How to Start a Career in Line Producing

Hosted by Michael Mandaville


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Michael Mandaville

Webinar hosted by: Michael Mandaville

Line Producer (Taken 1-3, Havoc, The Kiss)

For over 25 years, Michael Mandaville has worked as a line producer on countless projects, ranging from shorts and independent features to large blockbusters like the TAKEN, TAKEN 2 and TAKEN 3 starring Liam Neeson. His other producing credits include HAVOC with Anne Hathaway, THE KISS with Terence Stamp and Billy Zane and AMERICAN HISTORY X with Edward Norton. In addition to producing, Michael has directed commercials, shorts, a documentary and industrial films. He has also worked on MANAHI, an Arabic language comedy which was the first film shown in Saudi Arabia in 35 years. Michael’s long history in the world of line production makes him the perfect person to speak to this industry, and he’s keen to share what he knows with the Stage 32 community. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Learn the essential skills to enter the lucrative career of line producing from an accomplished line producer with over 25 years experience producing blockbuster films. 


The job of a line producer certainly involves its fair share of number crunching and pre-planning, but it doesn’t end there. A large part of the job is to understand the ‘path of compromise’, which is especially necessary in the independent film and indie streaming worlds. The director will often have may have a vision or demands that exceed the resources and funding available, and it’s up to the line producer to find the middle line and retain the artistic vision without going outside of the project’s financial means. This is no easy task, and excelling in this area is what separates the great line producers from the rest. But how do you develop this skill? And how can you break into the field of line producing in the first place?

For over 25 years, Michael Mandaville has worked as a line producer on countless projects, ranging from shorts and independent features to large blockbusters like the TAKEN, TAKEN 2 and TAKEN 3 starring Liam Neeson. His other producing credits include HAVOC with Anne Hathaway, THE KISS with Terence Stamp and Billy Zane and AMERICAN HISTORY X with Edward Norton. In addition to producing, Michael has directed commercials, shorts, a documentary and industrial films. He has also worked on MANAHI, an Arabic language comedy which was the first film shown in Saudi Arabia in 35 years. Michael’s long history in the world of line production makes him the perfect person to speak to this industry, and he’s keen to share what he knows with the Stage 32 community.

Michael will walk you through the role of line producer, how to find opportunities and how to best to succeed in this position. He will begin by explaining the reason for the line producer position and how it differs from the role of unit production manager. He’ll go through common challenges of the line producer and how best to overcome, including mastering the “Line Producer Mindset”. Next Michael will explain what the career pathway looks like for aspiring producers and how you can find opportunities in the microbudget, independent and studio worlds. Michael will dive deep into the line producing process, going into scheduling, budgeting, and dealing with rates. Finally he’ll provide tips on how to find work as a line producer.

Through Michael’s rundown, you’ll leave with a much clearer idea not only to how to find work as a line producer, but how to succeed and build a career for yourself once you do.

What You'll Learn

  • Reason for the Position
  • Line Producer v. UPM
  • Authority
  • Challenges
  • Line Producer Mindset
    • Skills you will need to have in order to line produce
    • Navigating left brain and right brain
    • Working with crew & managements
  • Career Pathway
    • Opportunities for microbudget
    • Opportunities for independent
    • Opportunities for studio
  • Intro to the Line Producing Process
    • Indie Project Questions
      • Thinking with Project Related Math
    • Scheduling
      • What's expected in a line producing schedule
      • Top level, brief overview of Movie Magic, it's features an how you'll use it
    • Budgeting
      • How to determine cost for a project
      • Resources to determine costs
    • Rates
      • What unions you will work with
      • How to navigate the unions
      • Where to find costs
  • How To Find Work as a Line Producer
  • Q&A with Mike

About Your Instructor

For over 25 years, Michael Mandaville has worked as a line producer on countless projects, ranging from shorts and independent features to large blockbusters like the TAKEN, TAKEN 2 and TAKEN 3 starring Liam Neeson. His other producing credits include HAVOC with Anne Hathaway, THE KISS with Terence Stamp and Billy Zane and AMERICAN HISTORY X with Edward Norton. In addition to producing, Michael has directed commercials, shorts, a documentary and industrial films. He has also worked on MANAHI, an Arabic language comedy which was the first film shown in Saudi Arabia in 35 years. Michael’s long history in the world of line production makes him the perfect person to speak to this industry, and he’s keen to share what he knows with the Stage 32 community.


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Make Your Animated Series or Film a Reality by Working With an Overseas Studio

