Writing the Original One-Hour TV Series Pilot Based on IP

Hosted by James Dalessandro


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James Dalessandro

Webinar hosted by: James Dalessandro

Writer and Producer at FX, Eone, Televisa, USA/Gaumont, Starlings & More

James Dalessandro is a best selling novelist (“1906”), true crime writer (“Citizen Jane”), a full-time working screenwriter and a member of the Writer’s Guild of America. Academy Award winning director Brad Bird is attached to direct the upcoming live action film of James Dalessandro’s “1906” novel and screenplay (on Deadline). James recently finished the Pilot and Bible for the TV series “THE RESTLESS” for POW! Entertainment, created by the late STAN LEE, who handpicked James as his writer. In the past several years, James has sold or been hired as Writer/Executive Producer by the FX Channel (12-Hour Limited Series), Eone Entertainment (Two One-Hour Dramas), Televisa USA/Gaumont Entertainment (One-Hour Drama) Starlings Entertainment (a One-Hour Scripted Series, and a Reality/Documentary series), and Grosso/Jacobson Entertainment (several One-Hour Series and Mini-Series). Lew Hunter, Co-Dean of the UCLA Screenwriting program, calls him “one of the four or five best screenwriting teachers in the world.” Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Hollywood studios will release less than 100 movies in 2019, most written by veteran writers. The Independent Film market is struggling. All the while TV is exploding. More than 90% of working WGA writers are in TV, which is the market for quality writing and entertainment. Why? TELEVISION IS RUN BY WRITERS. In 2019, Television will produce more than 500 original scripted shows – that’s more than 5,000 scripts – with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon alone spending a combined $20 to $25 BILLION on programming.

What’s the secret to breaking in, finding a job on staff or selling a new show? A GREAT, ORIGINAL PILOT. James Dalessandro will work with aspiring Writers, Directors, Producers to focus them on what it takes to make the dream come true – a career in Television.

Your host James was handpicked by Stan Lee to write the TV Pilot and Bible for THE RESTLESS for POW! Entertainment. In addition he also has Brad Bird (Incredibles, Incredibles 2, Ratatouille) attached to direct a feature film '1906' based on his own novel. He's also written and produced TV for FX, Eone, Televisa USA, Starlings Entertainment and Gross/Jacobson Entertainment. 

***All attendees will receive a pdf of THE AMERICANS pilot!

What You'll Learn

  • How the Pilot and Bible Work Together
  • The Three Key Elements of a Pilot
    • The Premise. Is it a great idea based on an intellectual property or real life situations?
    • The Characters. Who do we love, good or bad, week after week?
    • The Pilot Plot and Structure. How do we integrate all those new elements into a 45 to 50 minute pilot?
  • How to Grab the Reader and Audience in the First 10 Pages/10 Minutes
  • Why a Bible? And what goes into it?
    • Logline
    • Premise
    • The World
    • Character Sketches
    • Foundation (I.P. or Real Life Situations)
    • Pilot Synopsis
    • Story Arcs for Season One
  • THE AMERICANS – What we can learn from one of FX Channel’s huge hit shows and how their Pilot grabbed Executives and Viewers
    • The “Cold Open” and how it now defines series premieres.
    • Balancing plot and subplot elements (story and character).
    • Act Outs – how they keep us from changing channels.
    • Hooks/Cliffhangers. The tricks that work.
  • Q&A with James

THE AMERICANS PILOT. Each participant will receive a PDF of THE AMERICANS Pilot. It is highly recommended that everyone read the Pilot script and re-watch the Pilot on NETFLIX so they can compare the differences. WHY? Because James will be going through one of the best Pilots ever written, as Participants refer to their scripts.

About Your Instructor

James Dalessandro is a best selling novelist (“1906”), true crime writer (“Citizen Jane”), a full-time working screenwriter and a member of the Writer’s Guild of America. Academy Award winning director Brad Bird is attached to direct the upcoming live action film of James Dalessandro’s “1906” novel and screenplay (on Deadline). James recently finished the Pilot and Bible for the TV series “THE RESTLESS” for POW! Entertainment, created by the late STAN LEE, who handpicked James as his writer. In the past several years, James has sold or been hired as Writer/Executive Producer by the FX Channel (12-Hour Limited Series), Eone Entertainment (Two One-Hour Dramas), Televisa USA/Gaumont Entertainment (One-Hour Drama) Starlings Entertainment (a One-Hour Scripted Series, and a Reality/Documentary series), and Grosso/Jacobson Entertainment (several One-Hour Series and Mini-Series).

Lew Hunter, Co-Dean of the UCLA Screenwriting program, calls him “one of the four or five best screenwriting teachers in the world.”


