How to Connect with Decision Makers and Get Your Work Noticed Without Reps

Hosted by Brooks Elms


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Brooks Elms

Webinar hosted by: Brooks Elms

WGA Screenwriter with Multiple Sold Scripts & Assignments at Broken Road & Gold Circle

Brooks Elms is a WGA screenwriter that also loves working with other writers. He's written 35+ screenplays for companies such as Broken Road (TAG, MORTAL COMBAT, VACATION FRIENDS) and Gold Circle (PITCH PERFECT 1-3, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2), a dozen of them on assignment, and sold several scripts, including one this year with Brad Peyton (SAN ANDREAS) as Executive Producer. Brooks was recently hired to rewrite a screenplay started by an Oscar-winning writer. Brooks began his career writing, directing, and producing indie features (personal dramas) that he screened all over the world.   Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Aren’t you tired of querying and pitching agents and managers only to be dismissed or ignored? The truth is that reps find writers through referrals, which is annoying for those who don’t have the connections yet. But there’s a better way. You can be your own rep, keep the 10% commission for yourself, and get yourself and your work noticed on your own.

In this Stage 32 exclusive webinar, professional screenwriter Brooks Elms will show you how to get yourself and your work noticed without a rep and how use your passion to become an unstoppable sales force on your own.

Brooks is an accomplished screenwriter, who’s penned over 35 scripts, selling several of them, writing a dozen movies on assignment and whose projects have screened all around the world. Brooks most recently sold a script with Brad Peyton (SAN ANDREAS) attached to executive produce.

Brooks brings his vast experience to show you how to up your outreach game, use your social media for success, build sustainable relationships, keep smiling and selling in the face of adversity, and so much more.

Brooks believes that the best way to sell your work is to sell yourself, making the process less about “sales” and more about embracing your strengths and communicating them in the best way possible to the industry. 

This is a next-level, world-class relationship-building webinar and a fun way to launch your career in your own unique style.

What You'll Learn

Getting Prepared

  • 5 Life Passions That Drive You
  • 4 Levels of the Outreach Game
  • 3 Kinds of People You Must Connect With (Hint: not reps)

Building Relationships

  • The 2 Best Social Platforms for Screenwriters
    • Managing a profile that sets you up for success
  • Embrace Your Number 1 Superpower
    • Giving micro-doses of your service
    • Connecting with your people (not the freeloaders)
    • Engaging strategically with producers

Can It Really Be This Easy?

  • Tips and Tricks to Building Your World-Class Mindset To Face Adversity With a Smile
  • How to Get and Give Support to Superfriends

Q&A with Brooks

About Your Instructor

Brooks Elms is a WGA screenwriter that also loves working with other writers. He's written 35+ screenplays for companies such as Broken Road (TAG, MORTAL COMBAT, VACATION FRIENDS) and Gold Circle (PITCH PERFECT 1-3, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2), a dozen of them on assignment, and sold several scripts, including one this year with Brad Peyton (SAN ANDREAS) as Executive Producer. Brooks was recently hired to rewrite a screenplay started by an Oscar-winning writer. Brooks began his career writing, directing, and producing indie features (personal dramas) that he screened all over the world.



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Reviews Average Rating: 5 out of 5

  • Superb webinar! 100 stars from me! Really insightful ideas and clear explanations that are easy to follow along even without my Adderall lol I would highly recommend this to anyone who's trying to break in and has a hard time approaching people without sounding desperate. I will definitely rewatch this every once in a while to remind myself Brooks's words of wisdom! Thank you, Brooks! :)

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Netflix + Stage 32 Present: How to Write Drama Scripts for Streaming Television

