How To Develop Your Live-Action Kids' TV Show

Hosted by Laura Courtie


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Laura Courtie

Webinar hosted by: Laura Courtie

Development Executive (worked with Paramount, Nickelodeon & Awesomeness TV)

Laura Courtie is a Creative Executive with 10 years of experience supervising the development and production of scripted and unscripted TV series and digital content for cable and streaming platforms, with a strong focus on comedy. Most recently, Laura oversaw the creative development and production of comedy series and specials, including serving as Executive in Charge of Production on iCARLY, FAIRLY ODD PARENTS: FAIRLY ODDER, SIDE HUSTLE, THE SUBSTITUTE, THE J TEAM, POWER RANGERS: DINO FURY, and CALIFORNIA DREAMING. Laura has a robust network of relationships with writers, producers, agents, and managers. She is passionate about creating inclusive programming and has a proven track record of sourcing and fostering professional development of diverse writers and directors. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

A New Webinar for Writers and Kids' Content Creators!

Join Laura Courtie, an executive who's worked on iCARLY, SIDE HUSTLE, FAIRLY ODD PARENTS, the POWER RANGERS franchise, and more, to find out how to develop your own kids' show.

Kids in the 6 to 11 demographic are among the largest consumers of television and media, with the average child watching just over two hours a day of screen time between television, the internet, computers, and other electronic devices. These numbers are why major networks, cablers, and streaming platforms are hungry for new live-action television shows to fill their programming and keep kids ages 6 to 11 watching. 

This high demand is your professional opportunity. 

But to see your show on a cable giant like the Disney Channel or a streamer like Apple, you'll first need to understand what kids ages 6 to 11 like to watch, what executives are looking for, and the elements your show needs to win buyers over. And that's exactly what you'll find out in this exclusive Stage 32 webinar with television executive Laura Courtie

Laura is a Creative Executive with over 10 years of experience developing and producing scripted and unscripted projects for broadcast networks, cable networks, and streaming platforms.

If you don't know Laura's name, you'll definitely know her work as she served as the Executive in Charge of Production on iCARLY, FAIRLY ODD PARENTS: FAIRLY ODDER, SIDE HUSTLE, THE SUBSTITUTE, THE J TEAM, POWER RANGERS: DINO FURY, and CALIFORNIA DREAMING.

In this webinar, Laura will use her stellar experience to show you what's trending today with viewers and buyers, the various demographics of kids' content, who the major players are, how to develop your show, and more.

Join Laura and find out how to create a successful kids' show while learning from one of the best kids' programming executives in the business.


“As the creator & EP of the Nickelodeon sitcom 'Side Hustle,' I was delighted to have Laura Courtie as my network executive. She always tried to make the show better with a focus on character and story. She also happens to be a genuinely nice person who always stayed positive and poised regardless of any challenges that came our way.” -- Dave Malkoff, Showrunner & Creator of Side Hustle

“Laura Courtie is a super talented executive on the rise. She has great sense of story, character, and structure. I was impressed when working with her on the Nickelodeon show 'Side Hustle' and how good she is at helping writers/producers navigate the corporate landscape- whether it be casting, programming, promotion, or one of the myriad divisions working on a show. We felt lucky to have her as our point person between the studio and the network.” -- Ron Hart & John Beck Showrunners of Side Hustle & Creators & Showrunners of Liv & Maddie

“Laura is every casting director’s dream development executive. She is clear, collaborative, and communicative with impeccable taste. She is a champion of all talent in front of and behind the camera. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Laura on over a dozen projects and am constantly blown away by her expertise and passion for inclusive storytelling.” -- Beth Benge, CSA

What You'll Learn

Live Action Kids Content Overview

  • What is Kids' Content?
  • The Different Formats and categories of Kids Programming
  • Animation vs. Live Action
  • Successful Series Examples

Programming for the Right Audience

  • Navigating the 4 Quadrants of Kids' Content
  • Pre-school age 2-5
  • Bridge age 6-8
  • Kids age 6-11 (Sweet spot 9-10)
  • YA age 12-18+
  • Understanding the main differences of the Quadrants
  • The mandates of the 4 Quadrants

Creating Successful Kids' Content

  • Tips to live by
  • Formats to avoid
  • Common Mistakes to avoid

Emerging Content Trends

  • The latest new formats and content trends
  • What’s hot now and why

Kids TV State of the Union

  • The 3 main buyers and what makes them each different (Disney+/Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Apple)
  • What are executives looking for?
  • Understanding your competition for gaining kids' attention

Q&A with Laura

About Your Instructor

Laura Courtie is a Creative Executive with 10 years of experience supervising the development and production of scripted and unscripted TV series and digital content for cable and streaming platforms, with a strong focus on comedy.

