Actor, Heal Thyself: Take Command of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Hosted by Nick Hoffa

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Nick Hoffa

Webinar hosted by: Nick Hoffa


Nick Hoffa is an American actor, performance coach and director. Highlights from a full TV resume include Scandal, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, and a recurring role on Justified. The list of national commercials include spots for Google, Kia, Progressive, and Hallmark. Several years ago Nick started Wheelhouse Acting, an acting workshop for seasoned professionals in Los Angeles. Nick also hosts Eyeline, a podcast that gets up in the brains of Hollywood actors. Nick directed and produced the hit LA stage show, I Made Out With Him Anyway. IMOWHA’s web series, which Nick directed, was featured on He also directed the short films Maja and Ike and Bagels, the latter of which ran on the festival circuit. Previously, Nick was Artistic Director of the Imagination Theater Company for five years and directed the sketch show Martini’s for Dinner at the Elephant Theater. He is originally from the East Coast, growing up in Western Mass and attending Wesleyan University where he met his wife, the TV blogger Meredith Hoffa. Nick moved from Boston to LA via San Francisco, where he trained at Full Circle and at American Conservatory Theatre. They have two kids. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Learn directly from Nick Hoffa, Actor (recently Scandal, Justified, Castle), Performance Coach, and Host of Eyeline, a podcast that gets up in the brains of Hollywood actors.

You can’t perform to your potential if you are in the dark about your skills. Every other art form values breaking down that artistic skill into its component parts. For some reason, acting resists this, relying instead on vague language like, were you in the moment? Or were you in your head?

In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, your host Nick Hoffa will guide you through a questionnaire on the most common acting issues. After taking the questionnaire, you’ll have a concrete list of your strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this info, you will be able to audition better, perform how you want on set, take the right kinds of classes and spend time fixing past stubborn mistakes. Take control of your career and stop waiting for others to tell you how it went!

You Will Leave This Webinar Knowing:

  • Your acting strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to let go of bad auditions or performances.
  • What kinds of classes to focus on next.
  • How to apply the questionnaire to every performance you do.

When he’s not acting on TV, your host Nick Hoffa spends his time talking with working actors about their struggles and triumphs. He runs Wheelhouse Acting, a Los Angeles workshop for seasoned Hollywood actors and also hosts Eyeline, a podcast featuring conversations with Emmy and Oscar nominated folks as well as workhorses all over your TV. From these conversations, Nick has learned there is no one right way to do this, that success comes when you are honest with yourself about what works and what doesn't, and he is here exclusively with Stage 32 to share that knowledge with you.

What You'll Learn

  • Acting Is A Mental Game.
    • Learn how all the classes and techniques in the world won’t matter if you aren’t ready to mentally perform at your best when it matters.
    • Self-knowledge is the first steps to taking command of the mental game.
    • How to forgive yourself for what isn’t working and feel excited about the stuff you kick ass at.
  • Actor, Heal Thyself.
    • Why you will only succeed as an actor if you commit to figuring out how you work best.
    • Learning about yourself allows you to be more relaxed, to be a craftsman and less of a magician.
  • The Questionnaire.
    • You will rate yourself on the most common acting issues, including:
      • Memorization.
      • Nerves.
      • Emotional availability.
      • Connecting with partner.
      • Dealing with physical distractions.
      • Dealing with distracting and judging thoughts.
      • Spontaneity.
      • Relaxation.
      • And more...
  • What Now?
    • You will now have a concrete mini-analysis of your acting.
    • You will go through the kinds of classes, the kind of projects you should be thinking about doing to fix problems and maximize virtues.
    • How to analyze how it went and what you need to work on after every audition or class or job. Then how to let it go!
  • Recorded, in-depth Q&A with Nick!

About Your Instructor

Nick Hoffa is an American actor, performance coach and director. Highlights from a full TV resume include Scandal, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, and a recurring role on Justified. The list of national commercials include spots for Google, Kia, Progressive, and Hallmark.

Several years ago Nick started Wheelhouse Acting, an acting workshop for seasoned professionals in Los Angeles. Nick also hosts Eyeline, a podcast that gets up in the brains of Hollywood actors.

Nick directed and produced the hit LA stage show, I Made Out With Him Anyway. IMOWHA’s web series, which Nick directed, was featured on He also directed the short films Maja and Ike and Bagels, the latter of which ran on the festival circuit. Previously, Nick was Artistic Director of the Imagination Theater Company for five years and directed the sketch show Martini’s for Dinner at the Elephant Theater.

He is originally from the East Coast, growing up in Western Mass and attending Wesleyan University where he met his wife, the TV blogger Meredith Hoffa. Nick moved from Boston to LA via San Francisco, where he trained at Full Circle and at American Conservatory Theatre. They have two kids.


