How to Develop, Pitch and Sell Your Sitcom to a Network or Streamer

Hosted by Mike Gibbons


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Mike Gibbons

Webinar hosted by: Mike Gibbons

Multiple Emmy Award-Winning Writer & Producer (Hoops on Netflix, The Great Indoors on CBS, The Ellen Degeneres Show)

Mike Gibbons is a multiple Emmy Award-winning comedy writer and producer. He was the creator and EP of The Great Indoors on CBS, co-creator and EP of Tosh.0 and co-creator and EP of Sports Show with Norm MacDonald. In 2015 Gibbons launched The Late Late Show with James Corden, for which he won an Emmy Award. He also directed the Carpool Karaokes. His other work includes The Showbiz Show with David Spade, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Burn with Jeff Ross and Hoops on Netflix. He is a frequent contributor to Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, and was Co-Producer on The Between Two Ferns Movie. Gibbons received his BA from Boston University and his MA from NYU School of Education. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary


Do you want to know how you can sell your sitcom or sitcom concept to a streamer like Netflix, a premium channel like Starz, or to a network like NBC? We have the answers and the templates to get you there. But here's a hint for you, it all begins with the development and the pitch.

There is a literal template for comedy pitches. One that is helpful to you AND the executive you're pitching. This structure will help you focus your idea and underscore what the buyers need to hear in the room. As great as your script or your concept may be, you have to remember the competition is fierce. Your pitch needs to be on point.

To teach you all about this is multi Emmy Award winning comedy writer and producer, Mike Gibbons (GREAT INDOORS (CBS), HOOPS (NETFLIX), TOSH.0 (Comedy Central). Mike has sold many shows to the streamers, premium cable, and networks and he will show you how to do the same!

The great news is that all fantastic pitches share similar structure and in this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, we'll not only teach you how to develop and pitch, but how to handle your meetings, what to do in the aftermath, and even teach you what to do if your pitch sells.


What You'll Learn

  • Your Show Idea
    • Understanding personal and universal
    • Do you love your idea?
    • Hook and characters
    • Episode two
  • Pitch vs. Script
    • Even with a script, do you only pitch?
    • Should you have a deck or other supporting materials?
  • Attachments
    • Should you attach talent? What you'll need
    • Producers are usually involved but they don’t have to be
  • The Comedy Pitch Template (Studio Version)
    • Actual template from the biggest studio
  • The Comedy Pitch Template (Producer Version)
    • Actual template from the most successful sitcom producer
  • Where to Pitch?
    • Networks
    • Streamers
    • Who is buying what?
    • What would be the best home for your idea?
  • The Room – "Where It Happens"
    • Actual room vs. virtual room
    • Don’t underestimate the suits
    • How long?
    • How to use humor
    • Do you leave anything behind?
  • Sale or no Sale
    • What to do if it sells in the room
    • What to do if it doesn’t sell in the room
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Your Script
    • The do's and don’ts
    • The outline, the outline, the outline
    • Act breaks or not
  • The Pilot Pick-Up
    • Shooting the pilot
    • Series order
  • Q&A with Mike

About Your Instructor

Mike Gibbons is a multiple Emmy Award-winning comedy writer and producer. He was the creator and EP of The Great Indoors on CBS, co-creator and EP of Tosh.0 and co-creator and EP of Sports Show with Norm MacDonald. In 2015 Gibbons launched The Late Late Show with James Corden, for which he won an Emmy Award. He also directed the Carpool Karaokes. His other work includes The Showbiz Show with David Spade, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Burn with Jeff Ross and Hoops on Netflix. He is a frequent contributor to Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, and was Co-Producer on The Between Two Ferns Movie. Gibbons received his BA from Boston University and his MA from NYU School of Education.


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How to Make the Transition from Cinematographer to Director

