How to Write a Female-Driven Pilot + 4 Script Downloads

Hosted by Colleen Labella


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Colleen Labella

Webinar hosted by: Colleen Labella

Director of Development at Shoot to Midnight (Emmy-winning RUSSIAN DOLL, Star Wars THE ACOLYTE)

Colleen Labella is a producer and the Director of Development for Leslye Headland’s company, Shoot to Midnight. She has read hundreds of pilots and met with countless writers. She has sold numerous television series to various networks, and she is currently in development with projects at FX, Hulu, Freeform, and Lucasfilm. Her television credits include SINGLE DRUNK FEMALE, ALMOST FAMILY, and the upcoming Star Wars series, THE ACOLYTE. She also has a number of films in development, including Catya McMullen’s GEORGIA MERTCHING IS DEAD. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary




When it comes to today's streaming and television landscape you can easily paraphrase Beyonce...

Who runs the world?

Badass female characters do!

From laugh-out-loud comedies like HACKS to dark stories of corruption like THE DROPOUT, its never been a better time to write female-driven stories. 

In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, you’ll learn how to create a female-driven story that only you can tell. Guiding you is Colleen Labella, the producer and Director of Development at Leslye Headland’s Shoot to Midnight. She has sold numerous television series, including Netflix’s RUSSIAN DOLL, Freeform’s SINGLE DRUNK FEMALE, and the upcoming Star Wars series THE ACOLYTE for Disney+.

Colleen is dedicated to telling stories about womxn and the LGBTQIA+ community, and she’s bringing that passion and her years of experience to teach you:

  • How and why the industry’s interest in womxn has changed
  • Current patterns in popular female-led series
  • What’s working and not working in today’s female-driven stories
  • Current themes in these shows
  • What is the future of female representation on television
  • Common traps to avoid when writing these pilots 
  • How to develop new and interesting characters we haven’t seen yet

Most importantly, Colleen will show you how combining your unique voice with different television formats and utilizing multiple storylines can enhance your work, creating a better script and series overall.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to hear from a fantastic expert working at one of the most in-demand production companies around. You’ll walk away with a stronger understanding of both female-driven series and where your voice fits into this growing market.

Praise for Colleen's Stage 32 Education:

" I strongly suggest Colleen Labella. She is amazing and so detailed.."

- Susan W.

"This was honestly one of the best webinars I have ever seen!"

- Brianna C.

What You'll Learn

The State of Female-Led Stories

  • The current patterns in popular female-led series
  • Breaking down what is working and what is not
  • Looking at how the industry's interest in womxn has changed

Themes We Are Exploring in Female-Led Stories

  • The current themes in female-forward stories
  • What is the future and how do we move forward from here?

Developing Female Characters

  • Common traps in the developing female characters
  • Developing new and interesting female characters we have yet to see

Writing A Pilot: A Brief Overview of Structure

  • Structuring a half-hour pilot
  • Structuring an hour-long pilot
  • Understanding A, B, and C stories and why are they important
  • Introducing the audience to your story as effectively as possible

Q&A with Colleen

About Your Instructor

Colleen Labella is a producer and the Director of Development for Leslye Headland’s company, Shoot to Midnight. She has read hundreds of pilots and met with countless writers. She has sold numerous television series to various networks, and she is currently in development with projects at FX, Hulu, Freeform, and Lucasfilm. Her television credits include SINGLE DRUNK FEMALE, ALMOST FAMILY, and the upcoming Star Wars series, THE ACOLYTE. She also has a number of films in development, including Catya McMullen’s GEORGIA MERTCHING IS DEAD.


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How to Begin Your Career as a Writer/Director and Direct Your Own Content

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A Director’s Guide to Post-Production: Your Film is Wrapped, Now What?