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A: Yes! After the purchase of a live or On-Demand webinar, you will have on-demand access to the audio recording, which you can view as many times as you'd like for a whole year! 


“[He] made me fall in love with acting again…in the end you walk away knowing your skills and trusting that you can take a ride with your instincts, even in an audition. Amazing confidence builder.”

"Working with Nick Hoffa is a joy. His ability to help you focus your own process as an artist/technician is wonderful. No rhetoric or therapy - no cliche. His practical experience as an actor, his instinct as a director, and his prowess as a teacher give every class immediate value that translates in the real world."

“I have this whole other area of my work that I didn't even know existed before."

"I just loosened up and tried things"

"I am almost immediately found that auditioning was easier, it was more fun, and I was more successful at it."

"But then there are things that challenge you and then there are strengths you didn't know you had."


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Reviews Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Become an "Actor's Director" - How to Get the Performance and Win the Respect of Your Cast

As a director, one of your most important jobs is eliciting great performances from actors. Fail at that, and your film or series could crumble under the weight of bad acting. Although the best directors shape performances with a deftness that may seem effortless, it is not. In fact, becoming a great director of actors is hard work and takes years of disciplined practice. Like playing a violin, it is a skill that must be nurtured. But there is a place to start: Set the goal of becoming an “actor’s director.” You’ve heard the term before, but what does it really mean? Why does it matter? And how can you become one? An actor’s director is simply a director who respects actors, can read their wants and needs, understands the craft of acting, and knows how to optimize an actor’s performance with simple, short directions (or no apparent direction at all). While actors routinely compliment directors by bestowing this title upon them, becoming an actor’s director means far more than earning the respect of those in front of the camera. In truth, the best directors are actor’s directors by definition. The temperament and skillset of an actor’s director yields superior performances, and it leads to more fulfilling actor-director relationships. By studying the strategies, attitudes, knowledge base and habits of actor’s directors, you too will be on the path to better performances in your own films and series. And, who better to know what it takes to become an actor's director than Matthew McConaughey's teaching partner at University of Texas, Scott Rice. Scott is an Emmy Award-winning director who has directed projects for Sony Pictures, A&E, MTV Networks and more. His films have been distributed by Hulu, Showtime, Comedy Central and PBS.  After studying under world-renowned film scholar David Bordwell, Scott began his career as a 3D animator and art director for Activision. He scripted the groundbreaking hit game SOLDIER OF FORTUNE and has since written on assignment for Elizabeth Avellan (SPY KIDS) among others. Scott is also an ADDY award winner for his commercial work. His national commercial clients include Shell, Las Vegas, MasterCard and Sears.  As Scott explores how to become an “actor’s director,” he will share a volume of best practices and wisdom born of a rich 25-year career. Scott will begin by explaining what it means to be an “actor’s director” in general and will go over what you need to be familiar with ahead of time in order to be one yourself, including a basic rundown of the craft and challenges of acting and how to use empathy. He’ll illustrate what a strong actor-director collaboration looks like, how to harness the power of ‘yes’, and how to correctly ‘watch’ a performance while on set. Next Scott will delve into how best to prepare before production, including navigating scene work, the read-through and rehearsal process, dealing with shot listing, and creating a schedule while keeping your actors’ needs in mind. He’ll also discuss how best to handle walkthroughs and blocking and when to use stand-ins. Then Scott will teach you the best ways to interact with actors on set, including how to meet with them ahead of time, and how to hold yourself and speak while on set. He’ll spend time talking about the casting process and ways to serve as an “actor’s director” while auditioning and interviewing talent. Scott will then offer tips on how to work with non-actors, including children and animals, and share Steven Spielberg’s techniques for these challenges and how to use improvisation. He will delve into strategies for solving problems that occur on set, including how to identify a weak performance, getting out of a ‘black hole’, when to move on and circle back, and how to decide what you really need to move forward. Scott will share 8 things you should avoid while on set in order to be a better “actor’s director”. In the end, Scott will leave you with a thorough understanding of what it means to be an actor’s director and, more importantly, provide actionable advice for how to become one yourself. Scott will accompany his presentation with exclusive material from his nationally recognized film course which goes behind the scenes of Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey’s latest films. Scott will illustrate successful actor-director relationships through anecdotes from McConaughey and notorious directors including Gary Ross (THE HUNGER GAMES), Jeff Nichols (LOVING), and Harmony Korine (SPRING BREAKERS).   Praise for Scott's Stage 32 Webinar   "Scott was a great choice for an instructor. Very knowledgeable and a good teacher" -Blake N.   "Scott was a fabulous presenter. He definitely brought his A-game today. Thanks, Scott!" -Paul T.   "It was terrific. Great instructor. I loved his insights and recommendations. He clearly stays on top of his profession and is always learning." -Crystal B.   "Just what I needed to hear" -James G.   "Great. I have been an actor for a long time. Loved Scott's approach to working with actors. Spot on" - Shelagh M.    

