How You Can Effectively Storyboard Your Film to Save Time and Money

Hosted by Mark Simon

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Mark Simon

Webinar hosted by: Mark Simon


Mark Simon, the “Godfather of Storyboarding”, has over 30 years in entertainment, amassing over 5,000 production credits, including STRANGER THINGS, THE WALKING DEAD, DEXTER, BLACK LIGHTNING, WOODY WOODPECKER, DOOM PATROL, and DYNASTY. He is also the animation producer for the HOW HIGH 2, LITTLE RASCALS and TOOTH FAIRY 2 features. Mark participated in an Engineering Emmy for his work on Storyboard Pro, and was also inducted into the DAVE School Hall of Fame. He has won over 200 awards for projects he’s written and directed, has pitched and sold more than 35 production and distribution deals for his original concepts, and is the author of 13 books, including the industry bible STORYBOARDS: MOTION IN ART, 3RD EDITION. Mark is now bringing his expertise to our Stage 32 community! Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

When you think of storyboarding you may think that it's just for big budget productions, but the truth is that storyboards are MORE important for lower budget independent projects.

A storyboard helps conceptualize the director's vision of the script and creates a blueprint for all the departments on set to prepare and work from. When your indie film is shooting on shorter timeframes with little wiggle room for mistakes, storyboarding can help save your production time and money.

If you've never storyboarded before there are a lot of things to think of and plan for when planning out your scenes. Or, if you have storyboarded, it's good to refresh your knowledge and make sure you're maximizing your boards effectively.  You have to know when you should start storyboarding and who gets involved. You need to know how the boards get used with the cast and crew from pre-production all the way into post-production. And, most importantly you need to know how storyboards can help find mistakes in the script that could derail on-set production. 

And, when we wanted to provide storyboarding education to the Stage 32 community, we had to bring in the best…

Mark Simon, the “Godfather of Storyboarding”, has over 30 years in entertainment, amassing over 5,000 production credits, including STRANGER THINGS, THE WALKING DEAD, DEXTER, BLACK LIGHTNING, WOODY WOODPECKER and DOOM PATROL. He is also the animation producer for the HOW HIGH 2, LITTLE RASCALS and TOOTH FAIRY 2 features.

Mark is now bringing his expertise to our Stage 32 community!

In this webinar, you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to incorporate storyboards into your project and the importance of how it can help your production run smoothlyBy the end of this webinar, you’ll be running off to storyboard your next production!


What You'll Learn

An Overview of Storyboarding

  • The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of the Storyboarding Process
  • How Storyboards Save Your Production Time and Money

The Storyboarding Process

  • What Types of Scenes are Most Important to Storyboard
  • What You Should Provide Story Artists and When

How The Storyboard Affects the Production

  • How to Recognize When Something is Missing in a Script
  • Working with DPs and Camera 
  • Working with Stunts (If Your Production Has Stunts)
  • Working with Post-Production Effects Houses 

Case Study Examples

  • How one drawing saved a production over an hour of down-time
  • How one line in a script turned into four stunt days on the water

Q&A with Mark


About Your Instructor

Mark Simon, the “Godfather of Storyboarding”, has over 30 years in entertainment, amassing over 5,000 production credits, including STRANGER THINGS, THE WALKING DEAD, DEXTER, BLACK LIGHTNING, WOODY WOODPECKER, DOOM PATROL, and DYNASTY. He is also the animation producer for the HOW HIGH 2, LITTLE RASCALS and TOOTH FAIRY 2 features. Mark participated in an Engineering Emmy for his work on Storyboard Pro, and was also inducted into the DAVE School Hall of Fame. He has won over 200 awards for projects he’s written and directed, has pitched and sold more than 35 production and distribution deals for his original concepts, and is the author of 13 books, including the industry bible STORYBOARDS: MOTION IN ART, 3RD EDITION. Mark is now bringing his expertise to our Stage 32 community!


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The Pitch Tank Webcast with Special Guest Viacom CBS Senior Executive Janean Jeffries

We've got another fantastic Pitch Tank Webcast with special guest, Senior Coordinator Janean Jeffries of ViacomCBS! Janean works directly with the Executive Vice President Head of Production for MTV, VH1, CMT, Paramount TV, Logo, Smithsonian Channel, MTV Studios, TVLand, Pluto TV, Comedy Central, and Pop. Janean has over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, giving her a broad knowledge of what executives want and need on their screens. Previously, Janean worked for Love Life Entertainment & CBS Films. During the webcast we heard excellent pitches across the spectrum, from Action Adventure and Sci-Fi to Character-driven Drama and even TV-series.   