SEE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS BELOW     Netflix and Stage 32 have partnered on an exclusive global education series in an effort to democratize the worldwide entertainment industry. Together, over the course of 5 webcasts Stage 32's world class educators will bring their knowledge of what it takes to write, develop and produce today's television for the Stage 32 and Netflix creator community. These global webcasts have been seen by hundreds of thousands of creatives worldwide with a 100% satisfaction rate! In our fifth webinar in this exclusive "Creating Television Content for a Global Marketplace" series, we are going to give you the ins and outs on how you can effectively write drama scripts for streaming television. We are in the Great Content Gold Rush of drama television Over 550 original shows aired in 2021 alone and that number is expected to almost double in 2022. Streamers such as Netflix have committed to spending $19 billion in original content this year.  The rush for dramatic television shows is on. Are you ready for it?  With the success of shows such as Lupin, Squid Game and Bridgerton there is no doubt that streamers are on the hunt for dramatic global stories. These shows drop us into worlds that are new, foreign and exciting for viewers around the globe to watch, yet they all have universal themes we can relate to. The secret to this success is a solid understanding of how to write effective dramatic television...and be able to sustain it for seasons to come.  Stage 32 and Netflix are going to teach you how.  To help you understand the nuances of drama television is Stage 32 Educator Leila Cohan who is an Emmy-nominated television and feature writer, currently serving as Co-Executive Producer on Netflix’s THE PERFECT COUPLE. Previously, she’s written for SPECIAL (WB/Netflix), BRIDGERTON (Shondaland/Netflix), THE FIRST WIVES CLUB (Paramount/BET Plus), SANTA CLARITA DIET (Netflix), TELENOVELA (NBC), and AWKWARD (MTV). She’s developed pilots for Paramount, Hello Sunshine, The CW, YouTube Red, and the last days of ABC Family, as well as features for Lionsgate and Picture Start. In an exciting FREE webcast Leila will go into more detail on choosing a drama series concept, core elements of your drama pilot, planning your drama series for season one and beyond, plus she'll go over an exercise to turn an idea into a pilot and a series so you can get the practice of what it's like breaking drama television. You do not want to miss this!  To see the full webinar overview, see below. Some of the case studies Leila is going to go over in the webinar are: BREAKING BAD LUPIN SCANDAL KILLING EVE YELLOWJACKETS MAD MEN ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK BRIDGERTON THE WIRE   Note: You will receive the Zoom link to login by the morning of the webinar.   If you are not yet a member of the Stage 32 community, we encourage you to join the community today at, it is FREE! You will instantly connect with over 800,000 creatives and professionals in the entertainment industry from all over the world who use Stage 32 to network, find work, learn and develop their projects. YOU MUST HAVE A STAGE 32 PROFILE TO WATCH YOUR VIDEO.  

How to Master Story Structure for Your Feature Screenplay - With Case Studies of PARASITE

Includes free script downloads of: PARASITE GREEN BOOK MYSTIC RIVER   Writing a great feature screenplay is a gargantuan effort, and putting together something like this doesn’t just happen willy nilly. No matter how good of an idea you have, how fantastic your characters are, or how mind boggling your plot twist is at the end, none of it matters without a solid story structure. Structure is often the hardest aspect of writing for screenwriters of all levels and requires a large amount of discipline and a deep understanding of the craft. But no other elements of your script come together unless they can rest on this crucial foundation. Whether you’re working on your very first screenplay or already have many produced and under your belt, spending time better understanding and improving how you structure your film scripts is worth its weight in gold. Ask any producer, manager, coverage reader, or gatekeeper of any kind—out of the thousands of scripts they read and the countless issues and problems they come across, no issue is more prevalent in a writer’s screenplay submission than their failure to effectively structure and plot out their story. It makes sense; implementing a tight story structure is HARD, a delicate and complex balancing process that is hard for ANYONE to nail. Yet it’s for this reason that mastering story structure is even more important—if you can present a screenplay with a rock-solid story structure, you’re instantly able to stand out and get your script noticed and considered. Sarah Cornelius serves as Creative and Production Executive at award-winning Whitewater Films, helmed by director-producer Rick Rosenthal (HALLOWEEN II, BAD BOYS, TRANSPARENT). This approach has resulted in Whitewater producing numerous notable films which have won Independent Spirit Awards, the Sundance Directing Award, a Primetime Emmy, as well as collecting nominations for an Oscar and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize. Whitewater has produced projects for Paramount Classics, Netflix, Showtime, IFC, Samual Goodwyn Films, The Orchard, CNN Films and more. Whitewater Films recently completed their feature STANDING UP, FALLING DOWN starring Billy Crystal & Ben Schwartz with first-time director Matt Ratner. Their film, THE LAST SHIFT premiered at Sundance 2020 with two time Oscar-nominee Richard Jenkins. In addition they produced FIRST GIRL I LOVED (Sundance winner), HALFWAY THERE (Sundance Episodic Showcase winner) and SMALL ENGINE REPAIR (SXSW premiere). Whitewater is releasing two features in 2021. The critically acclaimed festival favorite THE BOY BEHIND THE DOOR will release on AMC-owned horror streamer SHUDDER on July 29th. The second feature, SMALL ENGINE REPAIR starring Jon Bernthal and Shea Whigham has been acquired by Vertical Entertainment, release details TBA.  Sarah has been involved with development on each of Whitewater's projects and has the ability to communicate conceptual notes in a direct and effective manner. Sarah will use her extensive experience evaluating scripts and discovering stories to delve into how you can master story structure for your own feature film screenplay will use notable past screenplays as examples as she breaks down, act by act, the elements necessary to turn your script into something special. She’ll begin by discussing three-act structure in general and explain why it’s necessary as your begin developing your script. She’ll also teach you some of the biggest elements needed for effective story development, including world building, effective characters, stakes, theme, and tone. Next, Sarah will zoom in on act one and explain how to master introductions and the inciting incident as well as spotlighting your central question. She’ll also reveal the most common pitfalls she sees in act one. Sarah will do the same for acts two and three, spending time to go over complications and escalations, transitions, subplots and turning points, effective revelations, climaxes and resolutions. Throughout, Sarah will be drawing from the Oscar-winning screenplay of PARASITE and you will receive free downloads of the script. MYSTIC RIVER     Praise for Sarah's Stage 32 Webinar   "Just a ton of information from someone that is clearly on the 'inside' of the industry." -Kerry B.   "Sarah was spot on about structure, It aligns with everything else i have learned, seen, experienced.: -David G.   "She was informative and great." -Lauren F.   Like what you heard from Sarah during this webcast? Send your script to Sarah and speak with her for a full hour by clicking here.