The more production savvy we are, the better filmmakers we become. As directors, it is our job to know every heartbeat of our story; the preparation needed for executing our vision; and the intricacies of bringing it to its final conclusion, in a way that will illicit an emotional response from our audience. That means that we must not take our foot off the pedal once we wrap. Being present, aware, in control, and maintaining our focus during post-production is vital.   Sometimes our film is made (or lost) in the edit. The technical steps of post production can seem overwhelming, especially coming off the heights (or lows) of wrapping a picture. But if we don’t have a good understanding of the post production steps, it could be challenging to bring our vision to a strong finish, and ultimately to a wider audience.   Stacia Crawford is a Director/Producer/Writer/Actress who, last year alone, directed two feature films which premiered on Netflix and Lifetime. As a producer she has helmed five feature films with Mar Vista Entertainment (premieres on Hallmark, Lifetime, CMT), in addition to several independent feature films. In television, Stacia co-directed/produced various unscripted series for NBC/Esquire, The History Channel, A&E, AMC, Spike, Logo, Pivot, Blaze TV, MTV. She also produced several web content shows, most notably for My Space. Prior to directing/producing, Stacia started her career as an actress/writer and can be seen in several feature films, including cameo roles in films that she’s directed. As a writer, she has written two novels (KIT TEN, THE SPACE BETWEEN) and co-created four original dramatic television series, (DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, WILDCATTERS, AMERICAN CAESAR, and SENESCENT) all currently in development.   In a clear, expansive, yet easy to digest presentation, Stacia will help all filmmakers understand exactly how to handle and navigate the post-production process. She will begin by teaching you what to look for when hiring your entire post-production team. From there, she'll discuss the difference between all the post production positions - some sound quite similar, but do completely different jobs - you need them all? Stacia will then dive into scheduling including the level of cuts for the film, and how long each part of the process (sound, coloring, etc) should take. She will discuss pick up shoots, fixing lighting and audio mistakes, and how to protect for footage errors. She'll even get into key art and what to include in your trailer!   This is a comprehensive webinar designed to keep you deeply immersed in the post-production process carrying with you the knowledge that will keep your team on board with finalizing your vision.     Praise for Stacia from her previous Stage 32 Next Level Webinar:   She explained what is the Director's job was very very well and broke it down step by step! -Sharlene R. Stacia did a great job. She was great! -Tracey A If you are thinking of going into the industry it was amazing, hit all the points, and she went above and beyond when she expanded on a lot of her making sure you get your insert shots (which I've been a victim of.). Overall she was great, clear and to the point. -Ryan H. Stacia was great. A lot of good information in a clear and concise manner. -Angel N. Great information! -Liz H. It was interesting to hear from other filmmakers' perspective. I learned a lot about the Director's position, as it relates to Film & TV. I came into this webinar because of my interest in knowing more about the producing/directing side of the industry, and man Stacia really did go in and cover a lot. My mind was soaking up information left and right. Another great webinar! -Shayne W.

How Conscious Creatives Can Use CHI Energy & Meditation to Stay Inspired, Motivated & Productive

We've all read the studies as to the benefits of meditation toward living a more calm and focused life. What you may not know is that many successful people from entrepreneurs to athletes to artists and film creatives use a combination of meditation and visualization to identify and prioritize what's important toward achieving their overall goals, concentrate on important tasks, cut out distractions and stay in the zone. If you find yourself lacking motivation or focus in your creative pursuits, if you're feeling beaten down by global events, if you feel as if you're unable to push through to higher plateaus, CHI energy might just provide the answer you're looking for. The idea behind CHI Energy is to help you free yourself of all mental obstructions by using state of the art techniques and mindset strategies that help elevate performance and results to the highest level of consciousness whether your work is behind or in front of the camera. Patricia Chica is a multiple award-winning director, producer, energy influencer and coach whose mission is to bridge the gap between storytelling, performance and Chi Energy within the film industry. She has been a go to teacher for hundreds of actors, crew members, and film industry professionals.  Through individual training and her global CHI Energy Workshops, Patricia has helped legions of people become aware of the power of the mind, body and spirit and how to use that energy to better create, get through blocks, overcome mental obstacles and generally find more happiness in all pursuits. Another goal of CHI Energy is to help you become a better collaborator, something that can serve you well throughout your career. Patricia will introduce you to the unique approach and application of conscious practices that she has not only taught around the world, but uses on with her cast and crew on her own projects as a filmmaker and a producer. She will cover how to boost your immune system so you have less down time and worries about missing your goals due to health issues. She'll teach you the art of zen, but more importantly, how to carry that zen with you in the day to day - especially important in these uncertain times. She will show you how to use your time at home to elevate your performance and creativity to a higher level. In a very key segment, Patricia will speak to the 5 levels of empathy and how to expand our emotional connection. Patricia will then take you through meditation and visualization exercises that you can begin practicing today! This webinar is open to all industry professionals, writers, directors, producers, financiers, sales agents, crew people and actors curious to learn simple techniques involving Chi Energy, visualization, and meditation and how to apply them for filmmaking, peak performance and creativity. Praise for Patricia's Stage 32 Webinar:  Very positive and inspiring. Loved her five levels of empathy and how you work with each chakra. -JoAnne E. Great content! -Maritere Y. Awesome topic, Loved it! -Caroline B.    

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