The Best Way for Actors to Get Paid In Between Jobs: Commercial Modeling Work

A Secret of What to Do Between Acting Gigs!
Hosted by Aaron Marcus


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Aaron Marcus

Webinar hosted by: Aaron Marcus


Aaron Marcus has been making his living as a full-time actor and commercial model for nearly 3 decades, most recently on House of Cards. To date he has been cast 1,201 times. Aaron was cast as Dr. Stephen Leopold, on NBC’s show Do No Harm, had a scene with Judi Dench in the film Philomena, and worked in Atlanta on the feature film Almanac. You have seen him on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Wire and in the movie with George Clooney, Burn After Reading. Aaron has been cast in ads for companies such as: Disney World, AT&T, K-MART, StarKist Tuna, Coca Cola and McDonald's. Aaron’s is the author of How to Become a Successful Commercial Model - now in its 5th edition. It is the most comprehensive and helpful book for actors and models He’s given over 500 workshops in 4 countries as well as private acting and modeling online coaching sessions. Aaron is the founder of Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

In between acting gigs it's good for you to take on extra work (outside of waiting tables, doing temp work or driving Uber), and one best kept secret to do that is commercial modeling work. But, most actors don't know where to start with this different type of work!

Unlike other jobs, most commercial modeling jobs only last a few hours. Commercial modeling work hardly ever interferes with film, TV and theater performances, and it’s a great way to stay busy in between film or TV performances. It’s a better way to make additional income doing what you love by being in front of the camera.

Commercial models come in every form. They are the glorified versions of everyday people, and, let’s face it, as an actor you can morph into any of those roles once the camera turns on. A commercial model is hired to portray the doctor, teacher, mom, banker, student, grandparent, blue-collar worker, patient, real estate agent, athlete, musician, nurse, attorney, and the list goes on and on!

Commercial models will earn a great hourly rate per session, and if the ad is running in a high exposure format (billboards, posters, on the side of a bus, Internet, package, etc.), generally bonuses are paid on top of your session fee. That certainly beats bussing your tables at a restaurant, working graveyard shifts at a call center, or stocking a back room at a retail store before your next film, TV show or play starts!

So, what are you waiting for? Learn how to take advantage of being a commercial model to make additional income in between acting gigs! 



“I used the techniques you suggested and just booked a job for McDonalds. Thank you so much.”
-Silviu Gansca -Actor/ Model

“If you ever thought about pursuing TV commercials then you should also learn about commercial print modeling. This is a must for anyone breaking into commercial modeling or wanting to advance a career.”
-Joan See, The NY Conservatory for Dramatic Arts 

What You'll Learn

  • What is Commercial Modeling?
  • Creating Commercial Photos
  • Where Are Commercial Modeling Ads Found?
  • Various Divisions Within Commercial Modeling
  • Method and Technique to Use When Working With a Photographer
  • Creating Strong Commercial Shots On a Budget
  • How to Find Photographers
  • Using the Right Head Shots For Your Comp Card
  • Comp Cards – Everything You Need to Know
  • Marketing Yourself Correctly to Give You the Best Chance to Get the Work
  • How Much Do Commercial Models Earn?
  • Model Release Forms and Vouchers
  • Homework Assignment
  • Q&A with Aaron!


About Your Instructor

Aaron Marcus has been making his living as a full-time actor and commercial model for nearly 3 decades, most recently on House of Cards. To date he has been cast 1,201 times. Aaron was cast as Dr. Stephen Leopold, on NBC’s show Do No Harm, had a scene with Judi Dench in the film Philomena, and worked in Atlanta on the feature film Almanac. You have seen him on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Wire and in the movie with George Clooney, Burn After Reading. Aaron has been cast in ads for companies such as: Disney World, AT&T, K-MART, StarKist Tuna, Coca Cola and McDonald's. Aaron’s is the author of How to Become a Successful Commercial Model - now in its 5th edition. It is the most comprehensive and helpful book for actors and models He’s given over 500 workshops in 4 countries as well as private acting and modeling online coaching sessions. Aaron is the founder of


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“I used the techniques you suggested and just booked a job for McDonalds. Thank you so much.”
Silviu Gansca -Actor/ Model • New York

“If you ever thought about pursuing TV commercials then you should also learn about commercial print modeling. This is a must for anyone breaking into commercial modeling or wanting to advance a career.”
Joan See, The NY Conservatory for Dramatic Arts • New York

“The models I hire over and over again are the ones who know how to give me a wide range of looks, expressions, project the appropriate feelings on demand, and know exactly what to do on the set. I have never seen someone that gives such insights, behind the scenes and practical information, in such an honest way, with integrity and passion. Give yourself your greatest chance for success and learn from Aaron.”
Ozzie Mansour, Ozzie Mansour Photography Toronto\New York

“Aaron Marcus knows the ropes and has a much more rare commodity, he is willing to share his knowledge of a complex, competitive and challenging industry. Learn how to from a pro who really does know.” Debby Lynn• PA

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60 Minutes With Emmy Award Winning Producer Kip Konwiser

I was born for this. Started on street corners tap dancing, doing comedy, telling stories & holding an audience until they pay me J A Masters Degree from USC Film School and three decades later there hasn’t been a day when I wasn’t writing, directing, producing or managing as an executive a feature film, television, documentary, live event and/or new media program.  I’ve been blessed to learn from and collaborate with some of the luminaries of sports and entertainment producing and business management. For these efforts, I picked up a shelf full of awards & trophies, maintained an upward financial trajectory and learned to enjoy the ride. A few of the collaborations in my career include: Netflix, YouTube, NBC, CBS, ABC, Univision, HBO, Showtime, TNT, MTV, VH-1, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate Studios, Legendary Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment The Grateful Dead, Quincy Jones, Michael Jordan & David Falk, Phil Knight/NIKE, Magic Johnson, Peter Guber/Mandalay, Dr. Dre, Snoop & Eminem, Arthur Miller, Michael Bloomberg, Laurence Fishburne, the NFL, MLB and NBA, and most of the financing entities in Hollywood. I’ve established tax incentives that spark states into profitable production while structuring large scale financing. Easier said than done, trust me!      Now, I’m thrilled to join with Stage 32 to talk about my journey and share my experiences from over the years. I love to give back to up and coming filmmakers and I’ll be holding an online Q&A to talk with you, the Stage 32 community, and tell you about the things I’ve learned along the way. If you’re in the middle of your filmmaking journey, now, no matter where you live in the world, I’ll be taking questions from you live, so ask away! So relax, this opportunity to not give up on your daydream just got a lot closer.     Clint Eastwood, Kip & Kern Konwiser Kip & Virginia Madsen Kenny Ortega (director/choreographer), Jim Belushi, William Levy, Emilio Estefan Kip, Ron Shelton (director/writer), Pete Rose, Kurt Soderling (DP) Pre-production at Legendary Studios "The Konwiser Bros." Kern & Kip Konwiser 

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