Getting ahead is hard in Hollywood, and taking the next step in your career can be difficult when it feels like the expectation is for you to stay in your own lane. Being a cinematographer is such an exciting, rewarding, and important role on any project, but that doesn’t mean it’s where your journey has to stop. If you have aspirations to move into directing and make your own film, that path is more possible than you might think. In fact, your background as a cinematographer might even catapult you to this position, since, in an effort to save film funds, it’s becoming more common for producers to hire cinematographers who can also direct. Many people believe that the roles of the director and cinematographer are separate, but actually they are partners in the storytelling process. This means that making the leap from cinematographer to director is not as hard as you might think. However, whether you want to exclusively direct or be a DP / director combo, you have to adhere to a certain mode of operation, master the art of collaboration, and hone your ability to speak clearly to your cast and crew in order to maximize your time on set. So how do you get that first directing job? Can you effectively direct and shoot at the same time, and if so, how do you divide your precious time between your cast and crew? With careful planning and a solid understanding of how to manage your responsibilities on set you can become the perfect “double threat” that producers love, while putting extra cash in your pocket and achieving more of your creative goals. Ryan Little is a director, producer, and cinematographer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. His first feature SAINTS AND SOLDIERS, for which he took on the dual roles of DP and director, won 16 “Best Picture” awards and two nominations at the Independent Spirit Awards including Best First Feature and Best Cinematography. Since then, Ryan has served as cinematographer and director on a slew of projects and has directed actors like Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Sean Astin, Neal McDonagh, Gary Cole, Dolph Lundgren, and Mickey Rourke. Most recently Ryan has worked with Producer Dean Devlin on the TNT pilot BLANK SLATE and has directed TV episodes of shows like GRANITE FLATS and EXTINCT. Ryan has built a storied background and deep well of knowledge in both cinematography and directing, and is ready to share what he knows with the Stage 32 community.   Using his own experience as well as his deep understanding of the industry today, Ryan will teach you how you can make the transition from cinematographer to director and use your photography background to your advantage. He will begin by broadly discussing the prospect of switching from cinematographer to director and explaining why it’s possible. He will go over how he made the transition himself as well how other notable directors made a similar shift. He will demonstrate why your background as a DP will actually make you a better director yourself. Ryan will then delve more deeply into how best to land your first job as a director, including “planting seeds” for future opportunities, playing to your strengths as a practiced cinematographer, using the connections you’ve already built, and how to create sample work to help show your value. He will also discuss the possibility of serving as a Director/DP combo on set as a way to break in, what that looks like, and how to do both roles effectively at the same time. Next, Ryan will give you the rundown of how to best tackle your first directing gig. He’ll go over the aspects of directing you can expect to come naturally and the aspects that might be more of a challenge because of your background, as well as how to let the DP role go when directing. Ryan will teach you how to best prep for your first directing gig before going on set. He’ll talk about how to create your “style guide” for the project, finding your story moments ahead of time, making a useful shot list, and how best to use storyboards. He will then talk about how to spend your time on set as a director, including how to manage your time and break up your day and how to tell the story in your coverage. He will reveal three mistakes commonly made by directors during rehearsal and will discuss when the right and wrong times to operate the camera yourself are. He will also go over finding the balance between assertive and collaborative on set and how to set the right tone. Finally Ryan will focus on working with actors from the mindset of a cinematographer, including how to speak the actor’s language, how to hold the essential one-on-one actor preproduction meeting, and what you can do to become an “Actor’s Director”. Through all of this, Ryan will give you the tools and confidence to make the switch you might have been contemplating for a while and take the next important steps on your journey to become a bona fide film director.   "I attribute a lot of my success to my background as a cinematographer. It's given me so many great opportunities and the skills to advance in my career in exciting ways. I want other cinematographers to better understand their value and potential as filmmakers, and am so excited to share what I know to empower the current DPs and future directors that are part of the Stage 32 community." -Ryan Little

How Conscious Creatives Can Use CHI Energy & Meditation to Stay Inspired, Motivated & Productive

We've all read the studies as to the benefits of meditation toward living a more calm and focused life. What you may not know is that many successful people from entrepreneurs to athletes to artists and film creatives use a combination of meditation and visualization to identify and prioritize what's important toward achieving their overall goals, concentrate on important tasks, cut out distractions and stay in the zone. If you find yourself lacking motivation or focus in your creative pursuits, if you're feeling beaten down by global events, if you feel as if you're unable to push through to higher plateaus, CHI energy might just provide the answer you're looking for. The idea behind CHI Energy is to help you free yourself of all mental obstructions by using state of the art techniques and mindset strategies that help elevate performance and results to the highest level of consciousness whether your work is behind or in front of the camera. Patricia Chica is a multiple award-winning director, producer, energy influencer and coach whose mission is to bridge the gap between storytelling, performance and Chi Energy within the film industry. She has been a go to teacher for hundreds of actors, crew members, and film industry professionals.  Through individual training and her global CHI Energy Workshops, Patricia has helped legions of people become aware of the power of the mind, body and spirit and how to use that energy to better create, get through blocks, overcome mental obstacles and generally find more happiness in all pursuits. Another goal of CHI Energy is to help you become a better collaborator, something that can serve you well throughout your career. Patricia will introduce you to the unique approach and application of conscious practices that she has not only taught around the world, but uses on with her cast and crew on her own projects as a filmmaker and a producer. She will cover how to boost your immune system so you have less down time and worries about missing your goals due to health issues. She'll teach you the art of zen, but more importantly, how to carry that zen with you in the day to day - especially important in these uncertain times. She will show you how to use your time at home to elevate your performance and creativity to a higher level. In a very key segment, Patricia will speak to the 5 levels of empathy and how to expand our emotional connection. Patricia will then take you through meditation and visualization exercises that you can begin practicing today! This webinar is open to all industry professionals, writers, directors, producers, financiers, sales agents, crew people and actors curious to learn simple techniques involving Chi Energy, visualization, and meditation and how to apply them for filmmaking, peak performance and creativity. Praise for Patricia's Stage 32 Webinar:  Very positive and inspiring. Loved her five levels of empathy and how you work with each chakra. -JoAnne E. Great content! -Maritere Y. Awesome topic, Loved it! -Caroline B.    

