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Tash Ann

Webinar hosted by: Tash Ann

Writer, Director, and Producer of over 50 short-form projects. Winner of 22 awards and screened at over 10 festivals.

Tash Ann has produced and directed nine short films before joining Icon Media in 2020, where she produced 45 pieces of short-form content varying from narrative to documentary to reality. Her web series pilot ABSTRACTION is currently making the festival rounds. To date, ABSTRACTION has won 22 awards and screened at 10 additional festivals. She directed her first short, BIZARIA in 2013. It aired at a Hollyshorts event at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood and was promptly licensed by ShortsTV, airing for 3 years on DirectTV.  Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Learn everything you need to know to make a short film that festivals will love and that can kickstart your filmmaking career from an award-winning short filmmaker!

PLUS, receive exclusive handouts from your instructor to help make your short film.

Whether you have a great idea that can be told in a several minutes or you want to create a proof-of-concept for your feature film, a short film is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door of the entertainment industry.

But you don't just want to make a short, you want to make a short that grabs people's attention. That means getting accepted into festivals, filling up screenings, getting the word out, and more. And in this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, we're showing you how to make your short film - from concept through post-production - and get it the attention it deserves.

This webinar is for any filmmaker looking to jumpstart their career or add to their portfolio with a short film. You'll learn all of the practical tools for producing a short film from concept through marketing and even festival debuts.

You'll discover how to shape an idea into a short script, how to fundraise and access resources, what's required to produce a short film, and gain crucial directing techniques every filmmaker should know. Most importantly, you'll cover what it takes for a short film to get into a film festival and how to market your short so that your project gets seen.

PLUS, you will receive exclusive handouts, such as a production resource guide and sample short film documents, including a script, shot list, lookbook, budget, and the final product.

With so much to cover in a short amount of time, we brought in an award-winning short filmmaker, Tash Ann.

Tash is a writer, director, and producer who launched her short film career with BIZARIA, which screened at Hollyshorts, was quickly licensed by ShortsTV, and aired for three years on DirecTV

Tash currently has a web series pilot, ABSTRACTION, making the festival rounds, and to date, it has won 22 awards and screened at 10 additional festivals. She has also directed 10 short films and produced 45 pieces of short-form content for Icon Media.

In addition to the years of experience and knowledge Tash brings, she'll also be answering questions from you and your fellow filmmakers.

Tash knows from experience how easy it is to get lost in making a short film when you lack previous hands-on experience. She'll show you how to avoid common pitfalls like writing without a budget in mind, creating a story that's too big or long for a short, not budgeting enough time or money, and hiring the wrong people.

By the end of this on-demand webinar, you'll know what makes a good short film story, how to produce a short film, and how to get your short film into festivals and in front of audiences, all so that you can take your career to the next level. Don't miss out on your chance to learn from Tash's incredible experiences and kickstart your short film journey.


"Tash is very dynamic and extremely hard working. She is very passionate about her work and creating meaningful and powerful stories. She's an extraordinary talent with a beautiful vision for crafting and producing films and videos that truly impact her audiences." -- Aastha Lal Vice President of Operations, Icon Media

What You'll Learn

It all starts with an idea:

  • Things to consider when choosing the length of your short
  • What festivals look for in a short film
  • How to access your film’s budget
  • Writing to your budget and film elements
  • Using your assets and resources to elevate your story

Before you start shooting:

  • The importance of a professional script in prep
  • Getting outside perspective is key

Time to make a movie:

  • Finding the funding- 3 easy ways and the pros and cons of each
  • Casting- Union or Non-Union and the process
  • Crewing up
    • How to find the best crew
    • Navigating paying crew on low and no budget projects
    • The crew you need on a bare-bones project and what you can do without

Fix it in Preproduction

  • Director's Prep
    • The 4 things every director should do in prep
    • Communicating your vision to manage Production


  • Finding Locations on a budget
  • Permitting
  • Scheduling
  • Creating your production bible to stay organized and what to include
  • Renting your gear

Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Tips and tricks to setting up your shoot for success
  • Communicating with your team
  • Understanding set etiquette

Post Production

  • Working with your editor
  • Making sound, music, and color work for you


  • What festivals to target
  • Tips to submitting your short film
  • Monetizing your short film

Q&A with Tash

Exclusive Handouts:

  • Short Film Production Resource
  • Sample Short Film
  • Sample Shot List
  • Sample Lookbook
  • Sample Budget
  • Sample Final Short

About Your Instructor

Tash Ann has produced and directed nine short films before joining Icon Media in 2020, where she produced 45 pieces of short-form content varying from narrative to documentary to reality. Her web series pilot ABSTRACTION is currently making the festival rounds. To date, ABSTRACTION has won 22 awards and screened at 10 additional festivals.