How to Market Yourself to a Talent Manager

Acting is such a tough profession. Facing rejection, navigating the Hollywood system, understanding the rules and politics of it all—it’s all hard enough in general, but even harder when you have to go at it alone. That’s why it can make all the difference to have a talent manager. Good talent managers can drastically transform your career as an actor. They have the connections that can get you into rooms and auditions you weren’t privy to before, they can help you prepare for roles and auditions, and they’ll give you the expertise to support you in navigating your own career and finding success long-term. Talent managers are great, but finding one in the first place can be a challenge. Just like with everything else, this comes down to marketing yourself. There are a lot of actors out there looking for representation, and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. To find a good representative, it’s critical that you stand out. Displaying talent as an actor certainly comes into the equation, but so does marketing yourself correctly and creatively to better pop when a potential manager is looking through potential clients. To do this, it’s important to understand what a talent manager does, how they think, and how they operate. There are ways to get talent managers interested and excited about representing you. Sometimes it just comes down to learning the language. Joe Lorenzo started working in talent management 15 years ago and has since transitioned to Los Angeles, running his talent management and producing firm, Society Entertainment. He currently has working talent on a variety of networks including ABC, FOX, CBS, Showtime and more, streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon and a variety of independent films. With his background as a casting director, Joe has been able to get name talent, name directors, and recognized writers on to projects he is producing. Joe packaged 4 films in 2005, including the feature film GIRLS CLUB with Jaime King, and the Television Movie of the Week, CHRISTMAS AT WATERS EDGE with Keisha Knight Pulliam. In 2006, Joe produced ROCKER, a low-budget indie with his client as the writer and the star. In recent years he produced the feature films NEXT OF KIN in Los Angeles, BOSTON GIRLS in Boston Mass, and THE NO SIT LIST aka BABYSITTERS BEWARE, in Los Angeles. Joe has been managing actors for a very long time and intimately knows what it takes for an actor to land representation. Joe will give an in-depth rundown of how to attract and work with talent managers, from a talent manager’s perspective. He’ll begin by discussing the best ways to get a talent manager’s attention, including the importance of headshots, how to write your resume, tips for a great acting tape, and how to get the right people to give you referrals. Then he will discuss what managers generally look for in clients. Next, he will go over what talent managers expect from the clients they sign, including how best to communicate and the power of honesty. Joe will delve into how managers approach both developmental clients as well as clients that are already currently working with credits. He will speak to the ever-present question of the differences between agents and managers, the different ways each can help you, and how an attorney can also come into play. He will then talk about the different major markets in the industry and how an actor can find success even if they do not live in any of these cities, including mastering the self tape audition and how to ace a live Skype audition. Joe will give you four specific ways to edge out to the competition in the room or on tape and will delve into ways actors can stay current on their own, including creating their own content and being proactive on social media. Finally Joe will give you an idea of how new clients generally start their relationship with their manager, including paperwork you should expect and how to approach initial conversations. You will leave this webinar with a strong understanding of how talent managers operate and more confidence in how better to approach and work with them to bolster your own acting career.     Praise for Joe's Stage 32 Webinar   I loved how straightforward and upfront Joe was about everything. I’m excited to use this to step up my own game! -Leticia G.   This was so helpful. It’s great to hear about managers directly from a manager himself—especially one as giving and honest as Joe. -Jeremy H.   This was great! I learned so much. -Henry V.   I’m so glad I saw this. It really helped me wrap my head around acting representation, which always felt so unwelcoming and enigmatic until I heard it from Joe. -Ashley W.

Networking For Introverts: Online and Offline

2 part class taught by Jessica Sitomer, writer, producer and entertainment career coach! AVAILABLE ON DEMAND! They say, “It’s all about who you know”. When you are an introvert, though, networking can sometimes be a challenge. The problem lies in that the less you network, the more challenging it can become, which leads to you networking less, and the viscous cycle takes over. Even in today's world where networking is accessible both on and offline, both ways can still be daunting. How do you start a conversation? How do you know you're saying the right thing? If this sounds familiar - don't worry because you're in luck! Stage 32 is excited to bring you the previously-recorded 2 part class: Networking for Introverts taught by Jessica Sitomer. Learn the ideal strategies for various networking situations as well as a clear follow up plan so your networking pays off. TESTOMONIALS ABOUT JESSICA'S CLASS "I thought that she was wonderfully engaging and answered all the questions fully with great insight. I also feel more confident because of how confident she is. I will be recommending her to all my friends!" – J. Gaffney"Great to know HOW to network. Loved the personal stories and hadn't thought of that. Gave me the courage to contact a producer that I'd worked with before and in the conversation he told me he had some story ideas that were right up my alley. We'll see if it works out. Thanks much!" – D. Meyer"Great personality! Made us feel like you were really there to help! Thanks so much!" – D. Levy"I really appreciated all of the advice and the passion in the delivery. I hope to take it to heart and use it to help me succeed". – T. Scharf   Purchasing gives you access to the previously-recorded live class.Although Jessica is no longer reviewing the assignments, we still encourage all listeners to participate!

