Avoid Legal Disputes on Your Film or TV Project: How to Protect Yourself Across All Departments

Hosted by Kennington Groff


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Kennington Groff

Webinar hosted by: Kennington Groff

Entertainment Attorney

Kennington Groff is an attorney who launched her own firm and is now working with Lilenfeld PC focusing on entertainment and intellectual property. In addition to her legal work, Kennington worked as a clips producer on Season 4 of Weather Gone Viral for The Weather Channel. Throughout her career, Kennington gained valuable experience working with top entertainment executives at HBO, NBCUniversal, and Lionsgate in their business and legal affairs offices in Los Angeles and New York City. Kennington is a native of Atlanta, having grown up in the Johns Creek area. She earned her dual undergraduate degree in from the University of Georgia and her law degree from Pepperdine. Kennington served as the President of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society her final year of law school. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Ever get to the post-production part of your film only to be stopped and have to do several reshoots stretching the budget way over?

Ever pitch your work only to have to halt negotiations with a buyer due to chain of title?

Ever show your completed project only to not be able to sell it due to legal issues it is warped with?

Well look no further because this webinar is designed to help you avoid these pitfalls and make sure all your ducks are in a row legally to avoid having your film stopped in its tracks.



Often times your Stage 32 Educator Kennington Groff receives numerous calls from individuals claiming (1) that someone stole their idea, (2) we had a verbal agreement and then a falling out and (3) I thought I could use all the materials and whole facility as I wanted. Sadly, without proper detailed agreements in place, there is not a lot that can be done for these disputes. One of the most important things an aspiring writer, producer, talent or any other job working in entertainment someone can do is make sure to get a detailed agreement in writing. While you may think this will cost a lot of money upfront and is not worth it, it will be far cheaper and more beneficial to have these agreements in place upfront than trying to recover or solve a dispute on the backend.



Kennington is an attorney who launched her own firm and is now working with Lilenfeld PC focusing on entertainment and intellectual property. In addition to her legal work, Kennington worked as a clips producer on Season 4 of Weather Gone Viral for The Weather Channel. Throughout her career, Kennington gained valuable experience working with top entertainment executives at HBO, NBCUniversal, and Lionsgate in their business and legal affairs offices in Los Angeles and New York City.

In this exclusive Stage 32 Next Level webinar Kennington will teach you an overview of legal issues that can arise across all departments to make sure that you are protected on your project. 

Plus! With the purchase of this webinar you will also receive:

  • Location Agreement
  • A Production Rights Cheatsheet

What You'll Learn


Starting with the Basics- The Importance of Getting Legal Contracts in Writing

  • Oral Agreements – the “he said she said” dispute
  • Pulled off the internet – better than nothing, but often missing key language

The Key Agreements Across Departments Needed for all Short and Low-Budget Projects

  • Location Agreement (we will show a portion of this agreement)
  • Appearance Release
  • Area Release
  • Talent Agreement
  • Confidentiality & Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Materials Release
  • Crew Agreement – Deal Memo

4 Releases You Should be Aware of: The Often Overlooked Legal Side of Art Department, Locations, Casting and More

  • Use of Property
  • Use of Materials
  • Right of Publicity
  • Likeness

Key Language Included in Entertainment Agreements that Should Not be Missed and What they Really Mean

  • Representations and Warranties
  • Grant of Rights
  • Indemnity
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Assignment
  • Getting all the rights in place for your project.
  • What is Grant of Rights
  • What is Limitations on rights

What you Can do in Prep and Production to Ensure you can Legally use all the Footage you Shoot

  • Are there any life rights needed?
  • What about photos of people in the background, on props, or to be shown visibly?
  • Is there music in the background?
  • Are there trademarks, logos, etc.?

Q&A with Kennington

About Your Instructor

Kennington Groff is an attorney who launched her own firm and is now working with Lilenfeld PC focusing on entertainment and intellectual property. In addition to her legal work, Kennington worked as a clips producer on Season 4 of Weather Gone Viral for The Weather Channel.

Throughout her career, Kennington gained valuable experience working with top entertainment executives at HBO, NBCUniversal, and Lionsgate in their business and legal affairs offices in Los Angeles and New York City.

Kennington is a native of Atlanta, having grown up in the Johns Creek area. She earned her dual undergraduate degree in from the University of Georgia and her law degree from Pepperdine. Kennington served as the President of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society her final year of law school.


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As the Vice President of Three Point Capital, Viviana Zarragoitia is one of the most prolific financiers who routinely lend on tax incentives, both domestically and internationally, on independent films. She is aware of the rules and regulations of tax incentives in many jurisdictions, and have spoken on numerous panels about tax credits. In this exclusive webinar, Viviana will be teaching what producers should be aware of when working with tax incentives. Although there are minor details that change within each state/country, there are some overall issues that come up in each jurisdiction that producers should be aware of when taking advantage of tax incentives for their film/TV project. These include, but are not limited to, things such as: corporate structure of the company applying for the tax incentive, making sure that costs in-state are qualified spend, working with tax incentive offices during pre-production, production and post-production, submitting final costs in a timely fashion, working with production accountants/CPAs on tracking qualified spend, working with lenders and filing tax returns to claim the incentives.

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