Navigating The U.K. Film Market

Tips on Getting Your Film Funded and Made
Hosted by Laurie Cook


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Laurie Cook

Webinar hosted by: Laurie Cook

Producer/Head of Development at Bigscope Films

About Your Instructor, Laurie Cook, Producer and Head of Development at Bigscope Films: Laurie Cook worked as an Assistant Director for the BBC and Sky for four years before moving into Development, reading for companies such as Working Title, Qwerty Films and Element Pictures. Combining an experience of on set physical production and spotting talented script writers, he began producing high concept, low budget, commercial films. Laurie is now a Producer and Head Of Development at Bigscope Films in London. Laurie's credits include DON'T HANG UP, PRESSURE, ALIEN OUTPOST, HANGAR 10, CAMERA TRAP, HONOR and THE TRADE. Four of his films have sold theatrically across the world and he is always on the look out for the next talented writer or director. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Learn directly from Laurie Cook, Producer and Head of Development at Bigscope Films, who's produced 4 feature films that have sold theatrically worldwide!

Lured by generous tax incentives, many of Hollywood's biggest films have shot in London or are planning to head to the U.K. There is over $500,000,000 worth of public money to be spent on films each year in the U.K., and in 2012 there were over 250 films shot in the U.K. and over 600 films released there. It's a wonderful place to get films made, but the competition for finance and distribution is stronger than ever.

What makes the film market different in the U.K than in Hollywood? How do you get your foot in the door as a writer, director, or producer in the U.K. film industry? Once you're in, how do you stand out from the crowd?

In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, host Laurie Cook will guide writers, directors and producers through the independent U.K. film market from an insider's point of view: how to get funding for your script and film, how and why certain projects stand out against the rest, and how to boost your chances of success. This will be your go-to guide to navigating the U.K. film market and getting your film made in the U.K. You will leave with an agenda to make you and your project focused and well presented for maximum impact.

Your host Laurie Cook is a Producer and Head of Development at Bigscope Films, where he produced the films Pressure (starring Matthew Goode & Danny Huston) and Don't Hang Up (starring Gregg Sulkin) releasing this year, as well as Hangar 10 and Outpost, which were released in 2014. He knows the ins and outs of the U.K. film market, what executives are looking for when taking on projects and how to make your mark to get your script and films made.

What You'll Learn

What You Will Learn:

  • Differences between the U.K. Film Industy and Hollywood.
  • Where to get support for your script.
  • Where to get funding for your script.
  • Tips on how to get an agent.
  • How to get your script noticed & remembered.
  • How to make a name for yourself.
  • What I look for in a script I fast track.
  • Tips on attracting cast to your project.
  • Recorded, in-depth Q&A with Laurie!

About Your Instructor

About Your Instructor, Laurie Cook, Producer and Head of Development at Bigscope Films:

Laurie Cook worked as an Assistant Director for the BBC and Sky for four years before moving into Development, reading for companies such as Working Title, Qwerty Films and Element Pictures. Combining an experience of on set physical production and spotting talented script writers, he began producing high concept, low budget, commercial films.

Laurie is now a Producer and Head Of Development at Bigscope Films in London. Laurie's credits include DON'T HANG UP, PRESSURE, ALIEN OUTPOST, HANGAR 10, CAMERA TRAP, HONOR and THE TRADE. Four of his films have sold theatrically across the world and he is always on the look out for the next talented writer or director.


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U.K. Market: Producing Low-Budget Films Successfully

Learn directly from Laurie Cook, Producer and Head of Development at Bigscope Films, who's produced 6 feature films that have sold theatrically worldwide! With advances in modern technology across all facets of production, post and distribution, there is no better time to go and make a low-budget film and establish yourself in the industry. From Christopher Nolans' £4,000 Following to Eran Creevy's £100,000 Shifty to Jay Blakeson's £1 million Disappearance of Alice, there are different types of "low-budget" that have been proven successes in their own right, but more importantly a launching pad for the filmmakers. So what kind of film should you make? And how can you, regardless of how small your budget is, get the most for your money? Most importantly, how can you make sure that the right kind of people see your film once you have made it? In this exclusive stage 32 Next Level Webinar, host Laurie Cook will guide writers, directors and producers through his experience developing and producing for the UK low-budget market. Having produced 6 low-budget feature films in the past few years within the UK, which all received worldwide theatrical distribution, Laurie will teach you his tips and tricks for producing low-budget, high production value feature films and how to best utilize UK resources. From development ideas to sources of finance, production tips to the ever-changing distribution landscape, this will be your go-to guide for navigating the low-budget UK film market, with an open question and answer throughout the webinar for maximum interaction.