How to Secure a Long and Successful Career in Today's Entertainment Industry

Chris Moore has done and seen it all. During a career spanning over 30 years, Chris has produced films that have had multiple Oscar nominations and wins such as Good Will Hunting and Manchester by the Sea, to studio blockbusters like American Pie and The Adjustment Bureau, to independent darlings such as Waiting, to creating and starring in the critically acclaimed industry television shows Project Greenlight alongside Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and The Chair. One of the secrets of Chris' longevity in the business is a full understanding of the business. He's as plugged in as they come and he knows how to adjust quickly, swiftly, and successfully as the landscape changes - which seems to happen on a daily basis these days. Most importantly, Chris is known in the industry as a take-no-prisoners, no bullshit guy. He tells it like it is and pulls no punches, which, in this business, is welcome and refreshing. And now he's here exclusively for Stage 32 to teach you how to build a lasting career in today's entertainment industry. With the evolution of the industry causing dramatic shifts in the way you create and consume content (film, television, digital) and more content being created, bought, sold, screened, broadcast and streamed than ever before, there are more and more opportunities are being presented for a creative career. But you have to know where to look, how to position yourself, how to best present yourself and show that you have a complete understanding of where the industry is headed and how you can add significant value.  Chris will discuss the current state and the shifts in the market to help you make educated decisions on the path you should take with your career in the industry to not only assure success, but satisfy the lifestyle you desire. He will also discuss where he believes the future is headed so you can be ahead of the curve in making the right decisions for you and your career. Then, Chris will make the proceedings interactive, workshopping with select attendees and discussing primary and alternative paths for their wants and goals. Some examples: For filmmakers having trouble gaining traction, Chris will go over alternative ways you can break in and gain your footing. For screenwriters who have been at it a long time and haven’t gotten their break, Chris will discuss alternatives and lifestyle choices for the current industry. For cinematographers (or other creatives) looking to move from digital shorts to streaming TV, Chris will present a path and strategies to make it happen?    This is a no nonsense, detailed filled, strategy packed session designed to help ALL creatives and professionals!     "Undoubtably, my favorite Stage 32 webinar yet, and that's saying something. Wow, was this a welcome kick in the ass. I love Chris' style, passion, and energy. Obviously, his experience and success speaks for itself, but as a teacher, he's a master. This was a huge land for Stage 32. I hope you bring him back again!" - Ronnie W.   "I like the way Chris organized all the changes in entertainment so it was easy to understand. It's overwhelming trying to figure it out and I appreciated Chris taking the time to explain it. I also appreciated the workshopping advice. Thank you Chris." - Marisa S.   "The brutal truth how Hollywood operates was eye opening, but it's best that I'm aware as I try to find my place." - Wolf O.   "Chris Moore is a hero. He saved me from my doubts." - Julia C.    

Navigating Voice Over Microphones

Learn directly from Dan Lenard, a 30+ year veteran of professional voice work, recognized industry expert, known as “The Home Studio Master,” who specializes in home voice over studio recording and Vice President of Technical Standards for the World-Voices Organization! It is becoming the industry standard for voice actors to record their voice tracks, on their own, in their own home or “personal” recording studio to be able to find work. More and more, agents and producers are insisting on voice actors recording their own material to audition, and there is a massive amount of non-commercial work available if you can produce it yourself in your own “personal” or home studio. One of the most perplexing and confusing question beginners ask is: “What’s the best microphone for voice over?” With so many models and types to choose from, what’s best for YOU? In this exclusive Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, host Dan Lenard will personally guide you through the maze of misconceptions about microphones used to record voice over! Drawing from his 30+ years in the professional voice over business, Dan will give you a breakdown all of the different models and uses of voice over microphones! He will discuss the different types of microphones, how they work, what each are for, how to pick one for yourself, and most importantly, HOW to use them. This is the information you need to finally stop worrying about "What’s The Best Microphone For Voice Over?” and start working on the most important part of voice over... YOU! You will leave this webinar with a comprehensive knowledge of exactly the right microphone you need in your arsenal to take the next step in your voice over career!

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