Getting To The Director's Chair: Shorts, Proof of Concept & Features

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Hosted by Jairo Alvarado


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Jairo Alvarado

Webinar hosted by: Jairo Alvarado

Literary Manager at Circle of Confusion

Jairo Alvarado started his career as a creative executive at Warner Bros. While there, Jairo helped about a dozen young directors get signed during his 2 years Warner Bros. stint. He was an early advocate of Fede Alvarez’s short Panic Attack, which was acquired by Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures, and Ricardo De Montreuil’s The Raven, which sold to Universal. He then went on to the next stage of his career by moving to management at 3 Arts Entertainment. He joined Circle of Confusion in 2014 where he looks after clients such as Josh Bearman and Josh Davis (Epic), Jordan Blum (American Dad), Christian Cantamessa (Air), Greg Williams (Samarkand). Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Learn directly from Jairo Alvarado, Manager at Circle of Confusion (The Walking Dead) who specializes in representing and breaking young directors, and who recently signed Mischa Rozema on his feature debut with Warner Bros. for his project Sundays!

"I've taken a lot of classes and in particular, webinars over the years. Jairo is probably the best instructor I've encountered. He's not just throwing the stuff we always hear at us, but he's going to the true heart of good [filmmaking] yet explaining it in a way that turns on the light ... constantly. He is truly teaching us "how to become fishermen (or women).” - M. Beattie

In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, you will learn the different creative approaches you can take to make your directorial debut or move from writer into the director’s chair. Your host Jairo Alvarado will go over how to look at your career with a modern and technical approach, as well as strategies to help you stand out in today’s competitive climate.

Your host Jairo Alvarado is a manager at Circle of Confusion (The Walking Dead) and recently made a big splash in the industry trades when he signed the filmmakers behind Sundays. Due to Jairo's foresight in assisting the talented filmmakers to make a "proof of concept" film based on a feature idea, the $51,000 short resulted in an industry wide bidding war, with Warner Brothers eventually winning the rights to turn the short into a feature film. As a manager at Circle of Confusion Jairo also looks after clients such as Josh Bearman and Josh Davis (Epic), Jordan Blum (American Dad), Christian Cantamessa (Air), Greg Williams (Samarkand). Back by popular demand, Jairo is here to share his expertise exclusively with Stage 32!

What You'll Learn

  • Identifying what career path makes the most sense for you and your vision as a director.
  • How to move up in the size of projects you work on to get more recognition.
  • How to create your ‘brand’ or how to reinvent yourself as a director.
  • How to pick the right projects.
    • Why certain stories play better to director’s strengths than others.
    • What types of stories exemplify visual storytellers, dramatic performances, and abstract and stylized pieces?
  • How you should be managing your time.
    • Chasing scripts that already have financing behind them vs. focusing your time on developing your own projects.
  • If festivals make sense for you, and if so, which ones are worth your time?
    • Each festival has a different type of audience and how that makes or breaks your first impression.
  • What do representatives consider an “exciting director"?
    • Getting to know your competition.
    • How to stand out when you’re not the only one aiming for certain projects and financing.
    • What is the bar of quality you should be aiming for.

You will leave the webinar knowing:

  • How to choose a project that will accurately represent your voice.
  • How to get your work to stand out and get seen by the movers and shakers in the business.
  • If the festival track is right for you, and if not what to do next.
  • If you should consider making a short for proof of concept or go straight for a feature.
  • What Reps and Producers look for in a director and how to make yourself stand out.

About Your Instructor

Jairo Alvarado started his career as a creative executive at Warner Bros. While there, Jairo helped about a dozen young directors get signed during his 2 years Warner Bros. stint. He was an early advocate of Fede Alvarez’s short Panic Attack, which was acquired by Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures, and Ricardo De Montreuil’s The Raven, which sold to Universal. He then went on to the next stage of his career by moving to management at 3 Arts Entertainment. He joined Circle of Confusion in 2014 where he looks after clients such as Josh Bearman and Josh Davis (Epic), Jordan Blum (American Dad), Christian Cantamessa (Air), Greg Williams (Samarkand).