Film Financing Today: How to Produce a Film Between $15MM-$30MM

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How to Write a Great Sitcom Pilot Script with a Case Study of HBO's BARRY pilot

Watch This Exclusive Stage 32 Webinar Now And Receive The Pilot Script for HBO's Emmy-Winning Sitcom BARRY The television landscape is constantly changing, with new technology, new networks, new trends, and new players. Yet a constant throughout the years has been the popularity of the situational comedy. From I LOVE LUCY all the way to ABBOT ELEMENTARY, there has always been an appetite for new sitcoms, funny stories and beloved characters to come back to week after week (or binge all at once). And in the last 10 years, the single camera sitcom like HBO's BARRY has become wildly popular. As a result, if you have great idea for a sitcom and a great pilot script to go with it, networks, streamers and reps are always going to be interested. But first you have to write that pilot. But you can't build a house without a blueprint. That's why it's so important to understand the sitcom pilot script on a fundamental level. A written TV pilot is not something physically tangible. You're selling the network an idea, an episode, and, really, an entire series without ever shooting a single frame. That alone is an overwhelmingly huge task. This is why people often struggle writing a pilot script. Putting too much into the script, or not enough. Properly setting up the world. Getting your audience attached to your characters. Including enough jokes and still having a prominent story. All of these elements make crafting your sitcom pilot difficult and the overall process intimidating. Yet shining a light on the pilot process can help reduce the fear and better equip you when writing. David Shecter has has been working in the television industry in production, development, and as a writer for over a decade. He has written on many shows, including season 5 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. His experience and success on that show landed David on the pilot of the CBS smash hit 2 Broke Girls, where he worked his way up as a staff writer on the 6th and final season of the show. Since 2 BROKE GIRLS, David has served on the FOX sitcom OUTMATCHED starring Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson and was named a WGA TV Writer Access Honoree for his script For Worse. David’s continued work in the sitcom TV world has lent him a keen understanding of what makes these shows successful and how to make the most of your sitcom pilot. David breaks down how to write a great sitcom pilot that can build your world, show your style, and appeal to both executives and audiences. He’ll give you tips on how to find your sitcom’s tone and decide where it lies on the comedy spectrum between comedy and drama. He’ll discuss the differences between premise-based and character-based sitcoms and teach you how to find the balance between jokes and story. Next David will delve into the proper structure of a sitcom pilot, looking at length, episodic vs. serialized and if commercial breaks are still a thing. He’ll give you tips on how to start writing your sitcom pilot and break down the anatomy of a sitcom scene. He’ll share tips on how to build effective sitcom characters and will finally teach you how to best establish your world through the pilot and how to pack everything neatly into your script. David will even offer a deep dive of the pilot script for HBO's Emmy-nominated sitcom BARRY, analyzing why this script works. Everyone who signs up will receive a free download of this script. David is excited to show you the proper tools so you can start building the world of your sitcom from the ground up with complete confidence and create a product that can help you find the success you’re looking for.

Robert Mckee Presents: Storynomics - Exclusively for Stage 32 Masters of Craft

In a rare online appearance and for the 2nd time Stage 32 is proud to bring back the award winning author and teacher Quincy Jones calls "Aristotle of our time" Robert McKee. Now, for the first time online with Stage 32 he'll be going over concepts from his latest book, STORYNOMICS! "You just don't get Robert McKee like this for this kind of price. Kudos to Stage 32 and thank you Mr. McKee" - Burton B.   PRAISE FOR ROBERT'S TEACHINGS: "Just wanted you to know that McKee's webinar was fantastic. One of the best lectures I have heard on the craft. He was brilliant. And irascible." - Anthony R. "Was a pleasure to hear from him in this setting given it is hard for me to make it out to LA or NY for his Story seminars. Thanks again for a positive experience!" - Adam K. "Always inspired and impressed by the knowledge and information that comes from a McKee lecture! Bravo for offering a webinar!" - Julie S. "It put real flesh and blood to all the self-studying I've done over the years that has led to the publications of my stories. It was an honor to meet him live and in action. His closing words were inspirational, and I hope to be able to participate in future Stage 32 webinars of this nature." - Tarra K "Thank you RB and your awesome teem, and a big thanks to Robert McKee who is truly a Master of the craft! This webinar could be hard one to top in the writers field." - Scott W.  

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