Most recently, Laura oversaw the creative development and production of comedy series and specials, including serving as Executive in Charge of Production on iCARLY, FAIRLY ODD PARENTS: FAIRLY ODDER, SIDE HUSTLE, THE SUBSTITUTE, THE J TEAM, POWER RANGERS: DINO FURY, and CALIFORNIA DREAMING.

Laura has a robust network of relationships with writers, producers, agents, and managers. She is passionate about creating inclusive programming and has a proven track record of sourcing and fostering professional development of diverse writers and directors.


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Reviews Average Rating: 5 out of 5

  • I took 4 pages of notes -- great insight into the business from somebody who clearly lives it every day.

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International Co-Productions: Picking the Right Partners, Funds & Strategy for Success

As the world becomes flatter and technology brings us closer together, opportunities for international cooperation continue to abound. For producers or creatives looking to find or bolster their next indie project, there’s a huge amount of potential in joining forces with companies or teams from other countries and pooling your resources together, creating something larger than the sum of its parts. Forming an international co-production can give you access to more funding and financing opportunities, more access to locations, actors and crew, and more sales and distribution opportunities after the film is finished. But while international co-productions can reap great rewards, they also present unique challenges. After all, each country has its own set of rules and regulations, its own red tape, and its own processes for getting things done. Navigating this transnational world requires a set of skills and wherewithal that can be hard earned but is hugely valuable. International co-productions are becoming more common in both mainstream cinema and the indie space. If you have your sights set outwards and are interested in working across country lines to create your next film, be prepared for some unique hurdles. For one, how do you even get started? How do you find international talent or partners in the first place? And once you find them, how do you woo them into working with you? How do you manage financing and how do you make compromises that make all parties happy? After all, collaboration is challenging no matter what, but working with people in another country, people who might not even share the same first language as you, amps that challenge up to another level. Birgit Kemner is a French-German producer who has headed up successful co-productions for nearly a decade. All her productions have been selected and awarded in renowned festivals such as the Cannes or Venice Film Festival. Birgit was previously Head of Marketing and Festivals at the MK2 group and has worked on international releases of over 50 films directed by filmmakers such as Gus van Sant (ELEPHANT, LAST DAYS, PARANOID PARK), Olivier Assayas (SUMMER HOURS) and Gela Babluani (13 TZAMETI - Lion of the Future at Venice, Jury Prize at Sundance and European Discovery at the European Film Awards) as well as numerous international film retrospectives of directors such as Charlie Chaplin, François Truffaut and Claude Chabrol. Birgit is bringing her years of successful co-production experience exclusively to the Stage 32 community. In this exclusive Stage 32 on-demand webinar, Birgit will use her extensive background to walk you through every step of creating a successful international co-production. She will begin by discussing tips on how to choose good projects in the first place and how to identify the right partners for you and your vision. She’ll teach you how to network and attract partners, especially in international markets when you often have ten minutes or less to make an impression. Birgit will then go over the challenges of funding and the resources available, especially in European markets. She will then talk about strategies and tips for your transnational partnership to survive and thrive, including tools to communicate, effective contracts, cash flow schedule, and how to determine who does what when. Finally, Birgit will delve into steps to take after the film is complete to bring it to the international market, get it into festivals, and optimize both marketing and sales. Simply put, you will be learning from one of the best. Birgit will illustrate all of these points by using two of her own films as case studies, HUMAN CAPITAL, which played in competition at Tribeca Film Festival, and EL ARDOR, which was an official selection at Cannes Film Festival.   Praise for Birgit's webinar: "Birgit gave me more information about international co-productions than I even knew existed. I now feel totally prepared and energized to tackle my next project" -James R. "Great slides and great information!" - Marisé S. "Awesome! Birgit covered the bases and inspired me to look outside the box." -Clint A. "Very informative, helpful information and guidance to take our next step into making our film. Thank you!" -Anastasia C.