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I've taken a lot of classes and in particular, webinars over the years. Jairo is probably the best instructor I've encountered. He's not just throwing the stuff we always hear at us, but he's going to the true heart of good [filmmaking] yet explaining it in a way that turns on the light ... constantly. He is truly teaching us "how to become fishermen (or women).” - M. Beattie

Jairo was amazing... very succinct. Great, great webinar. I must say one of my favorites! – S. Llewellyn

Jairo was very interesting and personable. – C. Koehler

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Reviews Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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The Happy Writers and Stage 32 want to express our gratitude for participating in Jairo Alvarado's 1st Level Working Writers Lab.  Jairo is really impressed at the talent and passion you shown. We hope you enjoyed his first lab - he certainly enjoyed working with you. Jairo is ready to offer those who are ready to move to the next level an opportunity to complete the first 80 pages of your script while he provides hands on supervision. Remember, throughout the year, we are going to be offering our most loyal clients special offers not available to the public and this is one of them. This Lab is INVITE ONLY for the writers who completed Jairo's 1st Level Lab. We believe in evolving and transforming to continuously put our writers ahead of all competition. If you have any questions, email Joey at  He will answer your questions accordingly so this is the best atmosphere for everybody. Lab Title: Jairo Alvarado's Second Level Working Writer's Lab - Invite Only Lab Objective: To write 10 pages a week. By the end of the 8-week lab, you will have roughly 80 pages written and a draft in completion.  Lab Overview: Each week you will write 10 pages of your script using the tools you learned from the first lab and the outline you have completed. Two days before the group call, you will email your work to the other writers in your group, as well as to Jairo. Then, on Mondays, the whole class will be broken up into two groups. One will meet from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM PST and the other from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM PST. The writers in the lab will have the opportunity to give feedback (under Jairo's constant supervision) on each other's work. This will give writers the tools on how to break down a script. Jairo will also give feedback on the pages during the webinar. You will all learn from each other under Jairo's supervision. This will continue for 8 weeks. As always, you are allowed to email Jairo personally and he will respond during a set aside time.  Lab schedule: Mondays starting 11/10/14 (due to the holidays there will be a few weeks off) THE TEACHER Jairo Alvarado was a Creative Executive at Warner Bros. in 2009 and is credited for spotting Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez and his short PANIC ATTACK! In 2011, while building a reputation for identifying up-and-coming talent, he joined 3 Arts Entertainment as a manager. A couple of years later he joined Circle of Confusion. At Circle, he reps writer Brian Miller (ALL OUR YESTERDAYS); photographer/filmmaker Greg Williams, who co-wrote and is attached to direct SAMARKAND, which has Tom Hardy attached to star; AMERICAN DAD writer Jordan Blum; writer/ director Kealan O'Rourke (EMILY THE STRANGE); and Josh C. Waller, of horror label SpectreVision. Alvarado's eye to develop high concepts and genre work is what led him to Circle, which produces THE WALKING DEAD. The show is coming off an amazing mid-winter debut that saw the show, which drew 15.8 million viewers, outperform the Olympics in the 19-49 demo.

How to Build Your Own DIY Filmmaker Equipment Essentials Kit - With a Resource Sheet