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TV Animation 101: How a Hit Animated Show Gets Made

Learn the step-by-step process of how animated series get made from Brandon Gale, a Script Coordinator who has worked on LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE for Sony Pictures and MARVEL'S HIT MONKEY! Plus! You'll receive scripts for hit animation series BOJACK HORSEMAN, ARCHER, and FUTURAMA, and "Brandon's Commandments of Writing" to help you create your animated series!   Congrats, you’ve come up with (or maybe even written) a pilot for an animated show. And it’s good, really good, maybe even a hit.  But you’ve never worked in animation before and have no idea how the show will actually get made. What creative should you consider when creating your animated script? How do you go about getting your script made into an animated series? What are all the steps of an animated production? How long does the animation process take? There are so many questions you may have about the animation production process and Stage 32 is here to help answer them for you.  The rules are different for TV animation than they are for live action, and the process is long and complex. In the current landscape, there are more ways than ever to make an animated show. But with each method – from hand-drawn flat animation to computer-generated 3D graphics – comes a toolbox of techniques and drawbacks that need to be explored to be mastered. Simply put, animation is a creative choice. And the choice needs to have meaning to your story. And that’s only the beginning…your show needs to be written for the medium you’ve chosen, voice acted expertly, designed by a team of highly skilled artists, reanimated many times to make it perfect, then mixed and mastered all before it’s put on screen for the public to enjoy. Throughout the entire process, you’ll be working with a team of writers, animation directors with an animation studio, your TV network’s executives, and more, all in service of creating the same vision. It’s a long process, and may seem daunting, but it’s all in service of creating beautiful pieces of art. And so can you. Join us in this exclusive Stage 32 webinar as Brandon Gale, experienced script coordinator, brings his expertise in animation – from his experience on films like LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE for Sony Pictures or shows like MARVEL’S HIT MONKEY – and provides you with a comprehensive overview of TV animation development and production. Brandon will teach you everything from how animated stories are crafted on the page to how the voices are recorded through the entire animation production process. If you want to create an animated series, it's imperative you understand the entire pipeline of how an animated show gets made. Brandon will provide you everything you need to know so you can have success in getting your animated pilot turned into a series! You will be looking at examples from MARVEL’S HIT MONKEY, ARCHER, BOJACK HORSEMAN, and more as we answer your questions about the animation process. PLUS! You'll receive exclusive downloads to help in your animation journey. Downloads include: BOJACK HORSEMAN Pilot Script ARCHER Pilot Script FUTURAMA S1,E13 – "Fry and the Slurm Factory" Script "Brandon's Commandments of Writing"    Brandon on Teaching for Stage 32 “Working in animation has expanded my eyes to what a TV show can accomplish creatively. It’s been a truly rewarding experience, and I can’t wait to share the stories and the lessons I’ve learned with the entire Stage 32 community.” 

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Learn directly from Melissa Daykin Cassill, VP of Development and Production at State Street Pictures (Faster, Beauty Shop, Barbershop, Notorious, Nothing Like The Holidays)! You hear it again and again: “We’re looking for character driven drama/comedy/action/name your genre.” You may have a great plot, amazing action sequences, or the most hilarious idea for a comedy set piece but without great characters, you’ll be dead in the water. Why? Because everything should be motivated by your characters. What would The Godfather be without Michael’s change from the good man who served his country to a vengeful and tyrannical ruler? What would Star Wars be without the father son drama? Creating memorable characters is such an essential aspect of creating a compelling, sellable story, yet so many writers struggle with doing it correctly and fail to avoid the trap of stock characters that leave their scripts lifeless and weak. The Stage 32 Happy Writers is thrilled to bring you a 3-week online course Avoid Stock Characters: How To Create Memorable, Compelling Characters so you can learn how to create the memorable characters your story deserves. This class is taught by Melissa Daykin Cassill, VP of Development and Production at State Street Pictures, a production company with a first look deal at Fox 2000 Pictures. What Melissa loves most about her job is working with writers and developing exciting, compelling projects and she’s excited to be here teaching with Stage 32 to help you develop compelling characters in your story! In this class, you will learn how to set up a character arc so the character’s change is compelling, how to develop supporting characters who support the story and compliment your protagonists, how to avoid stock characters and scenes and how to adjust what you already have to make your work better. With interactive lectures and weekly homework assignments directly geared toward strengthening your characters, you will leave this class knowing exactly how to create memorable characters for your stories. “The class was very helpful and gave practical and process-related information. It was also encouraging to hear insider information and positivity in terms of breaking into the business.” PRAISE FROM MELISSA'S TEACHINGS: “I see it better now how to use structure and character take good to great” “Very, very helpful! Enough notes to continue on my script and make it even more interesting.” “Answered so many questions and opened my eyes as to how to gage what is wanted and what is not.” “First of all, thank you. I appreciate the notes about focus on character rather than a one trick (one joke) pony. I can apply this to my scripts.”

"Always Be Closing" How To Write a Killer Final 10-15 Pages

4 part class taught by WGA Award-nominated writer John Shepherd, Director of Development at Cross Creek Pictures. AVAILABLE ON DEMAND! The first 10 pages and the last 10 pages of a script are the most important. Making an executive walk away from a read of your script with a powerful impression is crucial to getting your script made. The last pages of a script come with their own web of problems (how to tie everything together, how to complete a character's arc, how to create a powerful final image, etc.). Sometimes a time crunched executive will read the first and last 10 pages of a script before deciding to read the whole thing. A writer has to make sure that they "stick the landing." Stage 32 Happy Writers is excited to bring you the previously-recorded 4 part class: “Always Be Closing” - How to Write a Killer Final 10 Pages taught by John Shepherd, Director of Development at Cross Creek Pictures (Black Swan, The Woman In Black, Ides of March). Learn how to make your last act resonate for your characters, your audience, yourself and the executive reading it. Purchasing gives you access to the previously-recorded live class.Although John is no longer reviewing the assignments, we still encourage all listeners to participate!

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