Introduction to Feature Film Screenwriting: Perfecting the Basics + 14 Script Downloads

You have a story idea in your mind and you just know it will make a great movie or TV show. You either day dream or stay awake at night with characters entering your head wanting to be given life on the page. You have notes jotted down of scene ideas, pieces of dialogue or inspiration you could see in a script. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you are on the path to being a screenwriter, but, where do you start? Screenwriting is a special art form unto itself - it takes a fertile, vibrant mind to develop story and character, yet immense discipline of the writing craft. Too many writers try to jump into this insanely competitive field with little to no training.  It takes 5-10 pages of a screenplay for a professional to know whether or not you know the basics of screenwriting, so don't you want to give yourself the best chance to stand out as a professional? It's important you understand the craft to make sure that when you do get your script in front of a decision maker that yo have a competitive advantage to get them past page 10. Mary Cybriwsky produced Joe Dante’s BURYING THE EX, starring Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario and Oliver Cooper, as well as executive produced STICKY NOTES starring Ray Liotta, Rose Leslie and Justin Bartha. Prior to opening production/management company Scooty Woop Entertainment in 2009 with Frankie Lindquist, Mary worked in all aspects of film development and production as an executive at Mosaic Media Group / Atlas Entertainment under the prolific producer Charles Roven and his team, on projects such as THE DARK KNIGHT, GET SMART, THE INTERNATIONAL, THE BANK JOB, amongst others. Mary is a disciplined teacher of the screenwriting basics and in an exclusive Stage 32 Next Level Class, Mary broke down in four jam-packed sessions what you need to know about the basics of screenwriting.  If you are brand new to the screenwriting profession, or a seasoned writer who wants to brush up on your skills, this class goes over the basics of screenwriting to perfect your craft. The objective of this 4 session class is to cover basic screenwriting formatting, 3 act structure, characters, plots, themes, what to write and what NOT to write, but Mary will go over so much more! Best of all, the class sessions are available immediately to watch on demand at your leisure!   You Will Receive These Handouts: Title page format spec sheet Sample screenplay page, broken down section by section with descriptions Screenwriting dialogue tips Plus! You will get these pilots to download for FREE: Feature Film Scripts LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE ALL YOU NEED IS KILL (movie version changed title to: EDGE OF TOMORROW) PARASITE THE TRIAL OF CHICAGO 7 GET OUT GREEN BOOK THE BIG SICK INSIDE OUT Television Pilot Scripts THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT BREAKING BAD MODERN FAMILY FLEABAG BARRY GAME OF THRONES     Testimonials about Mary's Class:   "Loved Mary's teaching process! Will definitely take other classes if she offers them in the future." - Jessica R.   "Very good basic introduction course!" - Diana B.   "Mary makes learning the basics of screenwriting easy and welcoming. I have a lot to think about." - Harry M.   "After this class writing is no longer scary. I can't wait to type FADE IN!" - Paul M.

Stage 32 Budgeting Class: How to Create & Maintain a Successful Television Show Budget

As a television maker, one of the most difficult aspects of your job is creating and managing the budget for your project. Budgeting a feature or a short can be complicated enough, but at least you have all of the information at your fingertips. You have a script, schedule, rates—all of these things are at your disposal. However what happens when you need to budget a TV show? You don’t have all the scripts, there’s seemingly no way to create a schedule and, on the surface, no way to generate a budget. And once that budget is established, how do you handle decision making and cost tracking over a many, many months long process? These seemingly unsolved issues do have answers, and ones that may be simpler than you think. Successfully producing a TV show to get on screen requires that you understand not just how to build a TV budget, but also how to operate it. Knowing the ins and outs of Movie Magic and the various tools within as it relates to television is key. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and drown in the details of creating and managing the budget of a series. Through thorough research of the software, what it does and how it affects your project, you will be able to create TV budgets with ease. Presenting a solid TV budget will help you gain the confidence of those who can ultimately invite you into the inner circle of TV producing and allow you to advance your career to new heights. To help you on your path is Rami Rank who is a producer on Amazon's GOLIATH, DEXTER for Showtime, SWINGTOWN for CBS, HELP ME and HELP YOU for ABC, as well as features such as the remake of APRIL FOOL'S DAY. Through his storied career, Rami has produced and budgeted for all types of television shows, including some of the biggest ones out there. He knows intimately what goes into the vital aspect of creating a budget for these projects and is ready to share all he’s learned exclusively with the Stage 32 community. In this 3-session class, Rami will offer detailed, practical, and exhaustive guide to creating and managing a successful TV budget. In session one he will review the basic starting point of a TV budget: where the information comes from and how to utilize it. He will review some basic concepts like Budgeting and Scheduling Software, Rate Guides and the two types of budgets you’ll be creating – Patterns and Amorts. Session 2 will be a deep dive into the Amort budget. Students will receive a copy of an Amort budget to use as reference as we walk through all of the departments, positions and costs to consider in preparing the Amort. In the final session you will receive copies of a pattern budget to use as reference as he teaches how this budget is transformed into an episodic budget and then tracked using hot costs and cost reports. You will leave these three classes with the knowledge base and confidence to tackle any TV budget. Plus this class comes with exclusive handouts that you can use for your own projects including: PDF copies of real Pattern and Amort budgets.     "As a long time producer, I know how important a solid budget is for any television show, and I know just how challenging it is to create one successfully—much harder than for features and shorts. I’m excited to empower producers and creatives in the Stage 32 community to do the same. Get ready to learn more about TV budgets than you ever have before!" -Rami Rank