She directed her first short, BIZARIA in 2013. It aired at a Hollyshorts event at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood and was promptly licensed by ShortsTV, airing for 3 years on DirectTV


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How To Produce A Short Film

  A New Exclusive Webinar Learn From A Producer Of 45 Short Films! PLUS! Get A Production Resource Guide   When you start your career with your first short film, you may not have a full grasp of the how to approach the process to achieve the highest levels of success. While making any first short film is an effective way of learning, making films costs a lot of money and every opportunity should be for your maximum creative experience and benefit. In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, award winning short filmmaker Tash Ann will help give young filmmakers an edge as she shares the four biggest things she wishes she knew before she made her first short film. Tash wants you to succeed so you now have a chance to learn from the mistakes she made when she was starting out.  For most beginning filmmakers, making your first short film can be a daunting concept. For some people it’s so daunting that they don’t even start. Even in many film schools, people aren’t taught a no nonsense, step-by-step guide to self produce their own small projects. So when you write (or get access to) that first amazing short script you want to make, you may be completely in the dark about what happens next. Luckily, Tash has stumbled through her early producing experiences and has emerged with meaningful knowledge to share and she is here to teach you how to make the most of your opportunity when you set out to make your first short film.  Plus! Tash will provide her production resource guide and links to her early short films, which she will also discuss in the webinar. Don't miss your chance to learn short filmmaking from one of the best in the business!   PLUS! You'll receive: Production Resource Guide PRAISE FOR TASH'S WORK: "Tash is very dynamic and extremely hard working. She is very passionate about her work and creating meaningful and powerful stories. She's an extraordinary talent with a beautiful vision for crafting and producing films and videos that truly impact her audiences." -- Aastha Lal Vice President of Operations, Icon Media

How You Can Write And Produce A Successful Holiday Romantic Comedy

Learn from an executive and producer with over 25 years of experience behind holiday and rom-com films such as A LOUD HOUSE CHRISTMAS, LOVE AT FIRST BARK, LOVE UNDER THE STARS, and more.   Holiday-themed romantic comedies have become a year-round staple for television viewers. It goes beyond Christmas. There’s a holiday event every month and a “rom-com” on countless networks and platforms to celebrate it. So are you ready to write or produce your feel-good holiday-themed rom-com for audiences worldwide? In this exclusive Stage 32 on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to write, develop, and produce a holiday rom-com. These films aren’t the same as straight Christmas movies or other romantic comedies. The holiday rom-com is its own genre, and you’ll find out the rules and norms that audiences require and how to break those rules effectively. You won’t just learn how to write these stories but also who the buyers are how and how to produce them. You will cover the budget ranges, how to generate the budget, how to monetize your film, and what you need to sell your film. It’s no longer just Hallmark telling these audience-favorite stories. Now, they’re being shown on networks and streaming platforms across the spectrum, giving you more opportunities than ever to get your project made. Your teacher is Matt Bierman, a studio executive and producer with over 25 years of experience. Matt has previously worked as an executive at Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow, and more. He has also developed and produced movies for Hallmark and Nickelodeon. Matt has vast experience making low-budget holiday films and romantic comedies, including A LOUD HOUSE CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS WITH THE DARLINGS, LOVE AT FIRST BARK, LOVE UNDER THE STARS, and more. You’ll learn all about this hugely popular genre as Matt shares his vast knowledge and experience with you so you can discover how to jump into this in-demand genre by writing and producing your own movie today. Praise for Matt's Talent & Knowledge: “Matt Bierman is one of the best movie execs and producers that I have worked with” – Brian Levant, director of Jingle All The Way, A Christmas Story 2 "This lab was one of the best educational experiences I have ever experienced. I feel so confident in my work after getting guidance from Matt. Thank you, Stage 32!" -- Rebecca M. "Matt Bierman knows his stuff! I highly recommend taking any course he is teaching." -- Marcus E.  