How to Become a Professional Screenwriter 101

The key to packaging yourself as a screenwriter and preparing you for a career in entertainment is all about finding the right people, building relationships, and knowing where your voice fits into the marketplace. Industry veteran, Michael Schulman (THE AVIATOR, SIXTH SENSE) will show you how to navigate your career, from getting your foot in the door and beyond. So you believe you’re ready to launch your screenwriting career. Now what? Most writers hunt for representation in the hopes that they will sell their scripts. But what if you can find the right people to produce with on your own? In this Stage 32 exclusive webinar, industry veteran Michael Schulman will show you how to make yourself and your script an appealing package, and find the right producers to build relationships with. Michael’s extensive career includes time working at William Morris, ICM, and CAA, as well as three studios, including Netflix. His experience makes him uniquely aware of what both producers and representatives are looking for in a writer and their scripts. This gives you fantastic access to years of insight from someone involved with some of the most successful films, including THE AVIATOR, ALI, THE SIXTH SENSE, GROUNDHOG DAY, and many more. Believe it or not, accessing real industry pros is not as difficult as it looks. Michael will help you write to your strengths, determine what exactly your script needs, know how to choose the right producers for your package, and also know how to reach out to them. From there, you’ll learn how to prepare to meet with both producers and representatives, even establishing follow-up steps to keep the conversation going with them. By the end of the webinar, you’ll understand the producer’s mindset of how to look at and market your scripts, viewing yourself as a package that can kickstart your career.

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Write A Killer First Draft of Your Horror Feature

Payment plans available - contact for details Only Two Spots Left! Complete the first draft of your horror feature working one-on-one with the former in-house story consultant for IM Global Studios and streamers are on the hunt for horror films, with new deals being struck every day for fresh horror scripts. Why can't your slasher film or creature feature be one of them? It just takes a great finished script. There is an insatiable global appetite for horror movies. From franchises like THE PURGE to lower-budget hits like GET OUT to micro-budget breakouts like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, audiences simply can't get enough. In this exclusive Stage 32 writing lab, we'll help you stop fearing the blank page as you complete the first draft of your horror script over eight intense sessions under the guidance and mentoring of Karina Wilson. Karina has worked for over a decade as a script consultant with horror houses IM Global and on titles such as SKYLINE, 13 SINS, VIRAL, VAMPIRE ACADEMY, HORNS, and LORDS OF SALEM, among others. You'll meet in an online class setting where you'll network and write alongside a small group of passionate writers and you'll work with Karina one-on-one for two virtual sessions to discuss your script's progress and ensure you walk away from this course with a strong first draft. These one-on-one sessions are an invaluable opportunity to work with one of the industry's most sought-after horror story consultants. By the end of this lab, you'll have a completed feature script draft vetted by an industry expert. Even better, you'll have the first chance to join one of the limited spots in Karina's Level 3 Lab, where you'll continue to work hands-on with Karina on rewriting your draft to perfection. To guarantee that you get the most out of your time with Karina, we're capping this lab to 12 seats, and once they're gone, they're gone for good. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to work with an experienced horror writer and script consultant, and to finish a top-notch first draft of your script, which will bring your dream of seeing your horror feature on screen closer to becoming a reality.  Testimonials from Karina's previous Stage 32 Education: "She delivered on the topic and gave an informative lecture. I took many notes on how to immediately improve the horror script I'm writing now. That was my goal!" - Martha C. "I thought it was very informative and the speaker was well versed!" - Loretta C.

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