How You Can Use Gap Financing From A Bank To Complete Your Movie

Hosted by Lina Ghandour


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Lina Ghandour

Webinar hosted by: Lina Ghandour

Senior Manager at Creative Industries Group; National Bank of Canada

Lina Ghandour is Senior Manager at the Creative Industries group (Film and TV-International Finance) at the National Bank of Canada, since 2017. Prior to that, Lina worked at other Canadian Financial Institutions for the past 18 years and specialized in the Media and Entertainment industry since 2010. Lina focuses on the Film and TV Motion lending on an International Level. She specializes in GAP-Presale financing with all other financing components needed to support producers. Although based in Montreal Canada, Lina travels to the biggest festivals and markets (Cannes, Tiff, Berlin, AFM, C21, SXSW) and often travels to Los Angeles and London to meet with partners, producers, and key players in the industry. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

A New Exclusive Webinar

Hosted by the Senior Manager at the Creative Industries Group, with 18 years of experience in helping filmmakers finance their projects.

You’ve raised money to produce your project but you’re still coming up short. Did you know that there is money available to you at the bank to help you fill in the “gap”? You just need to know how to get it.

Gap financing is a bank instrument for filmmakers that fills the “gap” in funding between the money you’ve already raised and your estimated film production budget to completion.

In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, you’ll cover the essentials of accessing gap financing.

No one knows the ins and outs of gap financing better than your instructor, Lina Ghandour. In her role as Senior Manager at the Creative Industries Group, Lina focuses on film and television motion lending at the international level. She specializes in gap-presale financing with all other financing components needed to support producers.

It’s more than making sure you know every aspect of your film or television package and meeting with a bank rep. It’s about knowing how the bank operates, who the people are that you’ll be working with, the insurance you’ll need, and how to choose the right sales agent for you.

You’ll find out what makes a production look like a worthy investment to a bank vs. one that’s too risky a bet. Plus, you’ll learn about the documents needed to close the deal.

Lina regularly travels from her base in Montreal, Canada, to Los Angeles and London to meet with partners, producers, and key players in the industry. She also attends the biggest festivals and markets worldwide, including Cannes, TIFF, Berlin, AFM, C21, SXSW, and more.

Lina is giving you what she’s learned working with productions just like you over the past 18 years all over the world. You'll walk away from this webinar with the knowledge you need to get that last bit of funding to make your project a reality.

What You'll Learn

Working with a bank

  • Understanding how all the pieces work together
  • How each player impacts your deal with the bank

The Role of the Bank (Senior Lender)

  • Why and when you need a bank
  • The Typical risk Banks are willing to take
  • The Life cycle of the transaction
  • Understanding the required documents/information
  • Understanding the Closing

The Role of the Other Players

  • The Mezzanine Lender/Equity player
  • Why they hold the risker transaction
  • Their place in the equation (behind the bank)
  • Government (Tax Incentives/Country grants)
  • The role and benefits of Tax Incentives
  • The role of Government grants when available
  • Sales Agents
  • The role of the Sales Agent
  • The importance of choosing the right sales agent regarding the bank’s involvement


  • Production Insurance
  • E&O Insurance
  • Completion Bond

Q&A with Lina

About Your Instructor

Lina Ghandour is Senior Manager at the Creative Industries group (Film and TV-International Finance) at the National Bank of Canada, since 2017. Prior to that, Lina worked at other Canadian Financial Institutions for the past 18 years and specialized in the Media and Entertainment industry since 2010.

Lina focuses on the Film and TV Motion lending on an International Level. She specializes in GAP-Presale financing with all other financing components needed to support producers.

Although based in Montreal Canada, Lina travels to the biggest festivals and markets (Cannes, Tiff, Berlin, AFM, C21, SXSW) and often travels to Los Angeles and London to meet with partners, producers, and key players in the industry.


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Stage 32 Next Level Webinars is extremely excited to exclusively present They Said "No" - Why Did They Pass on My Material taught by Dan Wiedenhaupt, former Creative Executive of Atlas Entertainment (WONDER WOMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, SUICIDE SQUAD, AMERICAN HUSTLE, THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY) Many filmmakers and writers look forward to that exciting moment when they get their work in front of executives. Once in front of an executive, it's exhilarating waiting for the decision makers to view a reel, hear a pitch, or read a script. Then, when the call comes and the decision has been made, sometimes it's a "pass" or "no" and the only question left on a filmmaker or writer's mind is "Why?" Why did they pass on my material? Says Dan, "After reading thousands of scripts and hearing hundreds of pitches, I found that there are many common problems and red flags in scripts and presentations that nearly everyone makes - problems which will immediately make me, or another executive, pass on the script or idea. This is something that affects every single director or writer at any stage of the process - whether you're a first-time filmmaker or a Hollywood veteran. I have spent several years working in all aspects of film, television, and commercials - from both a physical production and development angle. I've seen the best of the best and I've seen some of the worst. After this time of cultivating my taste and my thick skin, I'm ready to pay the wisdom forward. I will be brutal, direct and to the point, and hopefully a little funny, pulling back the curtain of the development process." Dan will teach you why you are not receiving the response you are looking for from your film or screenplay pitch and how to fix those issues immediately. He will show you the do's and don'ts related to introductions and openings of a pitch or submission. He will teach you the red flags within your pitch including your story, presentation and personality. He will dive into what execs are looking for, how to assure you're tailoring your pitch to who you're pitching and navigating the "Culture of No" (and giving them a reason to say "Yes".) Dan will even show you examples of pitches he's passed on and pitches that had him begging for more. That's just some of what Dan will tackle, and rest assured, he'll leave you not only with a wealth of actionable information, but a ton of inspiration as well!  Please note Dan elected to not to not be on camera, but you will see his full presentation.   Dan will explain to you exactly what it looks (and sounds) like from an executive's side of the table. He'll give you the tips and tricks to assure that your film or screenplay pitch is on point and attractive to representation, buyers, producers, financiers and development execs.   Praise for Dan "There's nothing like learning at the feet of an expert in their field. I was inspired from the beginning to the end!" -Marla O.   "There's nothing worse than being rejected. Except now understanding WHY I've been rejected. Thank you, Dan, for making me see the error of my ways and helping me course correct." - Terry G.  

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