get into acting. Taylor Nichols is an award winning filmmaker, theater director and actor with over one hundred credits to his name. He is currently on the Emmy-nominated Hulu show PEN15 and the HBO smash-hit PERRY MASON. Taylor has also appeared on shows such as Emmy and Golden Globe nominated THE WALKING DEAD and PRISON BREAK, the cultural hit DIRTY JOHN, Emmy-winning MODERN FAMILY, 24, Golden Globe nominated THE MENTALIST and many more. In addition to acting, Taylor is an award winning short filmmaker and an experienced producer with feature credits including THE NEXT STEP and CASE 219. Taylor brings to Stage 32 more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and continues to mentor and champion new actors beginning their careers. He’s excited to share with the Stage 32 community the skills and lessons he’s developed throughout his career. Taylor will lay out a realistic and soup-to-nuts approach to how you can start a career as a film and TV actor and pave the way for success. He’ll go into what it actually looks like to be a career actor and what the path to success realistically looks like.  He’ll delve into building the prerequisites any actor needs to start, including pictures, a resume, a demo reel and the right attitude. He will discuss where and how to get started and how to take advantage of the right acting classes and theater companies. Next Taylor will share with you the tools you will need for your acting toolkit and will then teach you about acting representation and how to get it for your own career. He’ll delve into the casting process for both TV and film and give you advice on how you can stand out by creating your own content and using social media to your advantage. Finally Taylor will teach you how to treat your career like a business to stay afloat, smart, and successful. Through the lessons Taylor is laying out, you’ll have a comprehensive blueprint you can use to start your career in acting with your eyes open.     Praise for Taylor's Stage 32 Webinar   "I think this was the most well informed and detailed getting started class I have ever taken"-Cecelia S.   "Taylor Nichols gave so many nuggets of wisdom and helpful information about the business and about acting."-Amor O.   "Taylor was straight forward and honest. I thought he was very clear on what you need to do to get out there for both experienced and inexperienced actors" -Kelvin H.

Step by Step Breakdown of Film Domestic Distribution Contracts

Filmmakers, producers, and financiers can really be held back by distribution contracts. If they don’t understand the language or terms, are passive or held hostage by a feeling that they may be getting ripped off, or simply do not have the support system to advise them or the knowledge to know what to fight for, they can find themselves at an extreme disadvantage. In many cases, the excitement of the "someone likes my movie/let's get it out there" mentality supersedes common sense. And that alone can lead you into giving away your rights, accepting horrendous percentages or agreeing to terms that lock you and your project up. Don't fall into these traps! You worked hard on your film. You sacrificed time and likely money to get to this point. While most might think this is time to hit the gas pedal, it's actually time to tap the brakes. You want to be sure you're doing everything humanly possible to not only protect yourself, your investors and your team, but maximizing your film's potential in the marketplace. Anna Darrah is an experienced film buyer, negotiating with and licensing over 800 films in her 12 years working for Gaiam and Spiritual Cinema Circle. She has been an active player on the festival circuit and currently advises filmmakers on custom distribution strategies. Anna is also a filmmaker who produced two documentaries that aired on The Sundance Channel, and directed a music video and the short film THE MATTER OF MAGIC. She also produced a feature-length documentary about Helen Schreider ( while also making short films for the ZILLOW.COM series, HOMEMAKERS. Anna has enjoyed jurying and participating in film festival panels and workshops here and abroad and is currently offering a Film Distribution Workshop co-taught with Jilann Spitzmiller.  Now Anna brings her knowledge and teaching prowess to Stage 32. Anna will begin by breaking down theatrical and broadcast rights as well as exclusive and non-exclusive deals. She'll dive into breaking down deal points including term, territory, rights and compensation. She'll discuss standard terms and point out red flags within and speak to what you should negotiate to assure you get the best, and most fair, deal. She will even look at the negotiation process from the other side of the table so you can understand what a distributor truly wants out of a deal. Thinking outside the box, Anna will even discuss going the DIY distribution route or a hybrid DIY/traditional distribution path. All this and much more. It’s incredible how each contract is like a snowflake -- totally unique and yet similar in some very important ways. I will help you understand the entire distribution arena so you can sleep well knowing you've made the best deal for you, your partners and, most importantly, your film. - Anna Darrah   Praise for Anna "Excellent overview of terms to be aware of when negotiating or reviewing a distribution agreement." - Valerie N.   "Anna was great, the information she shared was so very useful!" - Christian C.   "For a complex subject, Anna made it all so simple and easy to follow. Excellent webinar!" - Drea P.   "A knockout." - Mana W.    