How You Can Write, Direct & Distribute Your Short Film

 Almost every successful filmmaker today—from Ava DuVernay to Rian Johnson to Chloe Zhao to Ryan Coogler—got their start by writing and directing their own short films. It’s so common of a springboard for creatives that most managers and executives actively incorporate scouting short films as part of their recruitment model when looking for new talent or new ideas. If you're an aspiring writer or director ready to make a living as a filmmaker, mastering the art of crafting a short film can be the perfect launching tool for your career. Simply putting together any short film isn’t going to be your instant ticket into the industry, however. Tens of thousands of filmmakers produce new short films every year. With so much competition, how do you make your own film stand out? How can you avoid the mistakes that riddle the writing and directing process of making a short film? Once your film is made, how do you get it out to the world aside from just uploading it on YouTube and hoping people view it? And what can you do to convince investors and producers that you're ready to make the leap into bigger projects? James Kicklighter is a multi-award winning writer and director whose work has been recognized by the world’s press, including The Hollywood Reporter, The Times of India, Film Courage and FilmInk Australia. He has directed nine short films that have found success at film festivals around the world as well as through distribution. He is currently developing projects with Richard Saperstein (THE MIST, SE7EN) and Beau Turpin (COUNTERPUNCH). His latest feature film THE SOUND OF IDENTITY, about the first transgender woman to perform as Don Giovanni in a professional opera, was released this year and is produced by Emmy Award-winning producers Russ Kirkpatrick & Andy Kinslow and executive produced by Golden Globe-winner and Academy Award-nominated Josh Bachove (MINARI, THE LITTLE HOURS).  In this 2-part exclusive Stage 32 On-Demand Filmmaking Class, you will learn: How to write, direct and distribute your own short film The art of writing a short screenplay How to develop strong characters that will attract top acting talent, while working within a budget that the average aspiring filmmaker can afford. The process of directing your first short How to get the cast and crew that you want How to raise money and setup the budget, How to select the right camera and technical equipment, How to work with locations and your actors to maximize your production value. Insider tips for distributing and marketing your final product - a step that most filmmakers never learn. Hw to target film festivals, cultivate relationships with media, and create a launch strategy that will best serve your film in the present while preparing you for the future. PRAISE FROM JAMES'S TEACHINGS: “His experience and expertise as a writer and producer of film were greatly enhanced by his enthusiasm and energy as a speaker. He presented a series of workshops in the production of film, and also was the keynote speaker at our Young Writer's Conference. In both cases, he was able to inspire and connect to many different age groups including several professors in attendance.” - Gareth Jones, Brewton-Parker College “I think James is a rare breed of artist that combines his business and marketing skills with a cohesive artistic vision. ” - Jason Winn, Film Director “James is sharp as a razor, quick to grasp an idea, and like mercury when it comes to social media.” - Lilly Lee, Co-Founder, UNICEF Chinese Children’s Initiative “James exceeds your expectations and helps turn your ideas into reality.” - Susan Woolf, Director of Operations, National Student Leadership Conference “James is an extraordinary individual. He represents to me, the best of what this business holds in the next few decades.” – Gemma Puglisi, Assistant Professor, American University I have been recommending the Short Film Master Class to filmmakers since I completed it. It is entertaining and contains so much information. Not only does he cover "how" but includes the "why". James is phenomenal. --John Garrett   Insightful, informative, and entertaining! A must for the rookie and the pro alike. Hames hands you tools to utilize in today's viral distribution market. After the course, you'll feel empowered and prepared to shoot, distribute, and publicize your next project. -- Jaye Lowe  

Introduction to Film Directing: Pre-Production, Physical Production and Post-Production