In this world of DIY filmmaking, it has become easier than ever to just pick up a camera and start making your project. You don’t always need much money, a big crew, corporate backing, or other resources; you can just get up and go. But this certainly doesn’t mean your project is automatically going to look good. Even on a budget, even as a guerrilla filmmaker, it’s critical to have the tools you need to make something look professional and of high quality. You don’t necessarily need the top-of-the-line camera and all of the expensive specialty equipment found on a massive set, but there are things you’re always going to need with you, a kit that will have you covered in any situation. The challenge is determining what exactly this kit should look like. If you’re a DP, director, or a one-person-band doing all of the jobs at once, preparation is key. But if you go to any camera or equipment store or website you’ll notice just how many options there are. Tools for every occasion. Every type of lens. Every type of stand. Every type of light. Every type of microphone. It can be overwhelming to even look at. How can you distill all of these options into exactly what you need, a collection of tools that you can get on a budget and pack into one bag? Is that even possible? Your instructor Barry Andersson knows that it is. There are just some important things you need to know first. Barry Andersson is an award-winning director and cinematographer. He has directed 5 feature films, many of which were released in theaters—his most recent film is being distributed by Lionsgate. Barry’s career as a cinematographer includes several television pilots, acclaimed short films, numerous commercials, and countless commercials and corporate videos. Barry is also the author of the DSLR Filmmakers Handbook. Through his extensive experience, Barry has figured out the best and most cost effective equipment you need to make great content. Barry will share with you his time-tested soup-to-nuts equipment list and will show you, piece by piece on camera, what he uses and why. He’ll begin by walking you through the strategy of putting together your own kit and aspects you need to keep in mind when assembling the perfect collection of equipment. He’ll discuss the types of lenses to carry with you and what to get even if you don’t know anything about lenses. He’ll also delve into choosing the right case and strategies to efficiently pack everything you need. For filmmakers on the go, Barry will share how he packs everything he needs for travel without spending extra on baggage fees. Barry will share exactly what gear is essential for every type of project, including standard filming, talking heads, and B-roll. He will next discuss audio and the types of microphones, stands, poles, and extras you need to effectively capture audio on the go. Barry will walk you through the life-saving essentials he takes with him wherever he goes—seemingly miscellaneous items that no one ever says you should have. He’ll also tell you what things you don’t really need, even if people say you do. Barry will give you a resource list of 11 must-have items for your equipment kit and where you can find the best deal to purchase them.         Praise for Barry’s Webinar   “Great insight. Very practical and actionable advice.” -Martin R.   “This was so straightforward and practical. No theory, no filler, just exactly what I needed to know. Thank you” -Harold B.   “Barry’s advice was so helpful. I feel a lot less overwhelmed about buying new equipment now” -Sandy C.   “I NEVER find webinars that are this straightforward and useful. This was such a gem.” -Roger F.  

The Keys to Writing True Stories, Biopics, and Adaptations

If there has been one genre that has stood the test of time throughout the history of the film industry, it's the biopic. True stories about interesting people and events are always in vogue. Studios, indie production companies and the streamers love them because they draw big audiences and awards recognition. Actors love them because it gives them something meaty to chew on and increases their odds for awards success. Many a writer has broken through by writing a screenplay based on true events. And right now, especially with the streamers upping their game, the genre has never been hotter. But to write a killer, non-rote biopic, you need to understand where to find your material, how to secure it, and then how to best tell your version of the story so that it attracts representatives, producers, financiers, and talent. The last 10 years has seen a biopic renaissance. The Social Network, Wolf of Wall Street, The Imitation Game, 12 Years a Slave, The Theory of Everything, Bohemian Rhapsody, American Sniper, The Two Popes, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, The King's Speech, Dolemite is My Name, The Irishman and Ford Vs. Ferrari all have been nominated or won major awards. And those are just a handful of the biopics that have been distributed either theatrically or digitally over the last decade. And with the streamers going full force, the studios looking for the sure thing, and the independent community looking for smaller, unknown stories, the desire for biopic and true story screenplays is only going to grow. Even short form biopics are booming with TV series and limited series based on real people and events all the rage. Tyler Ruggeri is a screenwriter, story consultant, and former literary manager with over a decade of experience on both sides of the entertainment industry. His biopic script The Making of Rock Hudson sold to veteran producers Celine Rattray and Trudie Styler of Maven Pictures. He also adapted the acclaimed non-fiction book Trapped Under the Sea, which led to a series of writing assignments on both original projects and rewrites. He is currently working on a feature for a major studio and developing a limited series. Tyler began his career as a manager at Exile Entertainment, where he represented screenwriters and directors in addition to developing the company’s film/TV slate – among his clients were Academy Award winner Damien Chazelle (La La Land, Whiplash). Other projects he developed with clients sold to A-list producers/financiers. With his vast experience, Tyler not only knows the world of writing biopics, but how to find and secure material as well. He will teach you resources to help you find the right material and how to find the right story for you to tell. He'll show you how to secure intellectual property. He will instruct you on the benefits of wiring an original screenplay vs. an adaptation. He will dig deep into the process of how to shape your story, including how to find your way into the story before you start writing so that your opening is an attention grabber. He will teach you how to do research and how you can do the extra legwork to go deeper into the world of your story. He will dive into 4 tips to join fact with fiction and 4 tips on dramatic license and when and how to use it. Tyler will show you how to creative the best character arcs possible including character motivation, behavior, stakes, and how the characters exist in time and place. He will help you uncover themes and make sure those themes are fleshed out to attract the widest audience possible. He will then discuss the market, how to sell, how to cover yourself legally and much, much more.   If you've ever had a passion to tell a story based on a real person or events, Tyler will take you through everything you need to know to secure the IP, protect yourself legally, develop the story, write the screenplay and put yourself in a position to get the material massive attention.     "Legitimately one of the best classes I've ever taken. I've had a story based on a book I've been eyeing forever and didn't know how to go about it. Now I do. What an incredible blueprint to securing, writing, and selling biopics." - Amanda P.   "Outstanding in every way." - Marco G.   "I'm overcome with gratitude. The best." - Danny C.   "I don't think I could be any more inspired." Patricia S.