The Adaptation Journey: Adapting Existing Intellectual Property for TV and Film

Learn how the pros acquire the rights to books or other intellectual property and adapt them into your favorite films and television shows, from a writer who’s worked with Clint Eastwood, Kevin Bacon and more! IP, short for “intellectual property,” has become the buzzword in recent years. Sometimes it seems like there aren’t any originals left. So if IP is what producers want, how are you supposed to get them to read your original pilot? Maybe it’s time to adapt that short story, magazine article, or epic fantasy novel you’ve had on your mind for years. Now, where do you begin? How do you lock down IP before someone else does? What does it cost to get the rights to the source material? And once you do get the rights, how do you attack it so that it has your voice but stays true to the original? In this exclusive Stage 32 on-demand webinar, you’ll learn the ins and outs of landing the rights to every kind of source material, including understanding the chain of title, how to approach the author or reps of the IP, and the different rights agreements available to you. You’ll know how to break the story in a way that audiences will love while still making the story your own, and how to attract talent to create a package that sells. Taking you through the journey of adaptation is Micky Levy, a screenwriter who launched herself in the industry with the script RAILS & TIES, which was directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden. She has a long history of adapting IP, including AMISH GRACE, which earned her a Humanitas Prize nomination, NOBODY by Caryl Phillips, DANCING IN THE DARK, THE COINCIDENCE MAKERS by Yuav Blum, and STOLEN WATERS by Ada Shauluv. Micky will take you through the process of securing IP, her own process of breaking the story, and how to launch your own writing career or package the project to produce. Micky will even provide examples of decks and mood boards that help emerging writers and producers sell their projects and that you can use to create a buzz for the next hit film or series created by you. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask Micky any questions you have during the live webinar about your own adaptation, writing process, or breaking into the industry. With Micky’s incredible industry experience, you can use this webinar to get ahead of the trends and snag the next juggernaut project based on IP that you had the foresight to discover. PRAISE FOR MICKY'S TEACHINGS: "Micky Levy was really well prepared and gave tremendous advice. Not only an experienced screenwriter and a skilled communicator, but just a fine human being too." -John D. "The webinar was very informative and helpful. I appreciated the inclusion of the instructor's own pitch deck during the presentation to have as an example." -Ardith M. "GREAT info - I will have to watch the replay to get it all again! Thank you!" -Paolina M.

Screenwriters, Producers, Filmmakers - Get Smart, Get Legal, Get Protected - With 40-Page Downloadable Workbook!

"The workbook alone is worth 10 times what the webinar cost. I am in awe. Thank you, Gary." - Antonio T.   There's nothing worse than having a screenplay bought or a project with financing get placed on hold because of legal issues that could have been handled at the start. Too many projects have been shelved permanently and will never see the light of day because of conflicts and misunderstandings that could easily have been avoided.  Unfortunately, few screenwriters, filmmakers or producers know the right questions that need to be asked and answered in order to protect yourself and your project legally. It doesn't need to be this way, though. There are simple legal steps you can take from the beginning to assure a smooth and steady ride so your focus can be on making the best project possible. Especially for those in creative fields, navigating legal issues can feel overwhelming and confusing, maybe even unnecessary. Yet having a basic legal understanding of how to protect your work and property is incredibly crucial. You need to know how to legally incorporate everyone's input and notes into your script without worrying about losing authorship. You need to know how to set up a partnership for success and why so many people run into trouble when doing so. You need to know when it's okay to agree to work for free or 'on spec' and why it's still vital to have a written agreement. And you need to know when it's okay to talk business on your own behalf. The good news is you don't need to pass the bar in order to ensure you and your projects are in good legal shape. Instead, you just need a little guidance.  Producer and attorney Gary W. Goldstein, star of Netflix's The Movies That Made Us, has produced some of the biggest box office hits in film history and has served as a mentor to dozens of prestigious writers, producers, and filmmakers. His credits include PRETTY WOMAN, UNDER SIEGE, THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, and many more. He's also papered some of the biggest deals in film history. By working as both a producer and entertainment attorney, Gary's knowledge of deal memos and contracts is without peer. He knows all the do's and don'ts, the tips and tricks, and the side streets and alleyways toward making sure that you are not only protected, but getting the benefits and compensation you deserve for your efforts.  Now, exclusively for Stage 32, Gary will teach you: A complete "how to" in order to assure that you use a proven and smart approach to protecting yourself legally His 3 rules that should never be broken when entering into deals Whether you should use an agent or an attorney (or both) to negotiate your compensation and benefits on your behalf How to deal with release forms and option agreements  How to assure you get everything in writing so there are no surprises or disappointments down the road How to maintain a paper trail of all communication and why it's monumentally important to do so. The realities of maintaining creative control and how to handle the creative contributions of others as well as the pitfalls to avoid when receiving feedback. The qualities of finding a good creative or business partner and the essential questions to ask up front.  As if all this wasn't enough, Gary will provide a 40-page interactive workbook exclusive for those who take this webinar. This is an invaluable resource! PRAISE FOR GARY'S TEACHINGS: "Here’s some practical advice for those seeking a career in Hollywood, from someone who really knows what the hell he's talking about." - J.F. Lawton, Screenwriter (PRETTY WOMAN, UNDER SIEGE) "When I met Gary, I had nothing but talent and a drive to succeed. Nine months later, I had my first script option, my first studio writing assignment, and a Writers Guild card. The advice here is worth its weight in gold" - Allison Burnett, Screenwriter & Director (AUTUMN IN NEW YORK, FEAST OF LOVE, GONE AND UNDISCOVERED GYRL) "Again, Stage 32 outdoes itself. What a score landing Gary. He's a legend." Jason R. "Gary, you had me from minute one. Amazing information. And delivered with class and style. -Angela P.  