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Learn directly from Heather Hale, an NBC Universal-approved independent film and television producer, director and screenwriter with over 50 hours of award winning television and feature films!  Actors are the essential spark to any film or television production. But before you can NAIL that audition or BOOK that role, you have to find out about the opportunities and prepare to make your own luck. Working Film and TV Director/Producer, Heather Hale uses in-the-trenches humor, candor and real world examples to illuminate the many ways of making your acting dreams come true. Don’t sit around and wait to be discovered – produce your own career! Discover an empowered approach to networking to help you get on the right people’s radars, get noticed, gain momentum - and get those gigs. Learn time-proven techniques and new resources to proactively brainstorm where the opportunities of the moment – and future - might be, who’s doing the auditions – and trace any connections you might have to the decision makers or key players to get in the right rooms – the right way – and ready to give it your all. Learn how to identify, research and prioritize a finely honed hit list of Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, Agents and Managers who are in a position to cast. Figure out how to track them down, strategize the best approaches to communicate with them and how to develop the kind of track record, headshot, resume, website and auditioning skills they’ll most likely respond to. PRAISE FOR HEATHER'S TEACHINGS: "Using Heather's techniques and system, the day after her seminar, I had meetings set up with Oprah and Warren Buffet and now have access to A-List celebrities." - Sarano Kelly, #1 Motivational Speaker on Wall Street "It was that sticky, oppressive day in China Grove, in the church parking lot, when you took time out of your busy day to thank EVERYONE - including extras – for being there and helping out. That speech made me feel as if I was back on the right track with my life and made you an instant hero in my life. So few people would have taken the time to not only show their appreciation but also to treat even random Extras with kindness and respect – I couldn't help but be impressed. That might help explain why I not only consider you to be the best Director I've ever worked with but also why I'll always be willing to help you out with anything." - Kevin McDermott, Actor (Absolute Killers) "If – and when – I win an Oscar, Heather will be the first to get the thanks! Heather is so inspirational, she could raise the dead! Her knowledge and integrity amazes. A walking muse. Like a pep rally from afar. Nothing less than transformational. Heather possesses a keen understanding of how the entertainment industry operates. She was invaluable in helping me construct a game plan to define and reach my goal target audience in the most efficient, effective manner possible – to fill the theater with casting directors for my one woman show. Not only did Heather demystify the art of schmoozing but she also provided me with the tools to overcome my fear of cold calling industry folks." - Jennifer Rosen, Actress/Writer (One Woman Show: Tall Girl) "Heather is so insightful. She gives her heart and her soul to her students and their work – it’s so obvious how much she cares." - Keren Green, Director, Writer, Producer "The first time I heard Heather speak, I was captivated by her passion, insight, warmth and humor… and I immediately knew I wanted to be her friend. As I got to know Heather, I soon discovered that her immense talent is equally matched by her extraordinary generosity and that her passion for teaching and helping others is unsurpassed. She is a true gift to the Los Angeles film community." - Eve Honthaner (Titanic, Tropic Thunder, Dreamworks, etc.), The Complete Film Production Handbook, Hollywood Drive: What it Takes to Break in, Hang in & Make it in the Entertainment Industry, Founder, Film Industry Network; Instructor, USC School of Cinema "We all know this is a relationship business and in my work as a producer and educator, I have so many times found myself in the small-world scenario that converges on one name: Heather Hale. As a meta-networker myself (ie: networking is a verb and we are its henchmen), I have never met anyone as lightning quick on the speed dial as Heather." - Gabrielle Kelly, Producer, Writer, Professor "Hollywood does indeed have a heart – and it beats in this woman." - William Roetzheim, Award-winning Playwright "Heather you organized the most fabulous and informative workshops for the foundation for international film artists! You are an awesome teacher as well and I always walked away pumped!" - Evita Castine, RKO Pictures

Stage 32 4-Part Producing Class: Your Step by Step Guide to Finding, Approaching and Closing Film Investors

Learn How To Close Deals With Investors And Financiers Once You Meet Them From A Multi-Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker Whose New Film, NIGHT TRAIN, is currently #1 on Hulu! There is an art to the business of fundraising that is essential to understand if you are planning on raising money for your project. How do you first approach an investor for your project? How long does it take for your relationship with your potential investor to develop into a business partnership? What financial projections and creative materials do you need to have already prepared to show them? And how can you ultimately close the deal? All these questions and more will be answered in this exclusive Stage 32 four-part on-demand class taught by multi–Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and best-selling author Shane Stanley. Shane is the founder of Visual Arts Entertainment, a film and television production company based in Los Angeles and is best-known for producing the #1 Box Office hit, GRIDIRON GANG starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for Sony Pictures and directing several Music Videos that landed in the Top 20 on VH1. Shane has successfully raised independent capital for countless films and knows how to make and keep investors happy so you can build the relationship into consistent funding for your projects forbears to come. Shane's new film, NIGHT TRAIN, that he directed, edited, and produced is currently #1 on Hulu! Shane’s recent projects include MISTRUST starring Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actress, Jane Seymour, the surprise smash-hit action film DOUBLE THREAT starring Dawn Olivieri and Danielle C. Ryan, and NIGHT TRAIN starring Danielle C. Ryan and Diora Baird, among many others. Over 4 information-packed sessions, Shane will teach you his secrets to raising money to help get your projects made and give you essential tips to maintain a lasting relationship with your investors. You will learn how to target potential investors for your project, how to forge a lasting relationship with them, the dos and don’ts on how to approach business conversations with your potential investor, how to effectively present your business plan, and most importantly, how to close the deal.  PLUS! Shane will give you exclusive handouts to help with your own fundraising. Downloads include: An ASK and TAKE sheet from a sales agent Email templates on how to approach investors For anyone looking to make their film or series a reality by raising capital, this class is an extraordinarily beneficial and unique opportunity to learn the art and science of private capital fundraising from an industry pro! Testimonials for Shane's Previous Webinars: "Shane was thorough and encouraging. Easy to listen to and follow. I'll be signing up for other classes he teaches in the future." -Karena K. "Just straight-forward, real, the kind of producer most of us would kill to work alongside." -Clark T. "Shane was relevant, knew what was happening, and could walk the walk." -Chuck R.

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