Stage 32 Presents: Industry Professionals Discuss The Current State of the Animation Industry During COVID-19

Founded in 2011 by Richard "RB" Botto, Stage 32 is the world's largest online platform connecting and educating film, TV and new media creatives and professionals worldwide. Stage 32 works with over five hundred industry professionals and executives who provide education, instruction and professional opportunities for members of the platform. Stage 32 currently has over 1,200 hours of exclusive film, television and digital craft and business education in its library. Stage 32 members use the platform daily to build their network, take online webinars, classes and labs, find work and cast and crew their projects. Stage 32 members range from students to Emmy, BAFTA and Academy Award Winners.   We work tirelessly to ensure that you know that Stage 32 is your online home to stay connected with over 600,000 creatives and professionals from across the globe.   Now, we are excited to present a virtual panel featuring some of the top minds in the Stage 32 community to discuss the current state of animation, as the industry adapts to a new development and production landscape after the COVID-19 pandemic.   In this panel discussion you will hear the point of view of top animation minds including Mike Mitchell (THE LEGO MOVIE: 2, TROLLS, THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE: SPONGE OUT OF WATER), Conrad Vernon (THE ADDAMS FAMILY, SAUSAGE PARTY, SHREK) and Harland Williams (Disney's PUPPY DOG PALS, Netflix's SKYLANDERS ACADEMY), all moderated by producer, and Stage 32 Managing Director, Amanda Toney.    Stage 32 is proud to be putting the "social" in #SocialDistancing. Please share this event on your social media and tag @stage32 on Twitter and @stage32online on Instagram.

How to Work with Animals and Hire an Animal Trainer for Your Independent Project

Any filmmaker who has worked with animals on set even once knows things can get complicated fast. Even actions as simple as walking a dog or petting a cat get tough when the animal is uncooperative or overwhelmed by crew, equipment, and multiple takes. No matter how small or independent your production is, it’s often worth it to bring on an animal trainer or handler when dealing with your furry (or scaly or feathery) castmates. And whether you have a trainer or not, it’s critical that you understand some key protocols and strategies to get the performance you’re looking for and keep the animal, cast and crew safe, comfortable and happy. Getting a great animal performance for your project can be a huge boon, but there’s a lot that goes into this and a number of considerations you need to make ahead of time. Yet this side of filmmaking can feel fairly niche—it’s not something a lot of people in the industry are adept at, and it’s certainly not usually taught in film school. So where do you even start? Do you hire an existing animal actor or can you bring on your own pet? How do you find a good animal trainer or handler that doesn’t use adverse training methods? And what do you need to do to keep everyone safe and comfortable but still get the animal performance you’re hoping for? There’s a lot to consider, but knowing general safety preparation, protocols and strategies can make all the difference. Theresa Carroll is an accomplished animal trainer and coordinator with over 15 years of experience and credits on projects like THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, ANNIE and SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Starting her career by providing pet therapy at children’s hospitals, Theresa has since provided animal acquisition, training and set coordination for countless films, TV shows, theater productions and commercials. Her other recent credits include MR. ROBOT, HIGH MAINTENANCE, THE LEFTOVERS, BILLIONS, POWER, LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MYERS, and commercials for AMERICAN EXPRESS, BLUE BUFFALO and NICKELODEON, among many others. Theresa’s deep experience working with animals on many different projects of varying budgets and requirements has made her an expert in this field and given her a passion in ensuring animals and the cast and crew around them are safe and have positive experiences. Theresa will teach you how to safely and effectively work with animal actors for your independent production and bring in animal trainers or handlers to get the performance you’re looking for and keep everyone safe and happy. She will first explain how you should find and bring on an animal trainer, including when you need one, where you should look, what aspects you should focus on, and how much you should expect to pay. She’ll also outline what you need to do ahead of production to prepare for shooting with animals, including setting safely guidelines, insurance, and proper documentation and paperwork. Theresa will then dive into how to actually navigate the shoot day with animal actors and will show you how cast and crew should interact with animals, where to hold them, how to acclimate animals, and much more.