The Tools You Need to Transition to a Creative Career at Any Age

Hollywood is overwhelming for anyone trying to break in. The politics are difficult to track, the gatekeepers are challenging to get past, and there’s no clear blueprint for how to “make it.” It’s hard to know where to start, how to make inroads, and how to build a career. And these challenges can feel even steeper for those trying to transition to a creative career from a different industry or later in life. This doesn’t need to be the case. With a strong understanding of the industry and the right tools, this transition is absolutely achievable. Because, no matter what anyone tells you, this industry doesn't have an expiration age for people trying to break in.  In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, you’ll see how your unique life experiences can inform your creative work so that your age actually works in your favor and makes you an asset in this industry. Frank Stiefel began making films at age 63 and then won an Academy Award at age 70. Formerly a TV commercial executive in New York, Frank decided later in life to pursue filmmaking. His directorial debut, the documentary short INGELORE, played in national festivals and was later broadcast on HBO. His film HEAVEN IS A TRAFFIC JAM ON THE 405 went on to win the Jury and Audience prizes at the Austin Film Festival and earned Frank the Oscar at the 90th Academy Awards. Frank has found incredible success transitioning to a creative career later in life and is excited to reveal what he’s learned on his journey exclusively with the Stage 32 community. Using his own story and path to success, Frank will discuss how he made the jump to filmmaking later in life, what he learned along the journey, and what lessons you can take along with you as you make your own transition. Frank will use his first short film INGELORE as a case study to explain how to do research and take notes in the trenches. He’ll give you ideas of how to make something of your own on the cheap and what resources are available to you. Frank also helps you prepare to transition to a new creative career. He’ll go over questions you should ask yourself before making the switch and how to form your plan. He will talk about how to better afford the transition and other advice you should consider before making the leap. He’ll also explain the most important thing he learned while making the transition. Frank will then use HEAVEN as an example to demonstrate how you can use your unique personal background to inform your project and take criticism along the way. Frank will also discuss what he’s learned from his multiple festival runs and how he’s used it to win an Oscar, and what comes next after winning. Finally, Frank will break down how to make your own age and experience work in your favor while breaking in. Finding success in Hollywood is difficult, but Frank has done so by carving his own path. He will give you perspective, inspiration, and strategies so that you can do the same. Praise for Frank's Stage 32 Webinar "Extremely inspirational. Great words of wisdom for mature people who want to break into the business." - Karen B. "It was awesome and encouraging to have Frank Stiefel talk to people in their 50s, 60s and 70s that its never too late. Thank you Stage 32 for bringing this programming." - Ann K. "I thought the candor with which Frank spoke was amazing." -Kerry B. "Perfect seminar. I shy away from signing up for these when it's someone who is just 'in the biz.' Frank had a very real take on how to be successful in the industry and I appreciated that. Dedicated filmmaker with years of experience in other aspects of art and storytelling. It made for a very engaging and emotional webinar." - Anthony N.    