The Tools You Need To Attach A- List Actors to Your Film (With Offer Letter & Sales Estimate Example)

Anyone who has ever tried to produce and cast a feature film is aware of the quagmire that attaching “A” List level talent represents. On one hand, you need the star power of a “name” actor in order to acquire funding and on the other hand you need the money in order to acquire the name talent. It's enough to drive even the most seasoned filmmakers crazy. Don't worry, there are proven strategies to solving this puzzle and assuring that your project is top of mind for managers, agents, and their talent. The reason why so many first and second time producers, writers and directors find themselves in this situation is simple. In most cases, they are attempting to approach “A” List celebrity talent to their film much too soon with the hopes of using that “name” to attract investors; a strategy that rarely works. The reality of the situation is that "A" List talent and the representatives get dozens of offers a month. And with more and more name actors working in television, streaming series, limited series and now even digital series, the competition is even higher. But you CAN compete and still attach "A" List talent to your project even if you don't have all your funds raised. Franco Sama has produced over 25 profitable independent films ranging from micro-budget to films up to $5MM. Franco is considered a pioneer in the world of film financing and casting. He speaks all over the world on the subject and has mentored thousands of filmmakers and producers on how to attach the best talent to their independent features. Just some of the actors Franco has cast in his films include: Gary Oldman (Oscar Winner, Darkest Hour, Oscar Nominee, Dark Knight) Christine Lahti (Oscar Winner) Christian Slater (Golden Globe Winner) Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs) Chris Klein (American Pie) David Arquette (Scream) Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill) Dane Cook (Comedian) Franco has also been a consulting producer on many films with many more in active development. Many top producers in the game turn to Franco to get their films off the ground. And now he's bringing his over 2 decades of knowledge exclusively to the Stage 32 community. Franco will teach you everything you need to know about attaching top talent to your film including a bullet proof method for ensuring that managers and agents not only put your script in the hands of "A" List talent, but that they read the material! He will show you how to make sure your script is attractive to "A" List talent. He will teach you how to turn a Letter of Intent into a Letter of Commitment. He will instruct you as to the proper timing to make your offer, so you assure that everything is in order and that you're in a position to answer all questions. He will dissect a physical offer so you know exactly what you should be presenting. He will discuss pay and play offers, deferred payments, using credits as currency and back end point deals and how you can identify which of these offers and strategies to deploy. He will go over proper etiquette and how to make sure everyone is happy so that you win the trust of the gatekeepers assuring you can return to the same managers and agents again and again. Franco will take away the fear, anxiety, and, most of all, doubt, that comes with the desire to attach name talent to your project. You will learn all the proper strategies and methods to assure success.   "I had the pleasure of seeing Franco speak live at one of Stage 32's live education events. He was so inspiring, so confident and so willing to help, this webinar became an instant signup. Even with my high expectations, I was floored by the wealth of information and the explanation of the strategies within. My fear, and let's face it, my insecurity of approaching talent was crippling. Not any more. I've put in 2 offers on 2 different features this morning and I'm already lining up my next move. Can't wait for the next one, Franco! And thank you, Stage 32!" - Pamela R.   "One word - Invaluable." - Larry S.   "This was a stunning presentation. One of the best yet." - Antonio H.   "I have seen the light and I am ready to make offers. Try and stop me." - Lydia W.   "Empowering. I'm going to watch it a 2nd and 3rd time just to make sure I got it all down. Then, I'm working the phones. Great job, Franco and Stage 32." - Reese K.    

