DCP 101 - Your Ultimate Guide to Digital Cinema Packages For Filmmakers

Hosted by Stephen van Vuuren


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Stephen van Vuuren

Webinar hosted by: Stephen van Vuuren

Filmmaker at SV2 Studios & SV2 DCP

Filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren has written, directed, photographed and/or edited several feature films, over two dozen short films and many commercials, music video and other media projects. He currently is in final post-production on “In Saturn’s Rings”, a film for IMAX theaters and planetariums that will be globally released late next year. He runs SV2 Studios & SV2 DCP that provide digital production and post-production services to clients around the world. He has created over 150 DCPs – trailers, shorts and features in 2D and 3D including DCPs for IMAX theater playback over the past 6 years. He has also worked on many productions as a director of photography, Visual FX and Post Production Supervisor, editor, sound mixer, visual FX artist and sound designer. He lives and works in Greensboro, NC with his artist wife, Marie Stone van Vuuren and three cats. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

We are well into the digital revolution in filmmaking. The least known and least understood aspect, but arguably the most important, of the digital revolution is the digital master of your film via a Digital Cinema Package. More than cameras or editing or access to great equipment, the one factor that allows the indie filmmaker to truly be on a level playing field is the ability to screen your film at festivals and any theater in the world via DCP.

In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, experienced filmmaker, Stephen van Vuuren, will teach you all secrets, tips, and best practices that everyone involved in film productions must know to end up with a quality digital master of your film. The information in this webinar is not available all together in one place anywhere on the internet until now! 

Many film festivals, large and small, now require DCP screeners and nearly all theaters in the world require your film on DCP. A DCP is the single most important master of your film that you will ever make. However, many indie filmmakers have limited experience and understanding of how they must plan from the very beginning stages of a film to insure their film – short, feature, documentary – is ready for DCP. 

You only have one chance with your audiences to make a great impression – and today that chance depends on your DCP.

What You'll Learn

  • What is a Digital Cinema Package?
  • Why is DCP important to me?
  • Filmmaking Success is Thinking Backwards
  • The “C” in DCP – What Cinema really means
  • Making a Great DCP
  • Shooting for DCP (onscreen examples)
  • Production Sound for DCP
  • Editing/Post for DCP (onscreen examples)
  • Sound Mixing for DCP
  • DIY DCPs: Should I? How to create (onscreen examples)
  • Post House DCP: What to Know
  • Festival DCP Planning & Budgeting
  • Indie/Independent DCP theatrical release
  • Q&A with Stephen

About Your Instructor

Filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren has written, directed, photographed and/or edited several feature films, over two dozen short films and many commercials, music video and other media projects. He currently is in final post-production on “In Saturn’s Rings”, a film for IMAX theaters and planetariums that will be globally released late next year.

He runs SV2 Studios & SV2 DCP that provide digital production and post-production services to clients around the world. He has created over 150 DCPs – trailers, shorts and features in 2D and 3D including DCPs for IMAX theater playback over the past 6 years.

He has also worked on many productions as a director of photography, Visual FX and Post Production Supervisor, editor, sound mixer, visual FX artist and sound designer.

He lives and works in Greensboro, NC with his artist wife, Marie Stone van Vuuren and three cats.


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Reviews Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • I didn't expect this to be this informative. I was also worried it would be too techy, but it really taught me a lot (and taught me that I'm going to hire someone else to do my dcp lol)
  • There were some technical dropouts but the content is very important. The presentation and the additional downloads were very helpful in understanding some of the concepts. I would like to see DCP 102, covering deliverables for foreign market.
  • Excellent

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It makes sense why more creatives than ever before want to make the jump from film to television, ESPECIALLY writers. As a TV writer you can dive into longer form storytelling and explore characters more fully. And with the massive popularity of streamers like Netflix and Hulu, your work can likely reach more people in the TV space. And that’s not to mention the fact that TV writing usually provides a much more stable and long-running form of income. All this to say: the pilgrimage from movie writing to TV writing is no longer uncommon and can be an exciting or lucrative development for any working writer. This a switch that is more than possible to undertake, but you need to know how best to accomplish it first. The path from film writing to TV writing is absolutely doable, but that doesn’t mean the door is wide open. No matter who you are, breaking into television is no easy feat and your background in film can serve as an advantage OR disadvantage, depending on how you approach it. Instead of waiting for HBO or Netflix to roll out the red carpet for you, it’s important you tackle this transition with realistic expectations and an understanding of how best you can fit in. Tripper Clancy is a working writer that has found success in both film and, more recently, television. Earlier in his career, Tripper wrote the screenplay for the Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista action comedy STUBER before deciding to make the switch to television. Since then, Tripper served as staff writer for the Netflix hit I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS and VARSITY BLUES, a modern day reimagining of the original movie. Tripper also created and wrote the action-comedy series DIE HART, starring Kevin Hart and John Travolta. Tripper has found longevity and deeper success for his writing career by making the jump from film to television and will share exclusively with Stage 32 what goes into this transition. Tripper will teach you how you can expand your writing career by making the switch from film to television. He’ll go over his own journey from film to TV and then break down what writing for both features and TV actually looks like, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. He’ll discuss using your reps to make the jump and whether you can do so without a manager or agent and will give you advice on how you can sell your film experience to stand out when pursuing TV opportunities. Tripper will give you a sense of what expectations are realistic when making this shift and where you can expect to start out. He’ll discuss how you can find currency from your film background and what sort of unique challenges film writers might face in television. Expect to leave with a hopeful but realistic idea of what you need to do to find your next opportunity on a TV show.   Praise for Tripper's Stage 32 Webinar: "Tripper Clancy was an awesome presenter who cut to the chase in a clear, understandable webinar." -Mark D. "Tripper's webinar was terrific - he's a great conversationalist and his open, candid, honest, accessible and very knowledgeable presentation & Q&A were very empowering." -Fran B. "Tripper was really engaging. The conversational tone was enjoyable. Sometimes a seminar can feel like a stranger reading me their powerpoint, just slower than I would read it myself. That wasn't the case here." -Nicholas G. "Tripper was phenomenal. Within 1 hour he gave us a whole course in something I knew nothing about before. Another Stage 32 phenomenal webinar." -Ricki L.  

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