Understanding The Latin American Film Marketplace And How You Can Succeed In It

A New Exclusive Stage 32 Webinar! Learn how you can take advantage of the growing opportunities in Latin America in this webinar hosted by the international executive at Fintage House.    Since 2018 we’ve seen an explosion of filmmaking talent coming from Latin America. ROMA, from Mexico, took the world by storm when it emerged as a 3-time Oscar winner for best Director, best Cinematographer and Best Foreign Language Film of the Year, with 10 overall nominations. It came off of the heels of A FANTASTIC WOMAN from Chile, who also won Best Foreign Language Film of the Year and, ENCANTO from Columbia, which won best Animated Feature. This year 13 Latin American films were shortlisted for Oscar nominations, and of those films most were co-productions with other countries. There’s clearly something special happening in the Latin America film marketplace and it’s time you take advantage of it. If you have thought about working in Latin America, taking advantage of financial incentives to shoot there, or tapping into the talent in the area, now, exclusively through Stage 32, we’ll break down an overview of this region. You’ll learn about production, financing and distribution, as well as public policies and funding for film & TV production in Latin America. Not sure where to start? You’ll also learn the players in the area.  Guiding you on your Latin America journey is veteran Stage 32 Educator David Zannoni, the international consultant for Fintage House and the company’s representative in Latin America (among other areas), where he negotiates agreements for films and television series. He is heavily involved in business development and relationship management in the U.S., Latin America, and Spain. By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a strong knowledge of how Latin American entertainment works and how to jump into the vast opportunities with your project and get your project in front of audiences.   Praise for David's Previous Stage 32 Webinars: "David is incredible and lovely and clearly knows his stuff." -- Cynthia P. "Eye-opening information. A no-brainer approach that wouldn't be so obvious to the uninitiated." -- Gary O. "By far, the best class I've seen on the subject." -- Kirk K. "David is a fantastic teacher. More importantly, I learned so very much!" -- Isabella T.

Budgeting Lab: Build a Budget for Your Low Budget Feature in 8 Weeks

Payment plans available - contact for details Limited to 10 People - 2 Spots Remain   With so many platforms and distributors looking for new projects to fill their libraries, now is the perfect time to make your low-budget feature. But before you can take a single shot, you need to know what it costs. A bad budget can break a production before it even starts, but an expertly made budget can lead to investors and opportunities. Before you go out to investors to finance your low-budget feature, you must know how much money you need and, more importantly, how you’re spending that money. This ensures you don’t undervalue your project, which sets up production to run out of money before you finish. To get the right sum for your project, you either have to spend money you don’t have yet to hire a line producer and schedule or build one yourself without any experience. But, what if you could not only have a budget and schedule ready for everything investors expect to see but also have an expert look it through to make sure you’ve got everything you need? What if a professional line producer who’s worked on hundreds of budgets could show you the ins and outs of budgets so that you know how to do it yourself for all of your projects? In this Stage 32 exclusive lab, you’ll go directly through your low-budget feature script with Chris Smith, a line producer, producer, and production manager with over a decade of experience. He’s also built over a hundred budgets for projects of every level and format. Over eight weeks, you’ll learn how to comb through your script to determine every line item you’ll need from pre-production through post. Chris has made over ten indie features, been an Executive in Charge of Production, created content for MTV, Cartoon Network, NatGeo, and NatGeo, and has overseen countless commercials, music videos, shorts, and more. Having worked his way up through production, Chris knows every crew role, rental and item in budget, as well as how important they each are.  Over the course of his career, Chris has built over a hundred budgets for projects of every level and format. Chris will show you how to budget for: The schedule Above-the-line talent Every crewmember needed Rentals Locations Contingencies Production and accounting fees And so much more Using a limited class size, you’ll have the ability to work on your own budget and receive Chris’s invaluable experience, plus, see how these lessons adapt to each of your classmates’ projects. After every session, you’ll have an assignment to build on the information you’ve just learned and to practice while setting you up for the next session. You’ll also have access to handouts from Chris, featuring the budgets and schedules from professional productions to see exactly how the pros get it done. You’ll walk away with a budget, schedule, and the knowledge behind the choices you’ve made so that investors see you as a credible filmmaker and producer that they want to work with.