The Business of Unscripted/Reality TV & the Best Way to Develop and Pitch It

There is a myth in the television industry right now: more channels mean it’s easier to sell a show, right? WRONG! The diversification of television and the dominance of streaming services over linear cable have made it HARDER to sell unscripted programming. Why? Because there are too many places for the audience to go. In order to get a hit, networks have to become specialized and truly define their brand in order to stand out. You can no longer just pitch IDEAS to networks. IDEAS are not STORIES and they’re not SERIES. There is a lot more work (research, interviews, and writing) that has to go into a pitch before you can take it to a network. Bomb a pitch and a network might not let you in the door again. Angela Molloy is one of the original unscripted executives having been in the game since 2001, when it was just getting started. She’s also one of the only executives who has been a network buyer, a production company development executive (seller), and an Executive Producer in the field. In this webinar you’ll learn get an overall sense of the reality landscape and concrete essential tips for how to develop and pitch into it. Sign up today to make sure you don’t get caught with your pants down during a pitch!  

Shooting a Film with a Crew of 10 People or Less

2-PART IN-DEPTH ON-DEMAND CLASS (OVER 4 HOURS OF EDUCATION) Learn from a producer, director, and editor with 30 years of experience making professional projects with a small crew in film, television, commercials, and more. Technology has never been more advanced and distribution options have never been more accessible. There has never been a better time to make your film, digital series, short film, or other project, and now, you can do it with just a few crew members and still achieve professional results. Unfortunately, most first-time filmmakers get caught up in the idea that they need a huge budget or a ton of people to make their dreams a reality. But that doesn’t have to be you. Your job is to use your creativity and ingenuity to find innovative ways to produce your project with a small footprint, and in this exclusive Stage 32 two-part filmmaking class, we’ll show you how to do it by using a tight crew that is just as passionate and dedicated to your project as you are. Over two information-packed sessions, producer and director Sean Blodgett uses his 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry to show you everything you need to make your project with a small crew. You’ll cover what crew roles you truly need at each stage, how to develop and budget your project for a call crew, your distribution options, and more. You’ll even look at case studies to apply your learning to real-world scenarios. You'll also receive exclusive handouts to keep and use on your own projects, including a crew checklist, sample blank film budget, actor agreement, and crew agreement. Sean and his company, Creative Motion Entertainment, have worked on many different kinds of projects, including film, television, and commercials. He’s worked with DreamworksTV on the series SECRET AGENT CHALLENGE, PBS on BENISE FIESTA, and high-level companies like LIBERTY MUTUAL, HONDA, and OSCAR MEYER. Sean previously worked on such television series as PARKS AND RECREATION, MAD MEN, MONK, and more. If you’re ready to make your project a reality by shooting with a small crew, find out how achievable your goals really are by learning from an industry professional who's done it for 30 years.  PRAISE FOR SEAN'S KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE: “I have enormous admiration and respect for Sean Blodgett. I have worked with him several times, in particular when he served as DP and Editor for two short films that I wrote, directed, and produced. Being that they were both low-budget, Sean wore multiple hats to help enable me to produce high-quality work at a more reasonable cost. He proved to me that you don't have to have a huge crew to do this! He also brought to the set boundless positive energy (something every set needs!). In post, he again wore more than one hat (besides that of a visual editor) and delivered exceptional results in a consistently creative and collaborative way. I think the fact that these two films went to countless festivals and garnered a number of nominations and awards is in no small part due to his talented contributions.”

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