How to Strengthen Your Supporting Characters & Subplot in Your Script

Writing the hero or main characters of your story is always fun. You typically have an immediate sense of who your character is, what they like, where they live, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they relate to the world around them. What may not be as easy and might be considerably more difficult is writing your supporting characters - particularly when it is a large ensemble of characters that you need to introduce. It is just as important to develop your supporting characters as it is your main ones. Your supporting characters add tremendous value to the arch of your main character’s journey and therefore require a sincere investment to their development. A supporting character can be a sidekick, sibling, or best friend of the main character. Whoever they are, they have an important role to play in your story. The last thing you want is to leave the potential of the supporting character sitting on the back burner. It’s time to bring them up front and really brainstorm what they can bring to the table of your script. A supporting character can greatly enhance your subplot and move the general plot forward if you truly understand how to utilize them. We have the tools to help you master this exactly. Jordan Barel is a seasoned filmmaker, television coordinator, an award winning publisher, and business owner who founded Loaded Barrel Studios, publishing graphic novels and obtaining international awards, including the Independent Publishing Book Awards (2012, 2013), The LA Book festival, the Geekie Awards ®, and many others. He has optioned his incredible books and screenplays with producers such as David Uslan, Brendan Deneen who has done work for MARVEL Entertainment and DC, Jeffrey Erb, and Aaron Berger who has contributed to projects like TURBO and CRIMINAL MINDS. Jordan will demonstrate the effective approach on how to utilize your supporting characters to enrich your storytelling. Jordan will discuss how your supporting characters can be utilized to bring depth to your story and connect it to the Hero’s Journey of the main character in your script. He will also touch on using supporting characters as a unique element to deliver key exposition and tools on ways your supporting characters can deliver a subplot. Jordan will break down case studies of various film types and how they use supporting characters & sub plots in story. By the end of this webinar, you will feel well-equipped with ideas on how to strategically use your supporting characters to magnify your story to its fullest potential. Jordan is thrilled to deliver this exciting material to members of the Stage 32 community.   Praise for Jordan's Stage 32 Webinar    "It was absolutely excellent information." - Gerri G. "Great speaker, lots of great info. Thanks!" - Ron H.  

The Pitch Tank with Special Guest Producer Aimee Schoof

In this Pitch Tank webcast, we welcome producer Aimee Schoof of Intrinsic Value Films. Aimee has produced more than 35 feature films! Of those, 10 have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, 4 at the Tribeca Film Festival, 3 at SXSW, and one each at LA Film Festival, Toronto, Venice, New York FF, New Directors/New Films, and Berlinale. Among many of her notable films, she produced TESLA with Ethan Hawke, AMERICAN SATAN with Malcolm McDowell, MARJORIE PRIME with Jon Hamm, EXPERIMENTER with Peter Sarsgaard, BLUE CAPRICE with  Isiaiah Washington, Tim Blake Nelson, DEATH OF A DYNASTY with Kevin Hart and Rashida Jones, and XX/XY with Mark Ruffalo. She has expanded into television and currently has a slate of scripted and unscripted projects and feature films in all phases of production. And on top of all of that, Aimee is also a partner in the comic book publishing company Red Giant Entertainment, developing comic book properties for film and TV! During the webcast, we hear pitches that range from Sci-Fi to Supernatural in both film and television! Aimee provides some incredible insights and provides her 2 key pieces of advice to keep in mind while pitching!

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