How to Build a Your Brand As An Indie Producer & Apply It To Your Film Slate

Hosted by Holly Brown


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Holly Brown

Webinar hosted by: Holly Brown


Holly Brown is a producer and executive specializing in working closely with writers, filmmakers and talent to tell commercial, character-driven stories for both film and television She is currently producing Cruise, written and directed by Rob Siegel (The Wrestler, Big Fan, Turbo) and starring Spencer Boldman and Emily Ratajkowski. She also executive produced the upcoming film The Founder directed by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side, The Alamo, Saving Mr. Banks) and starring Michael Keaton and Nick Offerman which will be released by The Weinstein Company later this year. Previously, Holly has worked as an executive at both Jeremy Renner's production company, The Combine and at Overbrook Entertainment. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

In this Stage 32 Webinar, experienced independent producer Holly Brown will cover how to build your own production slate and make it work for you. The class will be broken down into two parts, the first of which is defining who you are as a producer and what you want your brand (or your company's brand) to be. And this doesn't just include genre -- it may also include style, types of stories or characters and working style. Doing so will not only help you to target great material but also let other creatives what they should be bringing to you.
Secondly, you will be learning how to put that brand into action by creating a well rounded and targeted film slate. You will learn how to identify projects that speak to your brand but also ensure that you have a clear vision for how they are going to get made. You will leave this webinar ready to build your own slate and make it work for you!

What You'll Learn

  • The Reality of Being an Independent Producer
    • Building relationships and your network
    • Persistence = Never giving up
    • Handling being told "No"
    • Learning when to say "No"
  • The Importance of Branding to Understand the Market
    • Why production companies brand themselves.
    • How production companies brand themselves.
  • Designing Your Own Personal Brand As An Independent Producer
    • Assessing your own strengths and weaknesses
    • Identifying the stories you'd like to tell
    • "Who Are You?" - You need to be able to answer this question!
  • How to Build Your Production Slate As An Indie Producer
    • Where to find the right material.
    • Applying your personal brand to building your slate
      • How does genre play into the projects you consider?
    • How budget affects your production slate.
    • How to identify material that works for you. And knowing when to pass.
    • How to find the right partners to work with - the difference between success and failure
    • Maintaining a grid of all your projects
  • Working With A Studio-based Production Company
    • How to identify a company's brand
    • Knowing which projects to present based on a company's branding.
    • How to navigate that partnership.
  • Case Studies
    • Examination of my experience and background.
    • Overbrook - where I learned the importance of branding.
    • Putting together CRUISE.
    • Putting together my own slate.

Plus, a recorded Q&A with Holly!

About Your Instructor

Holly Brown is a producer and executive specializing in working closely with writers, filmmakers and talent to tell commercial, character-driven stories for both film and television

She is currently producing Cruise, written and directed by Rob Siegel (The Wrestler, Big Fan, Turbo) and starring Spencer Boldman and Emily Ratajkowski. She also executive produced the upcoming film The Founder directed by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side, The Alamo, Saving Mr. Banks) and starring Michael Keaton and Nick Offerman which will be released by The Weinstein Company later this year.

Previously, Holly has worked as an executive at both Jeremy Renner's production company, The Combine and at Overbrook Entertainment.


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