Is Your Script Not Getting Noticed? Turn It Into IP

Getting your work seen and considered is a SLOG, as any writer can attest. No matter how great your script is, even if it has placed in contests, even if you’re repped by a manager or agent, it is hard to break through the noise and get execs or studios interested in what you have to offer. Part of the problem, though, is that execs are often scared to move forward with an original story. It’s more of a gamble than relying on remakes, sequels, or other projects that already have brand awareness and a built-in audience. Yet this doesn’t have to be a deal breaker for you or your script. Instead, you can use this to your advantage. Like it or not, production companies and studios big and small are moving forward overwhelmingly with projects based on IP, or intellectual property—in other words, films that feature characters, worlds, and stories that already exist in other formats or other films. IP is the name of the game now, so let’s play the game! How? Turn your script into IP. It’s actually more possible than you think. Whether it’s a novel, a podcast, a web series, or other formats, you can prove your story’s worth and independently build your own audience so that execs start coming to you and that dream script of yours can actually get made. It’s been done, it continues to be done, and you can do it too. Don’t believe us? Listen to writer Matt Harry. When his original fantasy script SORCERY FOR BEGINNERS was going nowhere, he turned it into a novel that became a hit. The novel was described as “J.K. Rowling meets V.E. Schwab,” and Publishers Weekly declared it “a charming package and drily funny adventure.” Since then, the book was recently optioned for television by Boatrocker Media and Matt was hired to adapt the pilot. Book II in Matt’s series, CRYPTOZOOLOGY FOR BEGINNERS was published in 2019 and his middle-grade adventure novel SUPERKID is slated to be published in June 2021. His first produced feature screenplay, FUGUE, landed on several top-ten lists, won Best Horror Film at the Mississippi Film Festival, and was picked up for distribution by GoDigital. Matt has also written screenplays for Primary Wave, Platform One Media, Co-op Entertainment, and Flynn Picture Co. His short film SUPER KIDS, which he wrote and co-directed, has over 6 million views on YouTube. His TV pilot MONSTER COPS was awarded Grand Prize in the Second City Original Sitcom Contest, and is currently in development. Matt has experienced firsthand what can happen when you turn your own work into existing IP and is ready to give you the lowdown. Exclusively for Stage 32, Matt will teach you how you can turn your own script into IP to prove your story’s worth and get producers and execs interested. He will dig into why IP is so valuable, what types of IP exist, and how time consuming or expensive each type can be to create. Matt will lay out the seven main types of IP you can adapt your story into, all of which can offer your script leverage. Matt will discuss each type of IP and explain the steps you can take to make each happen and will also give you tips on deciding which IP format is right for your own project. He will also lay out what to do after your IP is out there to build your audience, get reviews, and incorporate your success into your pitch for production companies and studios.   If you have an original script you believe in, keep at it. Matt will show you how you can use IP to your advantage and beat Hollywood at their own game.   Praise for Matt's Stage 32 Webinar    "Overall it was very informative. The fact that there was an actual tried and true professional of the industry willing and able to answer questions and give the talk was a very huge plus for me." - J. Brown     "Matt has such a way with words. Articulates concepts exceptionally well." - K. Masters     "I loved how well-rounded he was in his creative endeavors. Matt knew about so many avenues to getting a script noticed." - Peter M "Matt Harry is a very knowledgeable person. Matt went into it with a solid plan that made picking up what was left out easier due to him referencing materials to look into for ourselves." - Jaboris B.

Stage 32 Presents: COVID-19 - A Conversation with Industry Professionals of the Current State of the Entertainment Industry

Founded in 2011 by Richard "RB" Botto, Stage 32 is the world's largest online platform connecting and educating film, TV and new media creatives and professionals worldwide. Stage 32 works with over five hundred industry professionals and executives who provide education, instruction and professional opportunities for members of the platform. Stage 32 currently has over 1,200 hours of exclusive film, television and digital craft and business education in its library. Stage 32 members use the platform daily to build their network, take online webinars, classes and labs, find work and cast and crew their projects. Stage 32 members range from students to Emmy, BAFTA and Academy Award Winners. Over the last few weeks, we have been working tirelessly to ensure that you know that Stage 32 is your online home to stay connected with over 600,000 creatives and professionals from across the globe. Now, we are looking forward to bringing you another virtual event to help you stay up-to-date about the state of the entertainment industry featuring some of the top professionals in the business. In this special event webcast we presented a virtual panel featuring some of the top minds in the Stage 32 community to discuss the current state of the entertainment industry as we are all faced with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our Stage 32 Managing Director, Amanda Toney, hosted this incredible lineup, where you will hear the point of view of a production company (Andrew Fried of Boardwalk Pictures), a lender (Viviana Zarragoitia of Three Point Capital), lender counsel (Carolyn Hunt of Barnes & Thornburg LLP), a talent representative (Tracy Christian of TCA Management), all moderated by producer and production company counsel (Elsa Ramo of Ramo Law PC). Stage 32 is proud to be putting the "social" in #SocialDistancing. Please share this event on your social media and tag @stage32 on Twitter and @stage32online on Instagram.   

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