So you want to direct. You've been bitten by the filmmaking bug and now all you can think about is making a film. You've got a script (or the concept for one) and have envisioned exactly how you want to see it on the screen. And, now more than ever, with equipment more accessible, the costs of shooting affordable, the barrier of entry lower than it's every been, and the options for distribution growing seemingly by the minute,  you know the path from script to screen has never been more viable. We get it. As a director you are the lynchpin of a production and the commander of a creative army in service of your vision. But, in order to truly realize that vision, you have to know everything there is about development, pre-production, physical production, and post production. Even though you can clearly see the film in your mind that's only a small part of the process of being a director. It takes hard work, discipline, and wearing many hats to be able to execute every aspect of developing and filming a movie - and to do it in a way that holds the entire production together. What you do (or don't do) in pre-production will set the tone for the entire shoot, good or bad. How you command the set on the first day will determine whether your cast and crew put forth their best effort or zone out. You have to be cognizant of shooting time/days, your budget, and assuring that your are delivering on every promise. But you're not done when you shout "That's a wrap!" There's still more to do when you get to post-production, working hand in hand with your editor, colorist, sound designer and more. It sounds overwhelming, but we're here to tell you it's not only a manageable environment, but one you can thrive in. Stacia Crawford started as an actress, but had the overwhelming desire to manage and film projects. So, she moved into producing and directing. Last year alone, she had two feature films that premiered on Netflix and Lifetime. With the success of those films, she has been hired to direct two more features this year. Stacia has worked with NBC, The History Channel, A&E, AMC, Spike and more, and has used her experience to make sure she runs a tight and efficient set. She's a pro at managing a project from the script phase through seeing her work on screen and beyond. Stacia will guide you through the entire directing process so you can understand what your responsibilities will be through pre-production, physical production and post-production. She will help you understand what to look for in your contract before you even get hired. She will teach you best casting strategies, how to find and enlist the help of your creative departments, and how to choose the right DP and AD (beyond important!) You'll also learn how to prepare your shot list and how to confidently run your set by learning how to work with actors, producers and your crew and keep them all happy. She'll teach you about your dailies and picking up scenes if the schedule shifts. Finally, she'll take you through post-production and how to work seamlessly and diplomatically with your editor, composer and your color and audio team.    You'll be well-armed with all the pertinent and vital information you need to manage every aspect of being a film director. Stacia will remove your anxiety and fears by giving you the tools to succeed, thrive and have your cast and crew looking to work with you again and again. PRAISE FOR STACIA'S TEACHINGS: "If you are thinking of going into the industry it was amazing, hit all the points, and she went above and beyond when she expanded on a lot of her points...like making sure you get your insert shots (which I've been a victim of.). Overall she was great, clear and to the point." - Ryan H. I'm a screenwriter and always wanted to direct, but found the idea of it daunting. Stacia not only lifted my fears, but gave me so many "I can do that!" moments that I'm already kicking myself for not doing it sooner. She's a marvel. - Monica R.

The Art of Dialogue: How to Nail Your Character's Voice

    Filmed entertainment is visual, and though everyone loves a catchy line, it’s really an exceptional dialogue exchange framed by a character’s choice of action that we remember. Dialogue is one of the clearest ways of exploring your character’s agenda, frame of mind, and emotional state. The best dialogue is able to do even more - and succinctly, sometimes in just a few lines. It lets us know something about the overall theme of your script, as well as unresolved areas ripe for conflict between your protagonist and the other characters: friend, frenemy, and foe… In this Stage 32 on-demand Webinar, screenwriter/producer/director Brian Herskowitz will walk you through what professional dialogue looks and sounds like. He will guide you through understanding the link between your character and dialogue, how to develop a strong character voice, the art of subtext and making sure you have the right amount of dialogue to move your story forward. Brian is a veteran film and television writer and producer who has worked on over 2 dozen films and television shows (HBO, FOX, CBS, NBC, UNIVERSAL and more) and he's bringing his experience across all the formats to the Stage 32 community!  PLUS! To help you with your own writing exercises you will receive:  Character Voice handout Strong Dialogue Voice Handout Brainstorm Dialogue Handout Tranformative Dialogue Handout Good Will Hunting Call Back Script The Fabelmans Script The Empire Strikes Back Script The Banshees Of Inisherin Script You do not want to miss out on this chance to learn how to write effective dialogue!    Testimonials for Brian's Teaching and Stage 32 Education “As a collaborator with Brian and a guest in his class, I am hugely impressed with his screenwriting knowledge. I heartily recommend him and his course.” - Jason Alexander (Seinfeld, Pretty Woman, Listen Up) "I have a master's degree and a doctorate, Brian is by far the most caring and best teacher I have ever had." - Alan J. "The course was everything I needed and then some. An excellent course." - Katie R. "Mr. Herskowitz is very knowledgeable, patient, and superb at discerning problems and helping us solve them." - Sandra O. "A solid course in which I felt I had learned a LOT by the time it was over." - Peter L.

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