A Modern Approach: Creative Ways to Base Your Film or TV Project Off of IP

Intellectual property (IP) has become a critical aspect in creating new content and selling projects within the film and television landscape. At this point it’s almost feels like a prerequisite for a project to be tied to some sort of pre-existing property before it’s picked up by a studio or network. Whether it’s a book, graphic novel, podcast, article, life rights, or anything else, IP can give executives the confidence they need to move forward with that next show or movie. After all, with IP, they have a working blueprint of how the finished product could look, they have a built-in audience with the fans of the original property, and they have something substantial to show talent, investors, and the higher-ups looking at the bottom line. This inclination towards IP can make it harder for you as a writer or filmmaker to sell a fully original project, but at the same time it can give you opportunities to better build, package, and sell your next project. If you can find and acquire exciting new IP, you’re going to have a distinct upper-hand in getting people to notice your project and are well on your way to it actually getting made. There’s no denying the value of IP in today’s industry, but navigating this world can take some finesse. If you’re not in the business of constantly tracking and consuming new books and media, it might be hard to come across that property that is perfectly suited to you. And even if you find that standout book or article, how do you get the rights to it in the first place? How can you get that original author to trust you? For the writers and filmmakers not interested in adapting existing material, creating your own IP could be an effective solution, but what does that even mean? Those who are understanding and embracing this new concept of creating your own IP have a major competitive advantage in selling their scripts right now. It’s high time you learn what you need to know about IP in today’s climate. Alex Creasia is a literary manager and producer at Pathfinder Media where he represents writers and directors around the globe, focusing on all formats of TV, film, books, podcasts and digital media. He has sold multiple properties for his clients based on all different types of IP to places like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, ABC, Freeform, Disney +, Marvel, MGM, Imagine Entertainment, AGBO, Facebook Watch, Snap, and more. Alex has become an innovator when it comes to sourcing and creating IP for scripts that big companies want to buy. Alex will teach you all the ins and outs of finding and obtaining intellectual property to position your next project for success. He will begin by giving a rundown of what IP is and the three typical types seen in entertainment. He’ll then provide you with specific and helpful tips to find available IP that’s right for you and what to do if it turns out the property you’re after is unavailable. He’ll then discuss idea of creating your own IP in order to better sell your story as a film or series and how to enhance your IP by finding it a following in order to give it more clout and notice. Finally Alex will delve into the world of life rights and the different ways you can get permission to tell a real person’s story.You will have plenty of fresh, modern and unique IP options to make your project more marketable in today’s climate.   Praise for Alex's Webinar   "Informative! A good presentation!" -Susan D.   "This gave me so many ideas of how to get my current project noticed" -Regina G.   "Alex made something I always thought of as scary and impossible feel easy and achievable. I'm so glad I saw this" -Jeff E.   "I feel totally inspired to find my own IP now. Thanks, Alex!" -Jose G.

Voice Acting 101: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Voiceover work is a hot and highly in-demand job for creatives, and one that keeps growing. From audiobooks to animated features and series, to advertisements, voiceover for the visually impaired, and so much more, there are endless possibilities and ways to make income! If you’re an creative looking to stretch your horizons and talents, it’s definitely an area you’ll want to learn and get into. Plus, you can often work from anywhere in the world! One of the challenges facing voice actors starting out though, is not knowing where to start. There are so many factors that go into having a successful voice acting career, but building a strong foundation and learning the basics is a must if you want to get anywhere. You’ve been using your voice your whole life, but do you really know how to use your voice? What happens during a recording session? There are a few things every voice actor must learn before getting started, and we’ve got a veteran voice actor to teach you all you need to know! Van Gunter has been a Cannes Gold Lion award-winning voice actor for over 20 years and co-owns Boutwell Studios, a Post Production Audio Facility. Boutwell produces commercials for television, does custom sound design for video or motion pictures, original music scoring for jingles or soundtracks, and works on specialized projects, such as ADR, podcasts or radio dramas. He’s voiced for NASA, Valvoline, BBVA Bank and Pandora, among many others. Van is a true voice over professional and is excited to share his years of experience with the Stage 32 community. You will leave this webinar with an overview of how to prepare your voice, how to work with a voice script and know how to explore your career options.  

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