Get Noticed: How to Stand Out and Get Publicity for Your Genre Film

As filmmakers, having your film stand out amidst the throng of weekly releases is no easy task. Oftentimes, you find yourself competing against studio releases and the multitude of small-to-mid-level distributors dropping a plethora of titles. This creates an influx of news that can make it feel impossible for an indie film to be noticed. Since a film’s success hinges so vitally upon a good marketing campaign, there has to be a plan from day one. In order to stand out, there are three things that you need to think about from the very beginning of your project: the assets you can create, the timeline of how you unroll those assets, and how to keep the publicity train chugging along up to and well after your film’s release. Writers and editors of genre and horror websites receive anywhere between 100-400 emails a day. A lot of messages that hit their inbox are automatically deleted because they look like every other press release that they simply don’t care about, don’t have the time for, or they know that their audiences aren’t going to be interested in. Yet with proper planning, you can figure out how to offer websites content on your film that they will be eager to write about, as well as create a lasting relationship for future projects from then on forward. Jonathan Barkan served as the Editor-in-Chief of Dread Central, one of the internet’s leading horror websites, where he spotlighted and championed countless independent horror films. He also served as acquisitions ambassador for DREAD Presents, a genre-centric distribution label under the banner of Epic Pictures Group. Before Dread Central, Jonathan served as the Managing Editor of Bloody Disgusting, another leading horror website. More recently, Jonathan joined forces with Epic Pictures’ Shaked Berenson to form the Horror Collective, where he serves as Vice President of Acquisitions and Distribution and finds and acquires genre titles for North American distribution as well as foreign sales. An internet personality, he has appeared on multiple podcasts and news segments to discuss the social and cultural significance of horror and his writing has been featured on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, WatchMojo, Atom Tickets, Phantastiqa, ComingSoon.Net, and Shudder’s weekly newsletter The Bite. Through his extensive background, Jonathan has become a bona fide expert on the horror film industry and how independent genre filmmakers find success. Jonathan will teach you how to operate the horror and genre website landscape in order to get your genre film featured and form relationships critical to the marketing and ultimate success of your project. First, Jonathan will walk you through the assets you need to have leading up to your marketing campaign. He’ll show you what content you can create cheaply and efficiently during all stages of production, how to make it look good, how to think outside the box, and what the dreaded “curse of knowledge” is. Next Jonathan will explain how to unroll these assets, including working with your distributor (or yourself) to create a marketing plan, what to unveil and when, who to offer exclusives to, and how to get your cast and crew involved. He will give you tips of what to consider when submitting to film festivals, what to use to promote your premieres when you get accepted and what to hold onto, and how to use festivals as further promotion of your film. Then Jonathan will delve into how to get onto major outlets. He will teach you how to find contact information for writers, how to write emails for the greatest chance of success, and how to maintain a relationship that you can always rely upon. Finally, he will walk you through what to do after your movie has been released. He’ll teach you how to keep interest high moving forward and how you can keep on unveiling content. Standing out and getting your film noticed is always hard, especially in the world of horror, but Jonathan will give you practical and actionable tools to find success and your project the attention it needs.     Praise for Jonathan's Stage 32 Webinar   "Really valuable and interesting content and told very clearly, concisely and just very open and down to earth, really enjoyed this webinar 5 stars!" -Jaye A.   "Excellent and thorough presentation." -Christopher B.   "Great host, very insightful webinar." -Matt D.   "The webinar and host were both great - lots of useful info" -Matthew L.

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